Business Marketing Tools Which Helps To Boost Agency Performance

Digital Marketing | 02-03-2020 | Susan Raj

business marketing tools which helps to boost agency performance

If you are operating an agency, then you are doing marketing not only for your agency but also for your clients. It is important to deliver results in marketing. This can be easy when you use marketing tools. There are various business marketing tools that are invaluable for agencies. The six best tools are listed for you.

1. Google Analytics

This is a powerful tool offered by the top search engine. It is extremely helpful for marketers to understand how their websites are doing. You can find out the bounce rate, unique visitors, average time spent on your site and other such important data. You can also get to know your conversion rate, which is very helpful for marketing analysis. This is a free tool with basic features. For advanced features, you can opt for Google Analytics 360.

2. Click Up

Click Up is a project management toolkit with a variety of tools that can help agencies. It is the perfect tool that would help agencies manage their work in an organized way. Whether it is setting and managing goals or having a task inbox, click up offers it all. It has an in-built estimation and time-tracking tool and allows integration with document software like Google Docs. It is a great solution for agencies to manage all client projects in one platform.

3. TxtImpact

Mass texting is a powerful marketing strategy that agencies can help their clients with. TxtImpact is one of the popular text marketing tools used by more than 20,000 businesses. It offers various tools like SMS marketing, business text messaging, MMS messaging, SMS surveys, toll-free texting, and landline texting. Agencies can use this great tool for their clients to help them in reaching out to customers through texting. Agencies will find this tool particularly useful since it can be used for clients who belong to any industry sector.

4. Slack

Agencies have many clients who could be in different time zones. Client communication is a critical issue for agencies. A business tool like Slack will be very helpful for agencies. The tool can be used to create channels, organize messages and share files seamlessly. It is simple and easy to use tool that is a boon for agencies. It makes the process of client communication easier. It is possible to manage communication with different clients in a highly effective way.

5. MaxG

MaxG is a marketing recommendation tool. It analyses all the marketing data that you provide and recommends strategies. The tool uses Artificial Intelligence to go through the data and make an apt recommendation. As an agency, you have different types of clients from different sectors. Some may be small enterprises while others may be large corporations. This tool will help you make the right recommendation for each of your clients. These customized recommendations will help your clients get better results from marketing.

6. Agorapulse

The popularity of social media makes it a great place to do marketing. Agencies who use social media marketing for their clients can be overwhelmed with the amount of work to be done. This is where a tool like Agorapulse would be very handy. The three main social media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be managed easily and effectively using this tool. Whether you want to schedule posts, run a quiz, or view analytics, your work is simplified when you use this handy tool.

The above six tools can be extremely helpful for an agency to work more effectively. An agency can use these tools to manage all aspects of their work to help their clients produce better results.

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