7 Mobile App Development That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

Mobile App Development | 01-10-2021 | John Smith

7 mobile app development that will actually make your life better

In today’s era, mobile apps are the most demanded one and there are ample amount of opportunities for app developers globally. To make the development procedure quick various mobile app development tools are designed to help in mobile app development. These tools help in developing specialized apps that ease in functioning and are high quality. As per the requirement and business need, organizations are looking for free cross-platform mobile app development tools, hybrid mobile app development tools, android app development tools, and free online mobile app development tools.

React Native

React consist of many ready to use component which makes the development process easy and quicker, it is not customized for beginners whereas the coding is done through JavaScript and react.

The issues related to react can be solved frequently with the support of its active community, and for Android as well the support is extended.


Xamarin tool is being used by millions of people to develop the mobile app as it has simple coding and enables to use of all the features it gives the same performance as given by the native mobile app. Xamarin is renowned for being the best app development tool, as being the product of Microsoft one need not worry about service termination, security issues, and updates. 70% of the code can be reused for Android and iOS that allows you to write less code for your application.


This app allows developers to work with different technologies with one code base, developers having basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, Web APIs, and CSS can work on PhoneGap from the very start. PhoneGap is based on Cordova technology and one can use the trial version of PhoneGap.

To create an application utilizing PhoneGap you don't have to gain proficiency with any new programming dialects. PhoneGap utilizes standard dialects and innovations.


To develop mobile apps Ionic comes up with various JavaScript components and CSS components the features in ionic are integrated emulators, command-line interface Cordova based app packages. As being a cross-platform tool it can be run on various operating systems, it also gives the feel and looks of iPhone as it carries the UI components. Ionic is developed to perform and act extraordinary on the most recent mobile phones with best practices like productive equipment transitions, and contact streamlined gestures.


Appcelerator has rapid building features for mobile apps, development time gets reduced by many times and the number of lines of coding as well. The code is the compilation of both JavaScript and native for best cross-platforms one should definitely pick Appcelerator that is also the best mobile app development tool for windows. It is simpler to create dynamic animations ad also other longing effects, developers can try its 60 days free trial and learn more about the tools.

Sencha Touch

Sencha is another premium tool for cross-platform development with HTML 5 and JavaScript. Sencha is basically used to build enterprise applications, it is based on the MVC JavaScript platform therefore it can be used in fingertip touch, because it consists of a drag and drops HTML 5 visual app builder and carry consist of ready to use templates, also one can build custom templates and can reuse them further.

Native Script

Native apps can be built through languages like TypeScript, AngularJS, or JavaScript, it develops and builds mobile apps for Android and iOS with a single code, it is considered as the topmost open-source platform for mobile app development. With Native Script you reuse ideas and information on existing structures like Angular or Vue. JS to construct Applications that really utilize native components and have native execution.

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