Top 5 Photo Editing Apps For iOS And Android

Mobile Apps | 19-11-2020 | Ezio Montoya

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To capture all your picture-perfect moments, top-notch cameras and filters are in vogue these days. With the best smartphones in the market, you can easily capture excellent pictures in high-resolution.

To make your images and pictures look sharper and more aesthetic, multiple free and paid photo apps can transform your mediocre photos into beautiful pictures. All the best photo editing apps for iPhone and Android offer some fantastic features and tools that let you shoot, edit, and modify your images most beautifully and effectively.

We will now discuss the best photo editing apps convenient to use and easily find on both android phones and iPhones. You can also find more information about the best photo viewer apps here. You can choose your best editing app for selfies that is worth your while and give results on-the-go.

1) Vsco

Considered as one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone, it gives you several unique options ranging from excellent features to edit your photos to share them on your various social media platforms.

VSCO also has its community where you can get exposure to connecting with different people worldwide. Some of its extraordinarily impressive features include an excellent 3-in-1 camera, three flash modes, balanced composition, and interface color, customized as per your desire. Therefore, if you are looking for the best photo editing apps for aesthetic creations, VSCO is one.

2) InstaSize

This app is a blessing for all those photo-enthusiasts that want perfection and beauty in their snaps. It is your best-photo-friend that helps you with a wide range of features combined in one. With InstaSize, you have the benefit of creating and editing your pictures with over 130 premium filters.

You also have the option to add umpteen backgrounds to your photos and videos. Among other features, the most prominent are resizing options, color control and lighting options, photo adjustment to various sizes, brightness, blemish remover, and a lot more. With InstaSize, you are just a single tap away from beautiful and exquisite edits.

3) Pixlr

Available for both Android and iOS, it has gained the position as one of the best photo editing apps to download. The most extravagant benefit that comes with this app is the free services it provides to its audience. It has a wide range of layouts, photo effects, and filters that can lift your photos and help you in creating unique and visually appealing images and collages.

4) Adobe Lightroom For Mobile

For all the professional photographers out there, this app is no less than a blessing to you. It is the only app that allows viewing, editing, and organizing many images more professionally. It has a built-in camera that captures photographs in RAW, where you can edit the aperture, exposure, and other manual features to make your images eye-catching and beautiful.

The app also has a premium version that gets you into the land of more advanced and exciting features like selective adjustments, cloud storage, healing brush for your images, image editing of DSLR photos, etc. The Lightroom mobile version of this app adds like a cheery on the cake as it allows the users to make advanced and straightforward corrections/adjustments to your pictures.

5) Instagram

The best free photo editing app, with over 1 billion users, has multiple select options that attract millions and billions of people to use it. Instagram has started its journey as a fundamental app with simple filters and photo frames.

However, due to the audience’s overwhelming popularity, it has transformed itself as one of the best photo apps today that offers you various features to edit, create photos and stories, and share them with your friends and followers. The Instagram filters are very intuitive, and you can enjoy all these services free.

6) Google Snapspeed

Another fantastic app for your photo editing purposes lets you focus on your images' specified areas for more enhanced results. It is a professional photo editing app that is developed by Google. The one-touch filters of this app are very user-friendly and offer a high range of filters as well.

It is best known for its ability to edit RAW images into purely exquisite photos. Some of this app's outstanding features also include HDR perspective to images, healing brush, clear filters, and a lot more. It is one of the most widely used free photo apps, and because of its immense popularity, it has over 100 million downloads with a 4.5 rating.

To conclude, your moments are best created into beautiful memories with these fantastic apps available on your phone. There are many photography apps for users, and one can choose the individual best for them. You can use these apps, create your photos with these advanced editing tools, and take your photography to a whole new level.

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