5 Crazy Hacks About Snapchat You Would Like To Try

Social Media | 29-01-2021 | Ezio Montoya

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In a world where regularly updating social media with what is happening in your life has become quite a fun thing to do, it becomes important to know the tricks and hacks of certain apps to enjoy more. Even knowing how to download videos from social media is also important to learn stuff. Use this link to download videos from facebook. Moreover, social media has been one of the few things we've had during this pandemic to distract ourselves and share whatever comes our way with the virtual world out there.

Snapchat has been the savior and killing our boredom for many years. Whether it is updating our stories or avidly maintaining streaks with our friends, Snapchat has been the best savior we could ever ask for! But have you ever thought more to just sending snaps, applying and exploring filters, and maintaining streaks? If not, then you're going to love what's coming next!

A little change is what we all love and might want to explore more as long as it's going to come in handy and alleviate our stress.

Have you ever wondered if there are some more hacks that we don't know about Snapchat? You might feel confused, but this is what is true. It has many hacks that remain undiscovered by many users, and that is what we are going to tell you about. You're going to learn five simple Snapchat hacks that will make your game go up!

1. Add more than one filter to a single snap

If you have ever wanted to apply more than one filter to your snaps, then you're certainly not alone. And yes, you can do that. Usually, we capture a snap and swipe through the available filters and choose one of them but what many people do not know is that holding on your screen with one finger helps you keep the current filter while you can simultaneously swipe through others to add more.

Your snaps would become more alluring with more than one filter of your choice. You might not be able to add colorful filters to your life during the pandemic, but your virtual life can be filtered anyhow you want!

2. Add music over your video snaps

Many times, while recording video snaps of a beautiful place, we wonder how dull they seem and do not do justice to what we are experiencing in reality and want to make our snaps seem more creative. What could be missing is music! Since music gives life to the lifeless, it could also make our snaps appear more beautiful and add sweet tinges of creativity to them.

You have to open Spotify or any other music app that you use, then switch back to Snapchat and start recording video snaps. The song continues to play in the background and hence, gets recorded in the video. But make sure that your earphones are not plugged in.

You can even use this hack to make videos of your own while lip syncing to your favorite songs!

3. Identify any song is playing around you

When you are out somewhere and hear a beautiful song playing around you but don't know which, the eagerness to identify it grows more and more. It is something that has happened with each one of us. Snapchat solves this problem too!

Whenever you want to identify a song playing around you, hold on to your camera screen with your finger, and within a few seconds, a Shazam window will pop up with the song's name and artist. You can snap your shazamed song to your friends and even add the artist as a Snapchat friend!

All music lovers- Snapchat to the rescue!

4. Turn on "travel mode" to save data

Many users have noticed that Snapchat drains the battery faster than any of the other social media apps. Thankfully, Snapchat actually has a built-in feature called 'travel mode" or 'data saver mode" that helps you conserve your data.

When you turn the data saver mode on, stories and snaps won't get downloaded automatically. Instead, you will have to manually choose the snap or story that you want to download whenever you want. It also prevents videos from lagging while you're recording video snaps.

To turn this feature on, go to settings and click on ​data saver ​and turn it on.

5. Tailor your Snapchat experience

Sometimes, the discovery page of Snapchat annoys the users when it displays stories related to something that does not interest them or that you find unnecessary. Snapchat actually gives you the option to make a couple of choices and make it better as per your preferences.

For this, go to settings and click on ​Ads​. You will see two other options- ​Advert preferences, Lifestyle & Interests​.

Advert preferences are where you can toggle some options and choose to see ads that are relevant to you.

Lifestyle & Interests will present you with many options ranging from Hip-Hop music fans to Sci-fi and Fantasy fans, and many more! You can select the topics that you find interesting, and consequently, Snapchat will show more of what you select and less of what you don't want to see.

Hopefully, these hacks might be useful for you that would enhance your Snapchat experience and the quality of your virtual life! So hire best app development companies uk or mobile apps company to develop an app like Snapchat.

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