AI Trends This 2020 That Can Change You and Your Business

Artificial Intelligence | 03-06-2020 | Ramon Francisco

ai trends this 2020

Artificial Intelligence is not relatively new. It has been on the market for quite a time already, but only in recent years that it has gone mainstream. 2019 was considered by experts to be the year of artificial intelligence as AI sees more light of the day and has become more widely accepted. As the year 2020 continue to roll over, we can expect more innovations will emerge rooted in AI technology.

For businesses, AI has slowly become one of the keys when it comes to growth and ensuring the success of your business. Many companies have been leveraging on this technological advancement, and many will surely follow suit.

So, what are the trends you can look forward to when it comes to AI that you can leverage for your business?

AI Trends To Watch Out For Your Business

1. Business Monitoring and Process

When you hear the word “robots” in a workplace, what you might imagine are the hundreds of machines in manufacturing and production factories doing automated tasks. The use of “robots”and artificial intelligence in enterprises today does not only apply to those large manufacturing companies or multi-billion dollar corporations. AI is now integrated into any form of business and even those small scale businesses.

From the use of AI-powered application to monitor your employees to AI-assisted software in your computer that helps you in your day-to-day business process, AI made it easier to run a small business. AI-as-a-Service will also start to take plight to streamline operations and carry the bulk, which will allow clients to have access to remote solutions.

2. Comprehensive Analysis

One of the most significant advancements AI hasmadeis to provide analytics that can help you make wise decisions for your company. These days, many companies are relying upon AI-powered tools to generate comprehensive analysis that can increase a company’s bottom line, improve every aspect of the businessfrom products, services, and even up to security while gaining advantage towards competitors.

In the coming years, businesses of all sizes will lean toward these predictive analytics, as this will become the key to ensure resounding success.

3. Marketing campaigns

Competition in the eCommerce industry and any business with an online presence is getting tougher each day. Creating and posting content is merely not enough to rise above in the competitive pit. Marketing campaigns these days should be able to connect to their audience and resonate with their interest to achieve a better return.

AI-infused marketing efforts like an online advertisement will be most likely to dominate and should be part of your overall marketing strategy. It can make a big difference and can beef up your connection with your target audience. Automation and segmentation of emails will improve your email marketing performance and will most likely produce better results.

AI also enables you to measure your social media performance profoundly, which opens a more significant opportunity for youto maximize your efforts.

4. Personalization

The year 2019 was also considered as the year of personalization, and it will continue to grow big this year. Personalization allows businesses to provide what their customers exactly need, even without directly soliciting ideas from them. AI has made it possible to listen to your audience, understand their interest, and also know when they need it the most.

This year, AI will still make it possible for you to tailor-fit your campaigns and deliver a message that will resonate with what your target markets needs. You can expect a more comprehensive and real-time analysis that will help with the accuracy of your campaigns towards your target audience.

5. Customer Service

Customer service is one of your vital tool in your business. With the growing competition each day, reliable customer service can be your edge to rise above and become a leader in your niche market.

Your best buddy in achieving a cutting edge customer service is the AI-powered chatting services that can do wonders for your brands, chatbots. Companies who have been relying on chatbots are growing, and the numbers will continue to increase this year. Chatbots can reply to any of your customer’s queriesat any time of the day. The integration of chatbots in your customer service optimization can be a tool to ensure that there will be no lost connection between you and your client.

However, as you rely on chatbots to address your customers’ queries or immediate concerns, know when human intervention is needed.

6. Security

The increase of business going online also means that the threats for cybersecurity rise as well. No matter the size of your business is, you are not exempted from any impending cybercrime that may cross your way. Hacking, phishing, and social engineering attacks have become sophisticated these days,which are also powered by AI technology. Therefore you need a more advanced level of cybersecurity.

AI this year will become prevalent when it comes to defending your data from attempts of a security breach. Cybersecurity tools that use AI will increase. It will run on the background and will be able to spot malicious activity and threats before creating any damage in your system and infiltrating your data. Investing in some of these tools will give you protection and peace of mind as you continue your daily operation.

Final Thoughts

Technology is continually changing, and it is moving forward. AI technology will continue to be a game-changer in different industries. It may not be new in the market; however, many businesses are still to adopt this technological advancement. AI has also been providing the latest trends that can give your business a lift towards success and a step to beat the competition.

Knowing these latest trends which you can apply in your business cannot only enhance your day-to-day operation but can ensure that you reachyour business’ full potential.

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