Top Local Database For React Native App Development

Mobile App Development | 05-05-2022 | Prashant Pujara

top local database for react native app development

For developing a mobile application, the developers love to use React Native. They believe in this framework so that they can design native app which is of high performer. It always comes as a pressure where the developer of React Native has to deliver an app which is of high performing and one can be scaled when there is in need. Hence, the developers must have the right technology which stack include with the database of appropriation for React Native.

For React Native Development Services, the developers do not find the right technology to stack that can include the right database. Therefore, in this article, you will get an idea about the local database and how they are perfect for the framework of React Native and helps in the app development.

Realm Database

It is a database which starts from scratch for real-time and offline application with running wearable device and mobile devices. It is one database that has its personal engine and it is not dependent on the value stores of anything. When there is a question of handling large data, Realm is the best choice for developers. It offers application of high performances. With the help of Realm, the developers will go through mapping classes, foreign keys, tables and fields.

Benefits of Realm

It has incredible benefits like Realm sync that runs at the background where you can record and this will save your user interaction and you will look for service requests. It is even offline friendly with the help of redux offline. The encryption standard is different and hence it assures security.

The developers use AES-256 decryption and encryption levels where you can store the data locally. For iOS, the encryption depends on iOS CommonCrypto library and it protects the app data and even the password that one can store easily in keychain. For windows, crypto library is there for Realm for perfect encryption.

Performance of Realm

It has a storage engine that is written in language C and it is built-in. It reduces dependencies and even improves query performance. It is an object-based thing because the traditional SQLite with abstraction of ORM will simply convert the Objects and the methods which will turn into SQL statements. Realm helps the objects to reflect on the database and it will convert the object with the operations of reading and even write.

It is an open-source framework that is easily available for free. If you want the pro version then you have to pay $1750. Also, it has a commercial version so that business projects can continue smoothly. These versions come with different features that one can use to develop the best mobile app.


Talk with React Native App Development Company in New York and hire React Native developer who will use this database and give the best mobile app to the client. The developer must have the knowledge of the database and ensures that the mobile app designed on this framework and database comes out unique and safe.

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