How Can You Get Your Customer From Social Media Platform?

Social Media | 06-04-2021 | Junaid Ali Qureshi

get your customer from social media platform

Social media platforms provide ample opportunities to generate leads. Businesses can nurture these leads to convert and generate sales. However, they have to first get these leads from social media. Some experts even rate social media ahead of search engines. According to them, social media has the edge of interaction unlike search engines.

Individuals on social media are also looking for solutions, products and services. Social media platforms are also incorporating business features. This is because of the business potentials of social media. You can also get customers from social media platforms if you do the following.

Engage Followers Consistently and Respond Quickly

To get customers from social media, you have to be available to them whenever and wherever they are. This involves responding to messages, complaints, feedback, etc when they come up. You should also post on a consistent basis on your social media platforms. Your posts are the major drivers of engagement.

When posting use more of questions as captions. Also, do not hesitate to jump on related trends when posting. Do not overreact to negative comments. Try to respond appropriately and solve the problem as much as possible. Other social media users are watching how you respond, and your response influences their decisions.

Post Links on your Social Media Pages

The aim is to get customers. No matter how much you post, you will not get customers if you do not post right. Your social media pages should not be about captions and pictures alone. Post links to landing pages, blog posts and another webpage in your website. You should also use the right captions when posting.

This will give social media users ample idea of what the link contains. It will also reduce the bounce rate of users visiting your website.

Use Paid Ads to Boost your Social Media Posts

Everything is not about organic traffic. There is no rule that states you cannot use paid advertising. Using paid advertising properly helps increase your chances of been seen. This will get more social media users to know about you. With more users, you get an increased chance of making sales.

When using paid ads, ensure to post at the times when your target audience are active. Paid ads only stay up for a specific period of time. To this effect, you have to make the most of the time you have.

Create Social Media Communities

This is a good strategy. The content should not always come from you. Just like the Woocommercewhatsapp order plugin, you need to step into the shoes of customers. Social media communities are good platforms. When creating this platform, allow for user generated contents.

User generated content often speak the minds of customers more than app development company generated content. However, humans can be unpredictable. You need to be on guard when creating communities. There is need to manage and properly censor the contents of the community. It should only be about related issues.

Use Micro Influencers for Marketing

Influencer marketing is nothing new. It has been around for some time. However, the regular form of influencer marketing is expensive. If you are trying to cut down cost, employ the services of micro influencers. They are very popular online and are also cheaper than major influencers.

To make the most of micro influencers, only work with individuals who know about your products or services. Individuals who know or use your products and services will sell it better than someone just open to marketing anything.

Offer Promotions and Contests

When it comes to social media platforms, giveaway never fails. People want to get freebies. Making people get freebies from you helps endear them to you. These things can also be fickle, so you have to apply them tactically. Allow micro influencers to run these promotions and contests. They know how these things work, much better than you do.

When giving freebies, ensure that most of the freebies are your products and/or services. Like using the Woocommerce Smart Coupons, you can combine related products and services as freebies. It is a good opportunity for social media users to know or use your products or services. If your product or service is good, this tactic works like.magic.

Employ Customer Marketing

Most promotions and offers are often for new customers. This approach will not get and retain customers on social media platforms. Why stay loyal to a brand when they only care about new customers?

Focus on customer marketing by keeping existing customers happy. Include them in your promotions and offers. This will make them recommend your products to other social media users. Ask existing customers to give their feedback on your products and services. Publish all feedbacks (good or bad) on your social media pages. It helps give a more human touch to your social media presence.

Post Educational Contents on your Social Media Pages

While it is important to increase sales, it is more important to create a brand. A brand is an identity that people want to associate with. Create your brand by posting educational (DIY) contents for social media users. Most companies believe users will not subscribe to their services if they can do it themselves. This will not happen if you use the right content marketing approach.

Besides, proving your mobile app agency to be a professional makes people trust you even more. This will cause them to turn to you for solutions. They will not just patronize you, they will also recommend others.

Social media offers the edge of interaction. You can exploit this edge and increase your chances of sales. All you need do is follow the tips above.

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