Top 5 Reasons Why React Native Is Better Than Flutter

Mobile App Development | 08-10-2021 | Peter Handscomb

top 5 reasons why react native is better than flutter

Modern technology demands hybrid apps. They save a lot of time and money when it comes to developing distinct apps for multiple platforms. Frameworks determine the quality of your application. So, choose between the two greatest options: Flutter app vs. React Native.

In order to assist decision-makers in selecting the correct tech stack, we've put Native React and Flutter up against one another so that they can see the key distinctions.

Before we go into a deep comparison, let's take a look at React Native Development and Flutter app.

React Native vs Flutter: Basics

With the intense competition in the tech market, RN Vs Flutter is a complex issue. To choose the best, we first must have an overview of them. So, we will first overview both the apps: Native React & Flutter app.

React Native App: Introduction

JavaScript-based framework React Native is one of the most popular. It focuses mainly on native application rendering, which is primarily compatible with iOS & Android. In RN, XML-like syntax is combined with Javascript (JSX). Facebook is backing the framework, with over 50 developers working on it currently.

React Native: Use Cases

- Application development for cross-platform devices
- Prototype applications designed quickly
- A simplified UI for apps
- Flexible apps with near-native UX and responsive design
- Reusable components for apps
- Synchronous API-based apps

React Native App: Popular Apps

The most popular apps that use RN are here below.

- Facebook: Created a user-friendly mobile interface with simple navigation.
- Bloomberg: Streamlined and personalized content accessible to any user with automatic code updates.
- Walmart: Built a smooth in-app animation platform that is identical to the native features.
- Instagram: Developed a push notification system using a WebView, eliminating the need for an infrastructure.
- Wix: Developed web applications with high speed and agility that can be customized.
- SoundCloud: Integrated iOS and Android patches simultaneously to bridge the time gap between updates.

Flutter App: Introduction

Open-source Flutter framework uses Dart programming language. A cross-platform app can be developed with ease using this toolkit for building with a single codebase. Using this platform, you can create user interfaces that are configurable and expressive, and are backed by native performance.

The Flutter engine, widgets & Foundation library are all part of the Flutter framework, which is built in the Dart programming language. Flutter's methodology to development varies from others in that it uses declarative UI writing.

Flutter: Use Cases

- Mobile MVP applications
- Materials-based apps
- Apps that utilize OS-level functionality
- Simple OS plugins with advanced logic
- Apps with a high level of performance using the Skia rendering engine
- A high-level UI with flexibility
- Activate apps with a wide range of data integration

Flutter: Popular Apps

The most popular apps that use Flutter are here below.

- Google Ads: AdMob Firebase plugins, Dart packages, and the static utility classes of Flutter provided mobile compatibility in iOS and Android.
- Alibaba: Implemented a single codebase with high FPS for all applications and a single-tap navigation experience.
- Tencent: Built a multiplatform platform that connects users to their multi-device experiences.
- eBay: Developed autoML features through the integration of Firebase and Flutter, leveraging complex and customized edge-powered AI functionality.
- Reflectly: The StreamBuilder widget provided data synchronization improvements when migrating from RN to Flutter.
- BMW: Implemented highly-performance user interfaces with flutter_bloc management.

React Native App Is Better Than Flutter: Top 5 Reasons

The top 5 reasons why RN is better than Flutter App are given here below. We will get you through the best possible reasons and you can pick your choice as per your requirements.

Fast Refresh & Fast Coding

By enabling a developer to insert new code immediately into a running app, Hot Reload accelerates the development process. Therefore, developers can view changes in real-time without recompiling the software.

Hot Reload also saves the application's state, preventing it from being lost during a full reload. It's a huge plus in the domain of state-based frameworks, as it speeds up the mobile app development even more.

To enhance the workflow with hot reloading, the React Native developers team has included a new functionality called quick refresh to the 0.61 version, which integrates live and hot reloading.

Flexibility For Developers

Developers can use Native React to create cross-platform apps; nothing more, nothing less. The benefit is that RN enables the developer to choose exactly which solutions to utilise, based on both the project's needs and the developer's preferences.

For example, if a developer wants to pick between JavaScript and TypeScript or how to manage global state, they can use a router library. They can choose between using a unique UI library and writing their own.

Learning Native React Is Easy

This benefit in our list is specifically for Native React developers. If you have web development experience and are already familiar with popular Native React solutions, you can quickly learn RN without having to study new libraries. The same libraries, methods, and patterns can be used.

Active & Massive Community

There is a sizable developer community for RN. Not only that, but there are a variety of libraries, tutorials, and UI frameworks that make learning the technology as well as developing it easy.

When it comes to repositories dedicated to collecting articles, tools, and resources about certain technologies, RN outperforms Xamarin, Ionic, & Flutter app.

Suitability For Developing Complex Apps

Complex native apps are built with Native React. However, you should keep in mind that this is only feasible if you combine RN with native app development. Your app is more likely to be hybrid than cross-platform at that point. JavaScript and native development abilities are required throughout the entire process of constructing a complex project with RN.

Last Words!

This article is a comparison guide for all the users stuck between the tech trends. React Native Vs. Flutter App, it is a difficult choice. But our content got you through every possible aspect of Native React being better than Flutter. We hope you are content with us and will make a wise choice. For any more tech trends app-related problems, you can always connect to us anytime anywhere.

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