Highly Valuable Tool’s Checklist for SEO Professionals and Digital Marketers

SEO | 26-09-2022 | Alfie Noah

checklist for seo professionals and digital marketers

These days, SEO experts and digital marketers benefit from top-quality tools to establish their brands.

Not only do these tools save you time, but they also increase your work productivity.

So, if you do not take advantage of digital tools, you might not catch the pace of your competitors.

With this in mind, we have enlisted four highly valuable tools for SEO experts and digital marketers.

Here you go!

1) Word-counter.io

SEO content writers and marketers struggle with a word count at some point or another. Meeting a certain word count is the goal of all writers.

You should know the actual word count of your post before writing it.

Social media platforms do not allow you to write content according to your wanted length.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have a specific character restriction limit. So, digital marketers need to be very careful in crafting social media posts.

Counting words manually becomes difficult. In this case, word-counter.io calculates the total number of characters and words in your post.

Using this tool, you can write a post tailored to your needs. It helps you stay within a specific word count.

All you need to do is copy-paste the content in its input section. It automatically calculates the word count.

Key characteristics

Counts words in real-time

Due to its super-fast processing speed, it computes words instantly. It displays the total number of characters (with and without spaces), sentences, and pages of your text.

Grammar checker

Its grammar checker underlines all the grammar flaws in your text. So, you can make it flawless.

Auto-saving of text

Word-counter.io automatically saves your content. In this way, you can access it even if your system is powered off.

Change the font size

In order to lay stress on the key information, you can change the font size of your text.

100% free

This online word counter is absolutely free to use. You can use it as many times as you want.

2) Kwfinder.com

Kwfinder.com provides you with multiple keyword suggestions, along with detailed keyword data like:

- Search volume
- How did your selected keyword’s popularity change over time?

In addition, it also gives you an overview of the current Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for your chosen keyword.

In this way, you can have a better idea about how your competitors are practicing SEO methodologies.

It is a paid tool.

Key characteristics

Keyword lock-up

Using this tool, you can grab all these factors:

- Trend
- Search volume
- Keyword difficulty

Domain lookup

With this feature, you can examine other sites’ keyword positioning. In this way, you can steal their content writing techniques.

So, this tool can give a great helping hand to all digital marketers and SEO experts.

Allows you to upload several keywords.

This tool lets you upload several keywords. It automatically provides you with the complete analysis and KD index for all keywords.

3) Rephraser.co

In this digital era, writing excellent content that ranks on Google’s first page is very important.

But creating a good copy is not an easy task.

Many SEO professionals and digital marketers struggle to write top-notch content. They fail to create unique content.

In this case, they look for the best rephrasing tool that helps them write quality content.

Considering this scenario, developers have built rephraser.co.

This paraphrasing tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that assists marketers and SEO experts in creating different versions of the text.

All you need to do is copy the best-performing pages’ content of your competitors and paste it into the input section. After that, click on the “Rephrase” button.

This online rephrasing tool generates plagiarism-free content within a matter of seconds.

Key characteristics

Human-level paraphrasing

Rephraser.co is a state-of-the-art rephrasing tool that paraphrases content on the human level.

In this way, the rephrased content is easy to read and scan.

Does not disturb the original meaning

It does not change the original meaning of the text. Instead, it replaces words with highly relevant synonyms and fine-tunes sentence structure.

Acts as plagiarism remover

Rephraser.co can be used for removing plagiarism. Marketers and SEO individuals can use this tool to remove plagiarism from their content.

Works in different languages

To meet the needs of people worldwide, this is integrated with the following languages:

- English
- Dutch
- French
- Spanish
- Russian
- Turkish
- Italian
- Indonesian
- Portuguese

Grammar checker

Once you have rephrased content using this tool, you can use its grammar checker to eliminate all the grammatical mistakes.


It has a super-fast summarizer that summarizes text within a few seconds.

4) Mergepdf.io

Digital marketers and SEO specialists deal with piles of PDF files daily.

Managing multiple PDF documents can be challenging if they do not have a proper tool in hand.

To add more, merging numerous PDF files into one document gives them headaches.

In this case, they look for an online PDF combining tool on the internet. As a digital marketer and SEO professional, you do not need to use paid PDF mergers.

Mergepdf.io joins bulks of PDF files into a unified document in the blink of an eye.

It is totally free to use. In addition, no signup or registration is required.

Most importantly, it joins multiple PDFs in a single go. You can combine unlimited files.

- To use this tool, you need to upload all the PDF files you want to merge. Hit the “Choose File” button and upload all the PDFs.
- Now, arrange the files in the order you want.
- Finally, press the “Merge PDF” button. Your files will be merged within a few seconds.

Key characteristics

Cloud-based processing

Its server in the cloud handles the PDF file combining procedure. Accordingly, you do not need to panic about your system’s capacity.

It would not drain the storage capacity.

Unlimited usage

As compared to other PDF mergers, you can use mergepdf.io unlimited times. There is zero usage limit.

Quite easy to navigate

Due to its user-friendly interface, it is simple to use. You can merge all the files by following three steps.

Works for Linux, Mac, and Windows

As a web-based PDF joiner, mergepdf.io is compatible with all operating systems, including Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Up to You

There you have it: “highly valuable tool’s checklist for SEO professionals and digital marketers.” As an SEO specialist or digital marketer, you can skyrocket your business using these excellent tools.

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