8 Fantastic Techniques That Maximize Twitter Reach

Social Media | 24-11-2020 | Kaira Ralph

maximize twitter reach

Twitter is the unavoidable marketing tool for all kinds of businesses and markets. So, everyone will enter Twitter to market their business. At the same, you may lose on Twitter like a little drop on the sea. It is not that easy to shine and to stand out of the crowd. The only way to sustain and to grow on Twitter is by marketing in an optimized way. Before marketing, you need to fix your goals and objectives on Twitter you want to accomplish. If your goal is to expand your reach and engagement rate, then offering mind-blowing content is crucial.

To help you out, I have come up with some of the techniques that help raise your reach and engagement rate.

Understand Your Audience

Your primary job is to find out your audience's interest and preference so that you can plan your content according to that. When you start listening to your Twitter accounts, audience mindsets and surroundings will offer you valuable stuff.

- Follow the points to know about your account and your audience
- Identify what accurately people think
- Keep tracking your brands positive and negatives
- Try to understand your audience views about your competitors
- Always experiment with new campaigns and ideas

Spend time to research keywords and hashtags according to the trend, people's usage, and your content.

You can listen to your audience and your account by two methods: advanced search results, monitoring tools. Through advanced search results, you can find or get exactly what you are looking forward to; you have many options from which you can select your targeted areas. Via monitoring tools, you can get daily reports of your social media conversation, keywords trending alerts.

Showcase Your Brand's Personality

Did you know the difference between voice and tone? The tone will change depending on your mood, but your voice will be a permanent one. Through your content, it should represent your brand's voice or personality.

Remember, it will be annoying when you keep publishing the direct promotional content; the audience may get bored with your content. Twitter is not only for business but also for entertainment too. Here I give some suggestions to control your promotional content with other content.

20% of your content can be self-promotional, whereas 80% of content must be apart from your promotional, and it should be engaging and captivating.

Always maintain a 5:3:2 ratio that includes five relevant content from others, three non-promotional content from you, and two promotional posts.

Try to provide value to your content and your followers. Entertain your followers with your awesome content, which leads to building bags of Twitter views and encourages people's attention.

Pick-Out Matching Or Relevant Hashtags

Hashtag's job is to bind all relevant topics together under a specific set of keywords. So, people find it easy to identify any content on Twitter. Tips for using hashtags effectively:

- Stop using more than three hashtags per post
- Try to make your hashtags short and concise
- Create hashtags with easy spelling, catchy words
- If you plan to run a hashtags campaign, be genuine, and make sure that particular hashtags are relevant to your brand and business.

Publish At Best Times

Publishing at the right time is more significant than publishing more content. You may think that people are always online, but still there are some best engaging times you concentrate on. When you post at the right time automatically, you will reap Twitter comments in plenty and people's attention towards your content. The research study shows that 5 pm is considered the perfect for retweets and 12 pm, 6 pm for receiving more CTA.

Include Call-To-Action

If your primary aim is to raise your follower's engagement rate, try to increase your retweets rate, allowing you to reach a broad audience. Using words like retweets, help, how-to, please, follow these terms will bring more retweets. Tell your audience what you want from them exactly. Add call-to-action in your tweets to increase your retweets rate.

Construct Short And Concise Tweets

You all know that Twitter is a microblogging site, which means content on Twitter will be smaller than other social media content.

Even other social media like Facebook, LinkedIn try to create their post with a maximum of 50 words. Because a short post gains more engagement than a lengthy post.

It's best to create tweets with 70-100 words to get 17% of engagement on Twitter. While constructing the tweets, make sure it must be short and concise, target your points.

Make Use Of Images And Videos

Nowadays, multimedia and visual content are attaining more engagement and attention among the audience. You can create quotes in your images, use editing tools, and some animation effects to present innovatively. Post more videos under exciting topics like behind-the-scenes, tutorial format, bloopers, day-to-day activities. If you want instant interaction for your tweet, then go for multimedia content. It is one of the best Twitter marketing strategies to greater engagement rate, at the same through this you can gain lots of likes, comments.

Be Authentic

Be genuine and loyal to your business and followers on Twitter. Try to create bonds and connections through your content; it creates value to your content. Engage with your audience and initiate a conversation with them; you can use polls, questions to ask their opinions, and suggestions regarding you and your business. Reply to their queries and appreciate their timings.


Twitter is a profit-making platform; everyone makes use of Twitter to grow their business in all aspects. You can consider contest, giveaways to receive more reach from your audience. We hope that the above techniques will help you to increase your reach and engagement on Twitter.

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