The Epic Guide to Increasing Sales Through Content Marketing

Digital Marketing | 09-04-2020 | Vikram Rana

sales through content marketing

Everyone seems to have something to sell, but only a few know how to grow crazy crates. Placing a product on your page does not mean that people will buy it. So what does it do?

How does a person do this for him/her? How does a person manage incredible traffic that will convert into paying customers? First, you need to have a crate (with a product) on which you can point. Rest things are below;

How does McDonald's attract customers?

It was once said that the executive chef (from Mcdonald's) had revealed the Big Mac's secret sauce recipe and posted it online. But why would he/they do such a thing? Wouldn't this destroy their brand/service and make everyone want to eat at home? After much research, they found the results rather opposite.

They built this content that they knew could go viral and be shared with friends. Not only did the video go viral, but it also received almost 4 million views. So now the people who weren't eating Big Macs, after this high conversion video, are probably eating Big Macs now. All because a man took minutes of his time to share something the audience didn't want.

You can also apply this to your marketing strategy. But what does a secret recipe (products/services) have to do with your business?

Let me explain.

E-commerce strategy for more cases

Like Mcdonald, we need to do research. What exactly do people want to know about us? What is a gift that you can use to be presented to great men (your client)? You need to present a solution to your potential customer that will answer their most difficult question. And I would say it must be done in an entertaining way. Within 30 minutes, you can do it, become an expert, convert people into customers and create a resource for future customers. Speaking of the newest/relevant or most effective product, it gives people an idea of how you can help them.

1. You must make an inquiry

By asking your customers what their biggest problem is, you'll know what's in their minds. You know the problems they face and, therefore, the solution. But unless you know the problem, how can you even say you have the solution? Investigations do. So, by suggesting the most important 5-10 problems you think you have with your customers, you can then prepare the survey. Then, with a multiple-choice survey, ask them to select the most important problem. It is even worth paying. But if you already have a customer base, you may not have to.

2. Turn this problem into a presentation

Once you find the most difficult problem, you need to not only solve it, but present the solution. Present this solution and let it be connected to your product. I will give an example:

If you sell guitar lessons, for example, by offering a free lesson in advance, it not only shows your expertise but also an impression of what a class session might look like.

If you are a marketer, you can provide the best information and help the small business owner. In reality, you are flexing the old expert muscles and building a relationship with these viewers. Since most don't have time to market, why not just hire yourself?
Ok, so did you understand? Solving the problem, which connects to you the most, makes you the hero. You just did the most difficult thing and that is gaining confidence. Their outlook will change within minutes of resolving their problem. You've just gone from zero to hero in no time.

So now the content has now been created and you know what you're going to say. How should you present this (products/services) to the world? Here are your options:

1. Blog Post
2. Ebook
3. Webinar
4. Online course
5. Powerpoint
6. Audio clip
7. Video tutorial

One of these things could take 1-2 hours to do. Add that and you have 6 hours of work. Keep reading and I'll show you how you can most with 1 an hour.

3. Attract your prospects

You must now attract this audience by viewing your content. Your amazing content will turn them into the track you need at checkout. So in reality, the person bought your product before you left. It has to happen in their minds before they take the money out of their wallets.

The way you get there is first to find out where they are. If you sell guitar lessons, go to the instrument forums and develop relational power. And no, answering these questions is not a waste. You are making/building what I call "the power of the click". I'm not here to debate karma, but I believe what's going on around us. So spend your extra time donating to your community on a Facebook group page, forum, blog comments in your niche, or expanding your mailing list. Or you could just spend money on the ads (which is the quickest way) and direct that traffic. If you send emails to companies about your new offer, this can help (for webinars).

Once you've determined your source of traffic, direct them to an amazing compression page. After tweaking this page, most visitors will be converted to email subscribers. On this page, you distribute a free eBook or instructions for the new webinar (or both). For each email you receive, count it as a lead, your content will determine the conversion rates. The higher the quality of the content, the higher the conversion rates.

Start with a webinar and turn it into other resources

The completion of the survey determines the success or failure of this project. I recommend turning this survey into a webinar and turning it into other resources in one go. Save you time

Starting with a webinar, you may end up with:

● An eBook
● An audio clip
● A video
● A presentation
● A blog post

Here's how you do that: First set up the presentation. Get the crowd to come, promote hard. Then you entertain them as well as answer all their questions. Make sure you save everything. Finish the webinar in style and make sure the problem is resolved (whatever). By doing this, you now have something to work on and turn into many resources.

Which webinar platforms are best to use?

● GoToMeeting
● JoinWebinar
● Webex
● Google Hangouts
● Adobe Connect

Webinar in action

By creating a webinar that will last for 30 mins-1 hours, you will now have many resources. Most webinars have a PowerPoint, and you're going to talk about it. Right? By recording this for later, you can turn this webinar into many resources that you could give away or even sell someday.

Now you can take all of these items and submit them online if you want to increase traffic. During the webinar, you are making sales and you can further increase your sales by selling this information someday.

How does all of this make my payment successful?

By doing a survey, building the email list, and hosting a webinar, you’re building your sales. How? 'Or' What? You gain trust, build relationships and become the expert all at the same time. All of these are the ingredients for a successful crate. But if you really want to go the extra mile and make these tracks even hotter, take this webinar and develop the resources they take with you. To do this, extract the audio from the webinar and offer it as an audio series. Another solution is to transform this PowerPoint file into an electronic book. You can also save the video, make it private and give this secret link. Take pictures from PowerPoint and make it a blog post.

See what I'm doing here? You keep sending these emails by offering something for free in each email. Each content refers to your product and each email is simply a reminder to buy it.

Final Thoughts

So by focusing on what the difficulties are (making sure that they relate to your product), you are giving that person a reason to read / watch / listen to everything you have to say. And if, in fact, they remain for the whole, this makes them an advantage for your product. I understand that you can make hundreds or even thousands of products, but by making one product at a time, or several that have something in common with the subject you are talking about, you can make good sales.

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