5 Trending Apps For Bloggers To Successfully Monetize Their Online Presence

Mobile Apps | 06-07-2021 | Manuela Willbold

5 trending apps for bloggers to successfully monetize their online presence

Are you a blogger looking to monetize their web presence?

If so, then you should know which tools, software, and apps to use to build and grow your website to a level that it can generate an extra income for you. They will make sure you have a winning strategy in place and a money-making blog ready.

5 Apps to Build Monetizable Blogs

Disclaimer: The tools mentioned are not magic spells. They are basic apps that do basic jobs. The key to making money out of your blog using these apps is to use them smartly and strategically and this article can only provide inspiration.

Read on to know about the 5 best apps to use for your blogs and how you can utilize them to improve your website and its performance.

1. WordPress

WordPress is a completely free, open-source platform where you pay nothing more than your efforts and time.

And it has the potential to help you make money blogging. Much more, in fact.

You get to choose from hundreds of free themes, plugins, apps, and third-party integrations. (There is always an option to pay for stuff and get more options.)There is hardly a CMS feature that WordPress does not have.

You will find resources, tutorials and even quick getting started courses with ease. (Some also for free.)And WordPress hosting is also among the most affordable with certain WordPress Hosting Providers.

So, the most important tool in your arsenal should be WordPress - the OG CMS you should use to build, manage, and design your websites with.

2. SeekaHost App

Installing WordPress takes time. But you could do it in one click. Maintaining your hosting and domain name is not going to be easy. You will have to handle the multiple accounts and keep juggling between them. But you could do it from one unified dashboard.

If you plan on creating a private blog network for blog monetization, handling the backends of all those blogs will be a mammoth task. But you could manage all your blogs from one single screen.

Finding and hosting your multiple blogs in your PBN on different IP addresses to leave no footprint at all will take time and effort. And, of course, a lot of money. But you can even do that in just a couple of clicks.

How? With the SeekaPanel in the SeekaHost App.

Yes, from installing WordPress to managing a domain, hosting, multiple IP addresses, and more can be done with just one app. What is better, you also get an uptime guarantee, security from DDoS attacks, and 24/7 support too.

Even if you have already started hosting your blog with some other hosting provider, you can switch to the SeekaHost app. Again, migration is possible, and it is straightforward with the customer support.

3. YoastSEO

What good is a blog if no one sees it?

All the sources of income from a blog depend on viewership.And to be found, you have to be visible on various online platforms like search engines for example. Then, just like you found this piece on the web, people will find your blog. Only then will you be able to monetize it.

YoastSEOcan help you make that happen.WordPress users can use the Yoast SEO plugin to quickly start their SEO campaign and get to the top of SERPs. Just install the plugin, activate it, and do what it says. Then, you’d be good to go, if you also learn more about SEO and SEO content writing, which is necessary to truly get the results you want to rank and bank. You can take free SEO online courses at the SeekaHost University.

4. Canva

A picture speaks a thousand words. And it speaks in your favor when it is a custom-designed and meaningful image that your visitors and readers will recognize immediately.

Canva lets you do that and so much more. It will help unleash your creativity with its great features and functionalities. Think you are a dud when it comes to designing? Canva will make you look like a pro.

Did you know infographics and images get the maximum backlinks on other websites that refer to them or use them? Now imagine how much Canva can do for you in terms of your page and domain authority to boost those ranks. Plus, you will create a logo and blog post images as well as social media post images that will stand out and be unique for your own branding.

5. Reddit/Quora

Reddit or Quora will help you figure out wherever your target audience is and what they are looking for.

Listen to what people are talking about.Find out what they want to know.Know what they like.

Learn what questions they ask and you can answer them on these platforms to be noticed, refer to your articles and spread the word about your blog.

This is what will help you understand the audience, tailor the blog content and social media content to what they look for and increase your website’s performance and relevance.

Impressed audiences = More traffic = More money coming your way. Simple.

Still Here? Get Started Already with these top Apps to Grow your Blog

Why are you not on your way to testing these incredible apps? Some even offer free trials to get started like the SeekaHost app, so you really cannot make any excuses. Take the first step towards your money-making blog today.Be on your way and start making money with your blog with these tools and of course your own creativity, strategy, and genius.

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