How Blockchain Benefits An E-commerce Business?

Blockchain | 23-12-2019 | Naman Modi

how blockchain benefits an ecommerce business

Blockchain is a digital online way of transacting, valued and, kept as a shared ledger across multiple computers. Businesses and retailers are exploring the blockchains so they can lower the cost of the transaction said to be cheaper. E-commerce is increasing rapidly, and they are not afraid to explore these new currencies. We will cover blockchain benefits in Ecommerce by the end of this topic.

Types of Blockchains Available

For starters, bitcoin is the one that introduced blockchain to the world. A guy named Satoshi Nakamoto had a vision of making an alternative P2P, which he graciously delivered in 2008.

3 Types of Blockchains:

1.Public Blockchain: As the name depicts, this chain is put into public and is for the people. Due to its transparency, anyone can participate in writing, reading, and even auditing the blockchains.

2.Private Blockchain: It is a private property of either an individual or an organization. We mentioned in the public blockchain that anyone has freedom of accessing them, but here, someone is in charge and so requires permission.

3. Federated Blockchain: More than one administrator is in charge. Companies or a group of people called (consortium) come together to make decisions for the benefit of the entire network.

E-commerce Security

Business retailers are trying to find a more secure way for their business transactions. How can the benefits of blockchain? Although mobile development is still in its initial stage, the possibility of how they can unleash the potential of this technology are unsurmountable.

Blockchain so far allowed developers to add more protection layers to their data. They assign private keys to their users to create maximum security. Provided your private keys are kept safe. Therefore, it’s almost impossible for someone without the key, to hack the user’s transaction or data. Infiltrating the network would be pricy and complicated due to the digital coding process. Without a doubt, these are blockchain benefits in Ecommerce that businesses are embracing.

Mobile Payments

The developers are enabling the leveraging of peer to peer payments. They are said to be more secure and affordable to maintain. Ultimately, this is what is enticing most businesses to the blockchain.

Mobile development has also contributed to the keyless security infrastructure and a decentralized system that has reshaped the future.

The process of transacting through blockchain is speedy. You don’t need a lot of verification from the third parties that traditional methods use. Peer to peer communication offers censorship resistance.

Where Can One Use Blockchain?

Currently, many countries around the world are accepting them. Traveling agents and real estate companies too. While going places, you don’t need to do money exchange because you can easily transact online.

More benefits from Blockchain:-

Eliminates Paperwork: Especially when it comes to international shipping where lots of paperwork is required. Using blockchains benefits you by removing this tedious activity. First, there will be a bill of landing papers, receipts, and general administrative work, which you don’t have to worry about anymore.

Traceability: With blockchain, after placing shipment manually, participants from both ends can easily track their consignment at each step they take. It helps them to locate their goods and appropriate expected time of arrival (ETA).


though, it may be complex to outline all the salient arguments about the blockchain. A company like IBM is said to have set some significant amounts of money so they can do more development. If you are in E-commerce, don’t let that chance pass you by as you sit on the bench indecisively.

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