6 Best Email Finder Tools To Find Email's Addresses For Free

Digital Marketing | 21-04-2022 | Synthia Wright

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Several tools are widely available today, making it difficult to choose the best one according to your needs.

If you own a business or work in an organization, chances are that you are constantly sending emails and keeping your team updated through email communication. There could have been instances where you need the email address of a company or a person but you do not have access to their credentials. This is where email-finding tools come into play. So before you go about looking at the list of the best free email finding tools, here is a list of a few things that you should definitely consider while choosing an email finder tool.

- Price
- Freemium
- Variety of technical features
- Integrations
- Interface
- Support
- Reviews

Communicating at the professional level requires you to email frequently. Therefore, it is important that you take care and follow all the necessary steps and be professional. We have many more articles that have the latest and best news, information, and tech-savvy stuff related to the tech world. Our website features articles, blog posts, how-to guides and tutorials about everything in the tech space. Now that you know about the factors that you should consider before figuring out the best email-finding tools, these are the best free email-finding tools to find the email addresses you want. We have compiled this list just for you:


This email-finding tool's name speaks to its ambition: it searches billions of websites, finds addresses, and performs direct server checks. Anymail Finder can be used as a web service or API. They only count email addresses that they have correctly verified.

Some of Its Features Include:

Option of locating single or bulk emails primarily according to a prospect's name or job post and a domain.

No paying invalid or unsure emails, in addition to duplicates, which facilitates you to store money.

Possibly scrape bulk emails from Twitter and LinkedIn with the help of extension companions like Dux-Soup, Scoutzen, etc.

A support group that you may reach with questions through email, chat, or phone.

With the help of API, Access to the Anymail finder identification tool.

Prices Are as Follows:

Five credits ( found email addresses) per month with a freemium plan.

Fifty credits for $39 for one month.

Eighty credits for $49 for one month.

Unused credits are added to the following month.


This email-finding tool can be used as a Google Chrome extension for people looking for individual decision-makers. This allows you to enrich your list of potential customers by deleting any email addresses and phone numbers. Lusha is one of the best email-finding tools for you. You can also use contacts for a short time. Gmail, and Salesforce.

Some of Its Features Include:

Find emails and contact numbers on social media sites

Be able to find the phone numbers and company information (name, number of employees, industry, etc.) of the person who sent you a message in Gmail

Export contacts via CSV file (for subscribers of premium and enterprise plans)

API connection (for subscribers of enterprise plan)

Use Zapier integration to connect to many platforms (such as Gmail, Hubspot, Pipeline)

Prices Are as Follows:

Five credits (aka found email addresses) with a freemium plan every month.

50 credits every month for $39

80 credits every month for $49

Unused credits are added to the following month.


This is one of the very popular and simple email-finding tools that can be used as part of the Hunter.io lead generation platform, which comes with an email validator and Gmail mail tracker, making it easy to search all professional emails.

Some of Its Features Include:

Company name and website email search, which can provide the email address of each employee working for a specific company

A bulk search of a single domain can help find emails to find trusted addresses and detailed sources.

Chrome allows you to find extensions to the list of email addresses associated with websites and their public resources, such as Twitter.

Any email address can be found through a simple API call.


Fifty requests ( found email addresses) per month with a freemium plan.

500 requests for $49 each month

2,500 requests for $99, each month

10,000 requests for $199, each month

30,000 requests for $399, each month


As part of the sales automation platform, this popular email-finding tool helps you get the public email addresses of potential customers in a matter of seconds.

Some of Its Features Include:

Bulk single email search based on lead name and company domain.

The Chrome extension allows you to get one or more email addresses from your LinkedIn profile and company website, including lead name, job, And company.

Export a list of potential customers that supports CSV and Google Sheets

Integrate with tools you may already be using, such as Google Apps, Hubspot, and Outlook

API, which allows you to integrate email search into your application or CRM

Prices Are as Follows:

250 email credits per month for $39

500 email credits for $59 each month

1,000 email credits for $99 each month

5,000 email credits for $299 each month


Rocketreach, as its name suggests, is one of the few email-finding tools that act as rocket fuel to reach your desired growth. It allows you to find personal and professional email addresses, phone numbers, and social media accounts in a database of more than 430 million professionals from 17 million companies. You can get the information you need from more than 50 websites in a single search.

Some of Its Features Include:

Advanced search for emails based on various criteria, including batch search.

Extended API access to automate people's search.

A Google Chrome extension allows you to find and view contacts from Google, AngelList, Crunchbase, and LinkedIn.

Prices Are as Follows:

Five lookups for free, per month

125 lookups for $59 each month

300 lookups for $119 each month

1,500 lookups for $468, each month

10,000 lookups for $2388, each month

6) ContactOut

ContactOut is a LinkedIn prospecting tool that allows you to find candidates based on their name, location, and academic and professional backgrounds. Save, export, and manage leads in your account dashboard, and integrate it with your CRM for a seamless process from prospecting, to the acquisition, to management and enrichment.

Some of its Features Include:

The search portal allows unlimited searches to discover candidates that are not on LinkedIn.

ContactOut Chrome extension works on top of LinkedIn to look for emails, phone numbers, and other contact details. Also works on GitHub.

Save leads from LinkedIn to the user’s account dashboard. Organize them into folders, and share them with the team. Export to spreadsheet or ATS with one click.

Enrich lists of LinkedIn profile URLs in bulk to get full profile details, job details, and contact information.

Send email campaigns while browsing LinkedIn using reusable templates. Contact multiple people at once and follow up automatically.

Some of ContactOut's 1000+ integrations include Salesforce, Zapier, GoogleSheets, Lever, Zoom, and Slack.

Prices Are as Follows:

40 contacts for free, per month

1200 contacts for $29, per year

3600 contacts for $99, per year

7200 contacts for $199, per year

We hope that this proved to be helpful to you personally as well as professionally. Use the above-mentioned email-finding tools and let us know your experience.

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