How Does Instagram Influencer Dashboard Feature Help For Marketing Business?

Social Media | 13-06-2020 | Lisa Resnick

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Instagram is a platform well-known as a destination for engagement. On the Instagram platform, people love to interact with other individuals and brands. Many brands utilize diverse ways to increase engagement with their audience. One of the best ways that brands employ to stay connected with their audience is influencer marketing. The emerging trends of the brands partnering with influencers encouraged Instagram to come up with its unique Influencer dashboard feature. This feature provides a detailed understanding of the influencers, which in turn helps the brands to make their decision easier.

What Is The Necessity For An Instagram Influencer Dashboard?

Currently, the brands are opting for influencer marketing to boost up their conversion rates as well as their engagement with the audience. Instagram influencers are a great way to attract the Generation Z audience on Instagram. In a recent study, 70% of Gen Z are more prone to buy products recommended by influencers. This booming percentage shows how influencers have grabbed the attention and gained the unshakable trust of young minds. Hence the brands are looking to leverage influencers as a customer acquisition tool. Brands such as Adidas and Puma are utilizing influencers as they believe that they can reach new heights due to influencer marketing. The majority of the companies have joined in hands with influencers. According to research, 57% of businesses adopt influencer marketing as a part of their social media marketing strategy, while about 21% of them are thinking of including influencer marketing.

Many brands make use of analytics tools to interpret data on the influencers and select the one that fits within their niche and objectives. These brands prefer analytics tools to pick the right influencers as they feel that these data have higher accuracy and credibility. Hence, to make it more effortless for the brands to understand the influencers, Instagram launched an Influencer dashboard feature along with deep insights abating the decision-making process of the brands.

What Are The Benefits Of Influencer Dashboards?

Influencer Dashboard perks for both influencers and brands by offering valuable insights. Using the influencer dashboard, the brands can search for the influencers they are looking for to partner on Instagram. The Instagram influencer dashboard lists the following:

Audience demographics
Followers insights
Content insights
Rate of engagement
Influencer insights

These above insights will help the brands in finding out the influencers that fit your niche. It reduces the time-consumption of the brands who are searching for a relevant influencer for their business. Currently, Instagram is also about to add some of the new insights to its Influencer dashboard. Through the new Influencer dashboard, the influencer can figure out the following:

Brands that are anticipating for collaborations
Brand's expectations
Brand deals and offers

Many influencers say that the arrival of the Instagram influencer dashboard feature helped them know about various brands opening up for collaborations. Hence, the influencer dashboard feature is availing multiple benefits for both brands and influencers. In the upcoming years, this feature paves the way for enormous collaborations.

Why Are Influencers Inevitably Important For Brands?

Nowadays, you can make your social media presence higher only if you collaborate with an influencer. People are more likely to check an influencer's page often to know if they launched any new product or service as they open a social media platform. A similar influencer trend prevails on the Instagram platform too. According to a study, by 2021, 10% of global brands are planning to pump-in millions of dollars on influencers. They are going to opt for this massive leap as the influencers are gaining more trust in the audience. Trust is a crucial characteristic that is essential for marketing. They have loyal followers as they share content that connects with the daily lives of their followers. Most of the influencers have ardent followers on Instagram. Thus, on collaborating with influencers, the brand can gain loyal customers for their business.

How Can Brands Leverage Influencer Dashboard On Instagram?

Influencers' collaborations have become more comfortable for brands since the advent of the Instagram influencer dashboard. The brands no more need any analytics tools or statistical data to analyze the performance of the influencer. Instead, they can use the panel as it provides accurate data of the influencers. After the launch of the influencer dashboard feature, the brands can choose the right influencer within a short period. When talking about the influencer, they will get to know about brands who are looking for collaboration. They will also get to know about the previous deals of the brands. Thus, the dashboard benefits for both brands and influencers. Many brands feel that the influencer hiring process has become effortless due to the dashboard feature. Instagram is a great platform to stay engaged with your audience. Hence, to make your place on the platform, you can leverage influencers. Make sure to utilize the influencer dashboard to choose the right influencer for your brand.

Final Thoughts

From high brands to small businesses, everyone is leveraging influencer marketing in their social media marketing strategy. They put all their efforts into finding the perfect influencer for their brands, which is relevant and fits their budget. In the past days, selecting the right influencer was a more difficult task. But, after the launch of Instagram influencer dashboard, it has become effortless. In the coming years, the dashboard feature may roll out on all the other social media platforms. If you are trying to make your higher presence on social media, collaborating with influencers is a great idea. If you want to make more revenue and reach through influencer marketing, do not ignore the influencer dashboard as it provides you with the detailed insights of an influencer and helps you make a perfect decision in a short period.

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