What Are The Best Practices For Blog SEO?

SEO | 02-07-2021 | Shivang Kandpal

what are the best practices for blog seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most incredible source through which you can get traffic organically on your webpage.

But the question is,

Why do you need a Blog on your website in the first place?

The answer is pretty simple, Google ranks the websites based on their freshly written content and regular updates. And according to that, they rank it at the top in the search engine result pages and divert the traffic towards your website.

This whole process will only increase the credibility and trust of the audience in your website and build a better relationship with them. In short, the better you optimize your blog SEO the higher traffic your website will receive. And if you feel any difficulty with the technical SEO, having an SEO expert by your side will be highly beneficial.

This post will give you all the information regarding Blog SEO. so please go through it;

Best Practices for Blog SEO and how it will get you more traffic organically

1. Posting Fresh Content

Google ranks those websites better which updates their content more frequently. This shows that the website is keeping up with the market changes and the data is backed by recently updated facts.

If you want to get more traffic for your website then writing blogs and updating your content, on a constant basis, on your web page/website allows you to rank comfortably in the SERPs.

In addition to that, multiple blogs and more new content on your website/web pages will make your work more apparent and rank you better in the SERPs.

2. Use Main Targeted Keywords

While writing a blog it should contain main keywords which will help your blog to rank better. To improve your results you have to focus on the targeted keyword that helps you to target your audience.

If you are new to blog writing then we recommend that you use a long tail of keywords as they are not far competitive in this field and you can rank better.

One key important note on this is to try to avoid Reshuffling the Old Keywords.

3. Build your Backinking Structure Strong

Having multiple backlinks play a very crucial role in your website.

If you want to rank and get free traffic through SEO, working on your backlinking strategy will 100% benefit your Blog Search Engine Optimisation. It also helps you to build relationships with reputable companies by adding their links to your websites.

These links will help you generate more traffic on your website to not create traffic on your own.

One more plus thing about using Backlinking is that it also helps your website to rank at the top of SERPs.

4. Using Images in Your Blog

Sometimes readers get bored with the overall monotonous tone of the article. Adding images will regain that interest and also pleases the eyes of the reader.

When you are using images in your blog post then it does not increase your word count but still makes your blog lengthy.

One more thing, that you always need to remember that images are an integral part of your blog. it only amplifies the interest.

5. Use of Headings

Headings are the dominant structure of every blog.

Using proper headings in proper order in your blogs will only make them more appealing and presentable. This will give a proper structure to your blog as well.

Making it more readable and structured properly will help the Search Engines to index it better thus improving your ranking in the SERPs.

6. Use Unique Titles

In order to rank better in the SERPs, you should also work on your Titles as well, as it plays a very necessary role in your blog Ranking.

Expressive and unique titles will help your audience to get to know about your post.

And through this, you will be able to get rank at the top comfortably.

7. Make Sure that your blog is Mobile-friendly

It’s the age of modernisation and about 90% of people own a smartphone. Every other website has been calibrated with Mobile View. Therefore, write a blog while keeping in mind that about 80-90% of the people are going to read it on their smartphone.

And the majority of people are making queries and registering themselves to a website via their mobile phones. Google also prioritises those websites that are mobile-friendly.

So you just have to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

8. Make Your Blog Post Shareable

Always make sure that you make your blog post in such a way that is sharable.

People love to share things in their circles that they find fascinating and worth sharing. And if your blogs catch their eyes, they will share it on social media.

If you want people to share your blog then make it easy for them. First add some social media buttons in your blogs such as Facebook, Twitter, and many more. This will enable your blog to reach an even wider audience.

Make your content in such a way that people will fall in love with your blogs and start sharing it in their circles. It will also improve the rank of your blog in the SERPs.


If you want to rank your blog at the top and get more traffic organically then you should follow these steps.

You should remember that you always create content that is relevant and gives proper information about the subject.

Blog SEO will always help your website gain the trust of Google to rank at the top in the search engine result pages.

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Shivang Kandpal

Shivang Kandpal is a SEO Expert at ACECLiQ Digital Media.