A Report On Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) For eCommerce

E-commerce | 05-07-2021 | Rishabh Raj

a report on conversion rate optimization (cro) for ecommerce

The New Trend

eCommerce has suddenly taken a giant step in online marketing. Since customers do not have the time to go for physical purchases because of their commitment to their work, they tend to become more inclined towards online purchases. It allows them to verify every detail of a particular product, sitting in the comfort of their house. The extra expenses in going out for physical shopping are expunged. It also gives the customer to take a proper decision before making any purchase.

Time Saver

For this reason, most companies, big or small, are opting for online business. It will also spare your pocket of the immense overhead that is incurred with a physical shop. The expenses are comparatively less in online marketing, but the visitors are enormous. A visitor will be attracted to the website only if it has the speed and the navigation is top-notch. If the website takes even a tenth second to open, it will negatively impact, and the visitor will not come back again.


Every eCommerce business aims to have the most optimized landing page. The profitability of a website largely depends on the number of visits and ultimately converting those visitors into potential customers. There is huge competition in online marketing today, and when each of them sells almost the same products, it becomes difficult for the customers to choose. Hence it is the task of the marketer to provide maximum satisfaction to the customers with minimum hassle.

The Entry

Conversion Rate Optimization takes the lead role in making your website attracted towards the customers. Just like a sales assistant, it can convince a customer to purchase the product. Every detail of the product, however, minute it may be, has to be visible to the customer. When an electronic product is displayed, it must have the option to showcase it from different angles along with its specifications. It will instantly create a vibe in the customer to purchase the product.

Customer Satisfaction

When a customer visits a website, the intentions are to purchase the product. The first page that the customer visits on a website leaves a lasting impression. The content on the first page should be brief and spot-on. It is here the customer will get complete information about the product. Proper hyperlinks must be there for the customer to move on to the next page. The color and design of the website and the quality of the image should attract the customer so that he will not think twice about exploring the website further.

Road To Success

The success of a website depends on the percentage of conversion rate. If a new website or app can convert even a tenth of its visitors to paid customers, it is regarded as highly commendable. It is the starting point of a success story. It must try to improve the percentage rate gradually. One has to keep in mind that being on top is a challenging task and, one has to maintain its stability throughout. Customers are the King of the market, and if they are not satisfied by even an inch, it can lead to the downfall of the market.

Determine The Source

An increase in traffic is not considered to be the success of a business. One has to understand the source from where your customers have visited your page. Often it appears that the source of the visit is limited to one, and that can be a risk. Hence the need for various sources is a must. Once the customer logs into your webpage, it is essential that navigation and scrolling are hassle-free. It creates a positive vibe in the mind of the customer. The time spent by a customer on a particular website determines its quality and productivity.


Sometimes a new visitor returns as a potential customer. This aspect is crucial as the website did have a lasting impression on the mind of the customer. He comes back with a bang and can be considered a carrier of the website's positive publicity. These customers are a plus point to the business and play an essential role in increasing sales.

Price – A Key Factor

Pricing is another factor that will affect the growth of the business. In this age of high competition, a new business should keep minimum profit and give maximum satisfaction to its customers. The price of an online product offered to its customers has enormous variations. It is advisable to keep the price low as it will attract customers. Free shipping of the product will produce icing on the cake. It is what the customer needs. Initially, if the product is delivered to the customer without pricing him for shipping, it will produce outstanding results. The customer will become a regular one and will rely on no one other than your site.

Online Business

eCommerce business means pricing of the product. It is an online market where a customer buys various products, and before making the payment, he will check the products that he has purchased through the shopping cart. It gives an idea to the customer about the product he has clicked to purchase. The shopping cart should be visible to the customer and positioned in the most appropriate place not to get confused. People shop according to their budget; hence the shopping cart must constantly display the amount paid. It helps the customer not to cross his budgeted amount. The billing procedure should be simple and not time-consuming. It is this part where most customers opt out even if they have purchased the goods. It is a major nightmare for any eCommerce business. There should not be buffered while the billing is in progress, and customers usually tend to become impatient and finally lose interest in the product.

Lasting Impression

Pictures speak a lot more than words. If the website has informative pictures with a brief description of the product, it will infuse an interest among the customers and ultimately lead to the business's success. Hence before jumping into the eCommerce business, proper planning and research is a must. A healthy website with smooth and fast navigation will emerge at the top.

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