Best 5 Messaging SDK Providers For Android, iOS 2021

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best 5 messaging sdk providers for android, ios 2021

In 2021, creating an app from scratch is a time-consuming process.

Not only does it take up so much time and effort, but it can also cost tons of money to build it.

But you see 2021 and the years to come will only witness simple, quick, and ready-to-use solutions. Hence instead of you having to build an app from scratch, SDK providers can help you better.

If you’re looking to create an in-app messaging platform, switch to the assistance of a messaging SDK.

In this blog, we will help you understand what is a messaging SDK, perks of investing in an in-app messaging SDK, and which chat messaging SDK should you try out in 2021.

Meaning Of Messaging SDKs

Let’s understand the terms better by breaking them down into two.

SDK stands for software development kit. It consists of pre-built components that app developers like you can use to build messaging apps. Without an SDK, app developers would have to build those components from scratch and that can take a long time.

When you create a messaging app, you need to ensure that it fits the mobile platforms, iOS, and Android.

Hence to blend this process, you make use of the available Messaging SDK iOS & android to build the app. Since the messaging SDK already has pre-built components needed to build the chat platform, the process becomes easy for app developers.

What Benefits ‘Messaging SDK’s Offer To App Developers?

You have now understood the meaning of what a messaging SDK is.

We are now moving forward to help you understand the advantages a messaging SDK provider offers to app developers.

From the lot, we have covered the top 3 ones.

1. Affordable costs

Since you now have pre-built components available from messaging SDK iOS or messaging SDK for android providers, there are minimal to lower costs.

With these components, the process of building a messaging app is simple and quick.

2. Reliable and secure

When you build a messaging app, one of the many priorities would be the security feature.

Since messaging API iOS/Android providers offer multiple security measures, app developers need not worry about creating or investing in one to add to the app.

3. Useful when required

Apart from being a user-friendly tool for app developers, messaging SDK is proven to be useful when you need enhancements in the app.

From providing customization options to providing efficient features such as screen sharing, 1-1 private chats, group chats, and more, chat SDK providers is the ultimate tool needed to build an app in 2021.

3 Use Cases That Prove The Beneficial Impact of Messaging SDKs

You might be under the impression that when it comes to using messaging SDK, it is the technology industry that benefits better.

But what if we told you that there are several industries that can or have benefited from the use of a messaging SDK provider.

We covered 4 such types.

1. Online Learning

Online learning or also called e-learning can benefit from the use of a messaging SDK provider.

With the in-app chat, teachers and students can conduct secure engagements, share files, have group engagements, use whiteboards, and do more to conduct an efficient online education experience.

2. Live streaming

Whether you’re using live streaming for business events or for social media purposes, the use of a messaging SDK provider can help.

There are many Android/ iOS messaging SDK providers that let you conduct unlimited messaging broadcasting to cater to a wider group.

3. Telehealth

In healthcare given the situation today, providing online healthcare services is the new efficient form of communication.

With a reliable messaging API iOS/ Android provider, healthcare professionals can easily engage with patients over a HIPAA compliant platform, share files and medical information as well as reach out to rural patients without having to download third-party apps.

4. Instant on-demand services

Whether you’re using an app to purchase groceries or buy a new smartphone, an in-app messaging SDK provider, will help you conduct multiple actions without having to download additional other apps.

From exploring products to tracking your order to engaging with the support team, all these actions can be easily conducted in a single chat platform.

5 Messaging API& SDK Providers For App Developers In 2021 (Android & iOS Compatible)

CONTUS MirrorFly

If you’re looking for an efficient messaging API iOS or a messaging API Android, CONTUS Mirrorfly is the tool you need.

The great thing about CONTUS MirrorFly is the fact that they make the work of helping you build a chat app easy.

If you see closely, CONTUS MirrorFly has everything you need to get started with your app.

For instance, if you’re looking to build a telehealth app, this API provider has HIPAA Compliant.

