How Magento Web Development Companies Improve Page Load Speed?

Digital Marketing | 17-01-2022 | Trish Martin

improve page load speed

In 2022, Magento will be one of the most popular open-source platforms for eCommerce websites. The majority of Magento-powered eCommerce sites are retailers, and their businesses are thriving. Magento's SEO compatibility is one of the major reasons for its eCommerce success.

Page speed is a critical component for an eCommerce website. When you add a lot of photographs to a product, the page speed slows down, which increases the bounce rate. Most websites face this problem, and Magento websites are the most effective at dealing with it. You won't have to worry about page speed concerns if you employ Magento development companies in USA. If you haven't already, here are some suggestions for slowing down your website's page speed.

Update Magento Version

Make sure you keep an eye on the Magento updates. Magento websites must be updated on a regular basis. These upgrades not only keep the Magento website secure but also give you more options for improving the website's page performance.

When updating your Magento website, always check your mailbox. If you don't get the notification in your mailbox, you can change the Magento website using the backend content manager. Before updating the Magento website, make sure you have a backup of the data; it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Another way to keep processes in check is to update the website late at night or when traffic is at its lowest. Magento updates have proven to require hours of work over the years. You can safely repair any technical issues following the upgrade while keeping bounce rates low.

Always Choose A Fast Web Hosting

The first step in enhancing a website's page performance, according to the textbook, is to move to a quicker web hosting provider. Shared hosting is more popular with eCommerce websites than dedicated hosting options. When it comes to dedicated hosting, you obviously want one that is more secure, has a high-speed connection and can handle unexpected outages. Get your hosting needs straight if you haven't employed a Magento Development Agency to maintain your website. Then double-check that your existing subscription meets all of your requirements. Check with your web host to see whether they offer uptime and dependability guarantees.

Set Up A CDN

The CDN stands for content delivery network, and it is designed to provide your customers with a fast surfing experience. It also improves page load times because it is essentially a collection of networks located all over the world. Because it is distributed over the globe, no matter where the user lands, they will be sent material from the nearest server.

The loading time of Magento's website has been improved, and the bandwidth consumption has been reduced. Impact on user acquisition, as well as ranking better thanks to an improved CTR increased CTR.

Optimize Images Of Magento Website

Images play a significant impact in reducing website load times. The servers struggle to deliver them quickly since they are not programmed and must be loaded as media components. Is this, however, an indication that the photographs should be removed from the website? No! We never take down photographs that have been shown to increase user acquisition and engagement. Furthermore, in 2022, you will be unable to sell things without the use of high-quality photographs.

You'd have to optimize the photos to make the page more engaging while still using high-quality images. Now, just because you're utilizing high-quality photographs doesn't mean you have to use the large images that slow down page load times. It is always possible to reduce the size of photographs by optimizing them and using lossless compression.

Though Magento has a number of plugins that automatically optimize pictures and keep page load times under the industry average. However, you can use the CDN to speed up the website pages even more. Some graphic designers also use Adobe software's 'Save For Web' option to compress images.

Merge Javascript and CSS Files

Normally, Javascript and CSS files are loaded individually, which increases the page's loading time when compared to pages where Javascript and CSS files are already combined. There are a variety of alternatives for merging Javascript and CSS files to assist you to optimize the scripts. By combining your CSS and Javascript files, both can now be loaded in one HTTP request, reducing your bandwidth usage and speeding up your website.

Remove any superfluous extensions from your Magento website to improve page load times even more. It's because Magento extensions load their CSS, HTTP requests, and Javascripts alongside the page's CSS most of the time when the page is loaded, resulting in faster page load times.

Manually Reindex Data

To boost the performance of your eCommerce store, Magento transforms data such as products and categories into an index. This index must be updated and reindexed when the data changes. Many databases tables are used by Magento to store merchant data, such as catalogs, prices, users, and stores. Magento utilizes indexers to accumulate data into special tables that optimize performance.

As a result, manual reindexing is required to keep the data in the Magento databases up to date. If the product price is not reindexed, it must be calculated along with any reductions that have been applied to each item. The delayed loading of prices on e-commerce websites is a serious issue that contributes to shopping cart abandonment.

Clean Magento Logs

You'll need a large database to manage a successful eCommerce site that allows you to sell products and services online. This information will also be used by Magento to manage its e-commerce website. Magento will begin to slow down when the deployed resources are fully utilized when you have a few GB of log files.

After 180 days, Magento stores remove the logs of best sellers or frequently viewed sites. Your database will be overburdened with information. Enable log cleaning in the admin panel. You can also choose how long logs should be stored.

Enable the Flat Catalog

Based on the EAV paradigm, a Magento catalog is often stored in many tables. The data is saved in a standard format. Even if you only want to gather information about one product, SQL queries might be huge and complex. Many various sorts of properties are recorded in a variety of tables, the majority of which is a combination of five to six tables. The flat model has only one table, therefore it isn't normalized and takes up more database space. The overhead has been minimized.

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