Top 3 Best Email Apps For Android

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top 3 best email apps for android

Perhaps, at present, we entirely depend on our smartphones for all the activities including communication, entertainment, news and all in between. Even though, to search even a minor thing we usually spend hours and hours on our smartphones. Also, we spend a huge time on new applications and even never use them again. As far as emails are concerned, at times we stick to the default email applications. However,the best digital marketing agency in Melbourne helps you regarding emails with new and latest versions of many applications. For this purpose, given below are the top 3 email applications for android. Ensuring the best and innovative collection for a fantastic user experience.

That's why we've prepared this list of the best email apps for Android, featuring a selection of email clients with innovative features and a modern user experience.

• Google Gmail
• Microsoft Outlook
• VMware Boxer

1. Google Gmail

Pricing plan – free of cost

Probably, there are quite frequent chances that Gmail came as an already installed application in all the android phones. However, it's not hard to enlist this application as one of the best smartphone email apps. Moreover, with Gmail, there is almost 15 Gb of free storage space. Also, you have access to many other google based products such as google docs, google photos and google drive so on and so forth. Remember, Gmail accepts a file as large as 25 GB. Well, this is twice the space that comes with other email applications and services. Furthermore, Gmail has many other amazing features. Well, by comparing with other applications, you can easily decide whether Gmail is best for you or any other app. Anyhow, this email app stands out on the whole planet. The best Digital marketing agency Australiaalso favours this application.

Pros and cons of Gmail - email app for Android

Pros of Gmail

- Abundant storage space
- Amazing integration with other Google-based products
- Authentic and Reliable
- It comes in android phones as a pre-installed application

Cons of Gmail

- A Lot of redesigning
- Have to clean the inbox many times
- Also, you have to manage the inbox from unwanted emails off and on.

2. Microsoft Outlook

Pricing plan - free of cost

Remember, the modern Microsoft outlook version is somehow the answer to the Gmail version. However, gone are the days when the outlook was considered as the clunky and dirty email application. Because it is one of the windows applications that nobody wants to use. Also, everyone hates to live it with this version. With time, Microsoft Outlook has worked on it and developed an adorable version of this email app. Also, making it accessible for everyone. Best digital marketing agency Australiais also now planning to work with this email too.

Outlook email app for Android

With Microsoft outlook, some quirks help you stop using this application. SEO consultantsdoes not prefer this application to use on a daily basis. However, the main reason to pull the hair out of this email app is currently- there is no way to attach a picture with an email application. Moreover, the only way to send an image is to embed it in the email body and this is not desirable most of the time.

Pros of Microsoft Outlook

- Microsft outlook owns a user-friendly interface
- Well, it works great with Microsoft exchange
- It sorts out all the emails itself

Cons of Microsoft Outlook

- To date, it's not possible to add a photo as an email attachment.

VMware- email app for Android | Get info from best digital marketing agency Australia

3. VMware Boxer

Pricing plan - Free 30-day trial

You would not expect VMware, a firm reputed for cutting-edge simulation software solutions, to create a ground-breaking email app for Android, yet they have. Boxer, the professional email client, has been nominated for best mobile office app of the year and praised by several major technology journals and blogs. With features like bulk edit and quick answers, Boxer is all about working with emails faster and better. The app is based on the principle that storage capacity is less costly than time.

VMware- The best email app for Android

VMware Boxer is a very new email software, so it's not unexpected that it's not as refined as some of the other apps covered in this post. You should expect the app to collapse from time to time unless you keep to some of the most basic features. You can take assistance from SEO consultants Melbournein this regard.

Pros of VMware email app

- There are many customized swipe on gesture
- Perhaps, owns a smart bulk email organizer app
- Supports multiple email accounts

Cons of VMware email app

- One of the big quirks of this email app is -it uses some refining and polishing techniques to be more stable.

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