IoT Presents Mind-Blowing Solutions To Oil & Gas Industry

Internet of Things | 28-02-2020 | Harjot Kaur

iot presents mindblowing solutions to oil & gas industry

For industries to get hold of the wide-ranging tech trends is a tough nut to crack, but if achieved, it can deliver solutions to a bundle of problems. Internet of Things is one such trend that is serving excellence to a number of industries. From the same platter, the Oil & Gas industry seems to have taken a bite.

Just like in an automobile, healthcare, education, etc, IoT has figured out numerous ways to mark its dominance over the Oil & Gas industry as well. With the help of an integrated deployment strategy, oil and gas IoT-based applications would generate valuable solutions. These special apps would boost, optimization, digitization, and automation, and hence boost ways to save money and time. Since safety is one of the major issues in the process, IoT also lays emphasis on achieving it too.

In this blog, we would learn about the ways in which this tech has been achieving success. And in the end, we would find how every business can dwell in the same pool, and relish the benefits. So let us take a look.

Here's How Oil & Gas Industry Is Leveraging IoT

The technology behind the Internet of things elevates the flow of data/information, maintaining global standards. It maintains strong communication throughout the connected devices. Let us take a look at how it manages to store data, boost security, and develop applications.

1. Tackles Non-Productive Time

The more we talk about the problem of non-productive time(NPT), the more we would realize how big of a problem it is. It is hands down, the most significant threat to all the emerging businesses. Established businesses lose a huge chunk of their profit because of NPT. But this same problem can be easily addressed by IoT.

At times when it is not necessary for the workforce to be present on-site observing and taking care of the technical issues through seamless monitoring, IoT saves a lot of time and money.

2. Boosts Intelligent Maintenance

It is common for companies to hire machine operators and plant managers in order to predict when exactly the machine would require maintenance. With the help of IoT technology, the prediction game gets a lot simpler, as it is able to tell when exactly the machine requires maintenance. This feature, apart from improving the production, also boosts the workforce's safety.

In this industry, the IoT-based application informs the manager about the exact time to repair the machinery. And not only that, but it also alerts them about any kind of situation, for example, rupturing of any part. It is well-understood that protecting the equipment in the oil & gas industry, taking care of any leaks and tiny breakages cannot be neglected. IoT plays a major role in handling the same.

3. Takes Care Of Safety

There are a lot of security concerns surrounding the industry of Oil and Gas, especially for the workers. Water plays a major role in the complete setup and is also known to be a high-costing area. With the help of IoT, these industries at the remote sites can manage health problems, and injuries. This is because the Oil & Gas industry is always involved with a set of dangerous circumstances.

4. Provides Services In Remote Areas

This industry is majorly located on the outskirts of the remote areas throughout the world. And almost all these areas are hard to reach. The remote locations create a lot of problems with equipment, and any sort of extraction generates greater risks. But with IoT, this industry is able to manage almost anything on any specific plant, irrespective of the location.

These are great examples for the industry to merge their process with IoT technology. The seamlessness of this tech has influenced multiple industries to jump on the success bandwagon. If you too want to get the taste of the same, then reach out to a brook that can help you breakthrough this tech. But until then stay tuned to this space for more information.

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