Top 7 Benefits of Kotlin That Can Be Helpful For Android App Developers

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top 7 benefits of kotlin

The Kotlin programming language has seen immense growth since its launch in 2011. The usage of Kotlin has gained excitement in recent years among android app developers.

This is because android new language Kotlin is backed by Google as the go-to language for android app development. In the annual developer conference ‘Google I/O 2017' – Google declared Kotlin as the official android language. Google stated that they will offer first-hand support to Kotlin for android platforms over Java, making it apparent for developers to adopt the language. Earlier, Java programming language was preferred by coders and had been the foundation of innovative products for android programmers, however, Kotlin has been a game-changer!

In this Article, We have Explained:

- What Are the 7 Most Important Benefits of Using Kotlin?
- Lesser Code
- Java Code Can Be Conveniently Transferred in A Kotlin Project
- Supports Cross-Platform Mobile Development
- A Reputed Reliable Technology
- Ensures Safety
- Easy to Understand & Learn
- Kotlin Coders Community
- Conclusion

What Are the 7 Most Important Benefits of Using Kotlin?

With Kotlin, android developers have the flexibility, ease of usage, and an autonomous approach to coding and creating android products. But these are not the only reasons why developers prefer Kotlin.

In this article let’s take a detailed look at the top 7 benefits of Kotlin that can be helpful for android app development and programmers.

1. Lesser Code

One of the best features of Kotlin is that there is less code to be written, tested, and maintained – which means minor crashes and fewer bugs. Any code written in Kotlin is smaller than Java with less verbose. A recent article published in Medium claimed that Apps built on Kotlin are likely to crash 20% less. This means that with the use of Kotlin script, coders can configure projects in Android Studio with lesser code. Similarly, with the use of auto-completion coders can decrease error detection time during compilation. Lesser code also means programmers can swiftly deploy and compile android apps ensuring they are lightweight and do not take up a lot of space.

2. Java Code Can Be Conveniently Transferred in AKotlin Project

Android Studio backs Kotlin and enables developers to transfer Java code or add Kotlin files. App and Web development companies and their programmers can mend their existing Java projects and convert or transfer Java code to Kotlin easily. With Android Studio programmers can use tools such as autocomplete, lint check, refactoring, debugging, etc while using Kotlin for android app development. Kotlin converts code to a bytecode which can be inputted and implemented on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Hence, any libraries or frameworks created in Java can be conveniently transferred in a Kotlin project.

3.Supports Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Kotlin is interoperable with JavaScript. Using Kotlin can make an existing project suitable for multiple platforms. Developers using Kotlin for mobile app development can use a single codebase for iOS as well as for Android apps. With Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM), coders can build multiplatform mobile applications by sharing code about business logic, connectivity, etc between Android, iOS, or any other APIs. Developers would only have to write platform-specific code, for instance, while implementing a native UI or while using platform-specific APIs. Kotlin also lets developers migrate code in various stages making it perfect for cross-platform development.

4. A Reputed Reliable Technology

Kotlin was developed by the parent company JetBrains to add practical value to its line of products, but with Google’s backing – Kotlin earned the reputation of reliable technology. The association assured developers that Kotlin is a reliable coding language for android app development. Also, Kotlin advanced features and the continual efforts taken by JetBrains to keep the language developing enhanced Kotlin’s dependability. All of these factors including the simple and accelerated app-building process positioned Kotlin as a reliable programming language.

5. Ensures Safety

Kotlin for Android developers ensures safety as Kotlin’s type system is aimed at disregarding the danger of null reference. Kotlin allows developers to type static code that is easy to troubleshoot and maintain at all levels. The biggest benefit of Kotlin is that it is safe against NullPointerException, something that Java lacks.

Kotlin limits the difficulties and implements an action only when the reference holds a non-null value. Developers can null-check and method call in a single expression. Furthermore, being a JVM language, Kotlin can leverage an entire ecosystem of Java libraries making it safer for android app development.

6. Easy to Understand & Learn

Kotlin is easy to understand and learn for programmers with a little bit of experience. Kotlin's syntax and design are super simple to adopt and implement. Programmers with any prior coding experience can learn the basic syntax, define functions, learn object-oriented programming and functional manipulation – which will take less than two weeks.

7. Kotlin Coders Community

Kotlin was built by JetBrains with the focus to keep the language fast, 100% interoperable with Java, and concise. The agenda was to reduce repetition and continually upgrade the language. This has been well-received by coders worldwide and has created a strong coders community for Kotlin.


All the above-listed benefits state that Kotlin is one of the best programming languages. Kotlin’s advanced benefits such as reliability, efficiency, runtime performance, and maintenance make it an ideal choice for developers. Moreover, with fewer lines of code and easy integration with Java frameworks – applications can be built cleanly and concisely making them easy to write and understand.

Often pitched as the replacement for Java – Kotlin’s open-source programming language and interoperability with several android languages make it an attractive alternative for android app development. Although Kotlin is great for building android applications, the programming language is also used by coders to build websites, IoT applications, iOS applications, data analytics as well as game development – making Kotlin so much more approachable.

Hence, it can be said that Kotlin is all set to push out Java from the android app development ecosystem. These benefits also ensure that Kotlin is suited for android software development and proves that it is the future of building applications on various other platforms as well.

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