If you’re looking to build a chat app for e-learning, this API provider has features such as Screen sharing and whiteboard to assist.

CONTUS Mirrorfly is growing popular because they offer a complete package of everything you need to build an app.

Whether it is security, efficiency, or a simplified app building process, CONTUS MirrorFly has proven its impact for multiple of its clients.

Prominent Features Provided

- Message Broadcast option
- Chat rooms
- Tabbed messages
- Location sharing
- Animated GIFs
- Multiple logins
- Smart reply
- Cross-platform calling

Price: One-time license cost


Provides a 100% customization option so that app developers can scale messaging apps as and when needed.


A free trial option is not available.


Apphitect is another great messaging API android/iOS provider.

The reason why Apphitect has a big name in the business is that for any industry requirements, this API provider is able to create a custom application that caters to the exact needs.

Being a brand from the UAE, this API provider doesn’t fall short to provide the best solutions for app building as it makes use of the best technological solutions present.

Apphitect has also won multiple awards since the time of its existence in the market mostly being the best app development to consider.

When it comes to mobile app creation, the API provider offers messaging SDK for iOS/ Android solutions.

Prominent Features Provided

- 100% customization
- Fully searchable
- Easy screen sharing
- Offline messages
- Geolocation tracking
- Voice calling
- Video calling
- Group chat

Price: One time cost


Uses the best technological solutions to build applications.


A free trial option isn’t available hence it makes it difficult for beginners to opt for the provider initially.


Cometchat is another great android/iOS messaging SDK provider.

Cometchat lets app developers include real-time text, voice as well and video chat in the messaging application being built.

There are two reasons why Cometchat is growing in popularity, one is because of its ease of use and the other is the scalability option.

Prominent Features Provided

- Webhooks and bots
- Message history
- Rich media attachments
- Custom messages
- 1-1 group text chat
- Single sign-on
- Wider extensions list
- Typing and read indicators

Price: Free trial for 25 monthly active users. For more such as 1k monthly active users, the pricing is as follows, Startup- $149/month, Growth- $399/month, Scale- $749/month, Enterprise- Custom pricing.


This API provider caters to all types of app building such as social communities, dating apps, and more.


Not all features are provided in the free trial, you need to upgrade to a paid service to use most of them.


Pubnub also helps app developers build efficient messaging apps with its messaging SDK for iOS/Android assistance.

It lets app developers take complete control, functionality, and customization of the app being built.

With PubNub there is no limitation for concurrency hence you can provide the same real-time experience as you scale higher.

Prominent Features Provided

- Giphy
- Message reactions
- User metadata
- Access controls
- Update message
- Push notifications
- Typing indicators
- Mute/Ban users

Price: Free account, for paid plans, need to contact the sales team.


Provides reusable components for app developers to continue building apps.


If you’re looking for personalized options, their standard plans opts out of it.


Getstream is another great messaging SDK provider.

Getstream focuses on helping app developers in two ways, building in-app chats as well as activity feeds.

When it comes to launching a quick messaging app, multiple product teams lie their full trust in Getstream.

Prominent Features Provided

- Built-in giphy and Imgur support
- Multi-tenant ready
- Direct and group chats
- Low latency
- BGP+ DNS routing
- SDKs and components
- CDN Storage
- Webhooks

Price: Need to contact the sales team.

Benefits offers no maximum limits for how many users can be included in a group chat as well as for concurrent connections.


Doesn’t support Unity and Xamarin applications.


The assistance of a secure messaging SDK provider is well illustrated in this article.

Not only do these in-app messaging SDK providers make the process of building a messaging app easy, they also provide app developers like you a better opportunity to enhance the messaging experience.

From understanding the meaning and benefits of a chat messaging SDK to having the list of the top chat SDK providers, getting started is now easy.

So tell us, when do you plan to use a messaging API iOS/android?

Do you have any secure messaging SDK provider in mind from the list shared above?

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