YouTube SEO Strategy: How To Improve Your YouTube Videos in 2021

SEO | 30-11-2020 | Victoria Daniel

youtube seo strategy

Are you thinking that getting popular on YouTube is a mysterious story?

No, your thought is absolutely wrong! Everyone gets success anywhere, including YouTube. First, you should know how to improve your YouTube videos. Once your videos go viral, without a doubt, you will be popular among the audience.

This blog will share the most important factors to increase your video rank on SERP pages.

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is optimizing your videos and improving your ranking in YouTube search results. It is all about ranking our videos at the best of the organic results. But you should learn how to optimize video for the YouTube search engine, and also, you need to understand how the YouTube algorithm works.

Here are the five ways to improve video rank in 2021:

1. Keyword Research for YouTube:

If you're not targeting your keyword for your videos, you won't get your website traffic.

Get ideas about your topic and take the related keyword with high search volume. If you place the keywords in the video title and description, you will get the rank easily and drive the traffic sales.

Unlikely, YouTube doesn't have an official keyword tool compared to the largest search engine Google. You need the perfect keywords for your content; there are several third-party tools there, like Google Keyword Planner.

Using these kinds of tools helps to identify the keywords with high search volume on YouTube.

2. Optimize the Video Title:

After getting the keywords, you will start to optimize your video in several ways it helps to improve your ranking. The most important way to optimize your title is to add the perfect keywords. 400 hours of YouTube video were uploaded every single minute. Then the single keyword is not enough to improve you with a huge SEO boost.

Tips for the Optimize your Video Title:

- Video title character should be less than 65 characters
- Place one keyword at the beginning of the title
- Your title must be precise and descriptive.
- Using catchy words is most attractive to the audience.

3. Optimize the Video Description:

After completing the title, you also need to optimize your video description. This section helps to explain your brand story for the audience's knowledge. The length of the YouTube limit should be 1000 characters. In this case, you can include 2-4 relevant keywords, which helps to improve your ranking.

Don't forget to check the keyword search volume before including it. YouTube offers that you put the most important keywords at the beginning of your video description.

Some tips to be more concentrated on YouTube description:

Add CTA options which helps the viewers to redirect your website
Make sure that your content should be unique and describe your brand
Add high volume keywords
Your content must be 1-2 lines; it's enough for readers.

4. Make an Engaging Script:

There are more than a million content creators present on YouTube. How is your content different compared to the other competitors?

Before writing the script, schedule a plan. Which type of content you will create, how many contents are already available on YouTube etc. Starting the video content, doing competitor research will help to get more ideas additionally.

Your video content should be well-written, engaging, and grab the audience. In case your content is bored, you will lose your audience. So, be concentrated while creating your content on YouTube.

Once your video is engaged with your audience, there are a lot of chances to convert from viewers to subscribers. Also, you can improve your engagement factors such as likes, comments, and shares. Getting more YouTube comments helps the viewers to share their thoughts about the videos in the comment section. Hereby, you can engage your audience in the entire video.

5. Make an Interesting Thumbnail:

Thumbnail is considered as the heart of the video because the single image can explain the entire video. A new user enters the first time on YouTube; the first eyesight goes to the thumbnail. If your thumbnail attracts the audience, it is 100% possible to click your video.

Before uploading the video, YouTube offers an automatic thumbnail, but it looks low in the image and less quality. If you're not satisfied with the thumbnail, you can customize it.

Tips for the Effective Thumbnail:

The image format should be JPG, JPEG, PNG, etc
The image should be less than 2 MB
You can use attractive colors like green, orange, blue, etc

Note: Don't use the clickbait thumbnail; if you do, the user will immediately go back and get disappointed.


The audience engagement level on YouTube is enormous because YouTube is the second-largest search engine. It helps to improve brand awareness and increase your website traffic.

YouTube SEO is not very difficult. You can optimize your titles, descriptions, tags using keywords. If you follow these strategies, you will get the rank on YouTube SERP pages.

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