Let's Reveal Apple's Strengths and Weaknesses - Is It Worth for Our Business

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Let's Reveal Apple's Strengths and Weaknesses

Have you ever looked at a particular brand and pondered, “How does it really exist on earth?”

Apple is one of those remarkable brands that succeed in everything it puts.

This magnificent brand enjoyed 394.33 billion US dollars in 2020. That’s amazing!

Therefore, analyzing Apple's key strategies, strengths, and weaknesses is important for all businesses.

If you deeply go through the SWOT analysis of Apple, you will discover the key strengths of Apple, technology and innovation, design and quality, top-notch marketing strategy, market leadership, opportunities for the brand, and threats it is facing right now.

In this way, you can better understand the tactics of this brand and employ them in your brand.

So reading the SWOT analysis of Apple is a wise move.

With that in mind, we have created this article. You are going to read the strengths and weaknesses of Apple.

In this way, you can apply those key strengths to your business and refrain from the weaknesses of this brand.

So continue reading this article.

Apple Strengths and Weaknesses

Now we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Apple one by one.

Here you go!

Apple strengths

According to Apple SWOT analysis 2022, these are the primary strengths of Apple.

Globally recognized brand

When it comes to personalized computers, tabs, and smartphones, you will not find any other brand but Apple.

It is one of the most efficient companies with millions of loyal customers. Its brand positioning depends on three major elements. These are:



Customer experience

If you go through Apple's strategy analysis, you will find that it encourages its employees to think out of the box and come up with brand-new ideas.

In this way, Apple stays ahead of its competitors.

State-of-the-art technology

In times like these, smartphone users know that Apple dominates the tech market.

It is the first brand that introduced some of the seamless products (AirPods, iPads, iPhones) that have transformed the work.

Still, the brand is quite confident in developing advanced technology devices.

Comprehensive research & development

When it comes to product design and development, Apple is dedicated to the research field.

It conducts comprehensive research to discover users’ needs and market trends.

Hence, it continues to invest an enormous amount of money in the research and development sector.

Diverse product range

If you really want to grow your business and stay ahead of your rivals, you need to develop and follow a diverse product range strategy.
In this way, you can better deal with the market gap. With that in mind, Apple has been working on this strategy religiously over the last few years.

You can see that its products were particularly related to computers only.

Later on, it changed its strategy and diversified the product range by including iPhones, smart watches, Macbooks, and many other products.

Additionally, this brand has a range of electronic accessories such as iPhone cases, Airtags, etc.

High-quality design

Apple is best known for its sleek product designs. iPhones have innovative yet simple designs.

These phones have become the symbol of class and status.

Likewise, the brand did not compromise on its quality. The entire staff knows the art of satisfying customers.

As a result, no Apple user will complain about its quality.

Started providing services

In addition to designing top-class products for its users, Apple started to generate revenue by providing services such as Apple TV+, AppleCare, Apple Card, etc.

In this way, hundreds of thousands of people are availing of its matchless services.

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is the must-have attribute of a company. When we look at the customer base of Apple, we will find the most satisfied customers.

Did you ever think why Apple customers do not switch from it?

This is because the brand provides amazing privacy features to its users. In this way, they feel more secure.

Apple weaknesses

After analyzing the Apple company strengths, you should be asking this question:

“What are the weaknesses of Apple?”

These are the weakness of Apple:

Too many expensive products

The very first weakness of this brand is its high-priced products. Apple designed its products for high-income people.

On the other hand, low-income customers cannot afford these products. You can read the SWOT analysis for iPhone to discover more.

Limited promotions & advertisements

Apple has proved itself an industry leader by establishing a loyal customer base. You will be surprised to know that it did not invest much money in advertisements.

With limited advertisements and promotions, it has earned a great reputation.

Considering this factor, it did not feel any need to invest in advertisements.

Compatibility issues with other software

Unfortunately, Apple products are not compatible with other operating systems and software.

Due to this, customers must purchase Apple apps to benefit from Apple products.

Practices unfair strategies

After accepting money to make Google's search engine the default search engine for its Safari web browser, Apple is being investigated for engaging in unfair commercial practices.

The two industry titans' collision makes it challenging for competitors to enter and grow in the search engine sector.

Not having a broad product line

Another major weakness of this brand is that it has a limited product line.

When you dig deeper into its history, you will find that it keeps on designing the same-looking models.

This is its weakness.

Limited distribution channel

Unlike its competitors, Apple does not sell its products through third parties. Instead, it keeps the selling funnel narrow and sells its products itself.

In order to sell its products, it leverages its site and Apple Stores.

Limitations of sharing files

Apple products are not connected to other devices. So it is not flexible for people who want to share crucial files with their friends who do not have iPhones.

This is another drawback of Apple.

Bottom Lines

We hope you understand the crux of this article and are quite familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of Apple.

If you take the following strengths into account, conduct detailed market research, use advanced technology, build a loyal customer base, employ a diverse product range, and build sleek designs, your business will shine like a pro.

Likewise, you need to make sure that your brand should not have the above-mentioned weaknesses.

We hope you enjoy this article.

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