How To Test And Optimize Your Website?

SEO | 28-09-2021 | Zahurul

how to test and optimize your website

It's nearly impossible to rank a site and grow a business without proper optimizations. We all take on much or less knowledge about website optimization. But very few of us know how to test and optimize your website?

There are few facts to test and few facts to work on for optimization. I have prepared the content with all the info. However, here you may need some tools including some paid tools for 100% optimization. If you are not an expert you can take a Website test and optimization service but make sure to mention the facts I am going to explain. So, let's begin.

What To Test Before Optimizing Your Website?

Here are some facts you must have to test before optimizing it.

1. Content Quality

If you are hiring writers for making content then audit the site and check the quality of the content.

2. Speed Test

There are few ways to check the speed of the site. Visit your site using mobile and laptop. Also, check the other pages and consider loading speed. Then check it using Google Page speed Insight and take the decision after getting the result.

3. Is it Mobile and Tablet-Friendly?

Just visit the site using your smartphone or tablet. Understand whether the surface is User-friendly or not.

4. SEO-Facts

Without optimizing SEO you can't optimize your website. To do so, it's better to use SEO tools. Also, you can add Yoast SEO on your site and check out the SEO facts per content. Also, check out the number of backlinks on your site. If there are no high-quality backlinks add some.

5. Check Plagiarism

If there is any copied content or image on your site then you may face a penalty from Google. However, use paid tools like Copyscape or Quetext and figure out plagiarism. Remove the plagiarized contents from new.

How To Optimize Your Website?

Here are a few facts you have to consider to optimize your website.

1. Analyzing the Website Data

To hold traffic and bring more traffic you need to pay attention to the website data. Few data may not indicate something special for improvement but gathering lots of data altogether may assist you in learning about the traffics' demand and behavior.

2. Keyword Research

Don't post content on random topics. Try to figure out what traffic is searching for right now. For that, you can use different tools such as SEMrush, Ahref, Uber Ubersuggest, and others.

If you have any competitors, you can analyze their condition using the tools and search for the desired keywords. Remember if you are new to work with the long tail and Low SV (Search volume) keywords. If you are already ranking great then try high-volume keywords.

3. On-Page SEO

Maintaining On-Page SEO is highly necessary to optimize your website. To do so check out the pages, links, keyword density in content, keyword placement, metadata, heading use, internal and external linkings, and others.

4. Speed Checking

Website speed is another major fact to consider for optimizing your website. First, check it manually and then try the Google Page speed Insight. If the speed isn't high enough then try to re-edit the content. Use fewer resolution images and delete unnecessary plugins. Don't make the homepage heavy, and if necessary use paid tools.

5. Make your Site Mobile-Friendly

There are few themes that are not compatible with mobile surfaces. Don't go for such themes. Use Mobile-Friendly themes and use mobile-friendly fonts and sizes. Also, be conscious of using images and graphs.

6. Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are called the backbone of your site and it's a prime factor for ranking. Google prioritizes any site more if other ranked sites link your site on their content.So, you have to manually get some backlinks or make some guest posts to get backlinks.

The Verdict

I am sure you must have gained some extra knowledge. However, one thing you may escape - Content and copy checking if you write the content for your website. For using images better use original images or look for free sites.

The main thing is to maintain SEO. Make sure to maintain all SEO facts and finally, design your website with a User-friendly stricture. Hopefully, you have realized everything reading this content.

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