What Would Be a Must-have Feature for a Restaurant App?

Mobile App Development | 08-11-2022 | Prashant Pujara

what would be a must-have feature for a restaurant app

Digital transformation is the main survival of the industry. Even the restaurant industry has no other exception. In the food delivery app of the adoption, one has paved the way for the restaurant sector to bloom. The restaurant owners will realize the importance of the mobile app to fetch the business's revenue. The restaurants' apps will help you to manage the staff, orders, customers, sales and even the other aspects of the restaurant.

There is a dedication to the mobile restaurant app, which will serve the objectives which will notify the best customers of the opening of the new branch, launching a new kind of campaign, and adding a new course to the e-menu. If there is any update, the customer era will instantly get through the app. Success depends on the customer base, and this will happen when you always add different new customers and retain the existing ones. It also enhances customer engagement and offers a better experience to help restaurant owners expand their customer base and generate revenue. It is mostly possible when mobile apps for different restaurants are the embed with the astounding features of the food delivery app that will enhance the customer experiences.

If you want to run on the go into the competitive edge in the landscape of the development of the custom restaurant app, then it is the best decision ever. This article will offer the best light on the features of the restaurant app. As per industry statistics, the food delivery industry will expect to grow from $320 billion and achieve the target by the year 2029. By the year 2027, the online users of the restaurant app will reach up to 2613.2 million.

Restaurant app development and its benefits

With the statistics above, it is obvious that more and more restaurant businesses are going digital to offer great delivery and dining experience. You can see the reason from the business perspective and get the best result.

Sales graph and the increase

Having a physical space in the restaurant will always remain challenging; that can sometimes become overcrowded. It even negatively impacts the dining experience. Placing digital orders will increase sales because many users prefer to use the mobile app to place orders and do not want to visit the eatery joint. People who hate waiting while having dinner can easily reserve a table with the help of the app.

Customer engagement

The restaurant apps for mobile will encourage you to stay with the connection of customers and even build better relationships with the restaurant apps. The app will create brand awareness with existing and new customers, and there are different specials to share the news and then hold contests, run polls and even indulge in the attention of the customer feedback.

Payment processing convenience

In the digital landscape, payment processing will be one of the topmost benefits you can easily offer customers. The customers will pay you rapidly and easily by integrating the payment gateway into the app. It eventually helps all the restaurant personnel focus on the important tasks and reduces the time of involvement in the process of physical payment. The app will accept the best when there is more payment type.

Online reviews, presence and ratings

The mobile restaurant app will give you the best competitive edge over all your competitors and build a strong, online and trustworthy presence. Through these apps, one can collect reviews and feedback to pay immediate attention to both good and negative feedback. With the help of ratings and reviews, you can help the restaurant identify and resolve any prompt responses.

Features for mobile restaurant app

You have become familiar with the perfect benefits of mobile restaurant apps, and then it is time to enumerate all the features and make the app stand out in the crowd. The app's features may vary depending on the niche and the business model. Here are the ten features:

Rewards, discounts and loyalty for building and program relationships

A business with a customer-centric approach will always pay attention and carefully plan all the details. It is a perfect ensure that one will get a boost in customer engagement and comes with a transaction number.

Online ordering and mobile payments

It is a beneficial approach for the mobile app, and 69% of customers will order food online.

Table reservation

Online table reservation saves time, and you can enjoy the perfect meal with near ones.

Location-based and the services

You will get food from your location, and you do not have to look for food from different restaurants in different locations.

Integration with social media

Social media pages overview to check the details of the restaurant and its ambience.


The option helps you talk with customer support, and you can request, query and address complaints for better results.

Portal of customer feedback

Customer feedback portal will help you address their problem easily without delay. You will get all the details easily.


It introduces games and challenges and spins the wheel to attract customers on a different level and make sure they get all the benefits.

Quick ordering

Through the app, the quick ordering process is useful, making the best result for ordering food.

Online food tracking

You can even track the restaurant's food and check the delivery boy's progress to deliver your food on time.


Now that you have all the details of the mobile restaurant app, you will get into the business, lien the app from a trusted app development company, and make a huge difference in the food industry.

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