How To Elevate Instagram Reach In 2021 : 8 Expert-Level Tips Worth Following

Social Media | 27-08-2021 | Sarah James

how to elevate instagram reach in 2021

Instagram reach is something more important for most users and brands to become successful on Instagram. Especially for brands who invest in Instagram looking out to sell their products and services to earn money, it is important to boost their reach significantly. In fact, Instagram reach is what greatly influences engagement rates on Instagram. Here are some of the Instagram marketing strategies to improve your campaigns and get more reach on Instagram. Let’s dive in!

Tips To Maximize Instagram Reach

Identify the best time to post

Each account on Instagram might connect with a unique set of followers who are active at various times according to the different time zones. However it is not possible for you to line up with the active times of all users. Therefore, It is better to have an Instagram Business profile to get detailed insights on when your target audiences are most active and schedule content at that time. This is the best thing to do to get automatic Instagram likes for your posts, reach new people, maximize engagement and gain brand exposure.

Be transparent

Authenticity is the number one quality that people seek while looking out for businesses and brands on Instagram. People love to connect with businesses who show their real face rather than a polished artificial side just because they want to attract prospects for their business. Being genuine and authentic is the best way to captivate hearts and sustain a long term on the social media platform. So it is ideal to share both success and failure stories with your audience to get real engagement and reach.

Get creative with videos

Nowadays, videos receive surplus engagement in contrast to still images. People of all niches who have an Instagram account use videos as the main communication mode to attract a large crowd of audience who eventually turn into their followers. Nevertheless this is a default strategy for everyone who owns an Instagram business account. This is the exact point to drive more people into the sales funnel where several followers become prospective buyers. Undoubtedly Instagram videos of all different formats are a powerful tool to increase Instagram reach.

Make interactive stories

It is not surprising that people are more inclined in watching stories rather than scrolling continuously on in-feed posts. The reason is that videos let them get a snapshot of the content within the initial few seconds. Instagram stories are the most preferred video format according to the latest stats and the number of users who watch stories is just growing continuously. This is a clear signal that you need to be more serious about posting to Instagram stories if you are looking out for more organic Instagram reach. Videos of product insights, recorded videos of live chat sessions, videos of user generated content( like customer feedback, customer experience of using your product) are perfect to share on Instagram stories. I’m sure you will now move stories to the top of your list.

Run polls & ask questions

Do you know anyone who avoids love and attention? Definitely not! When you ask questions, feedback or opinions to people, they could really get that superior and valuable feeling which acts as a push to engage with your brand and so what next? Yes you’re right.The answer is Instagram reach. While conducting polls, you need to include followers choices as options so that you can gain more engagement for your brand. In the comments section you can leave a question to encourage further discussion and connects followers with each other hence building a strong community paving way for increased reach.

Use more graphics

Visuals are said to attract people more than static text. Posting high definition images with appropriate seasonal colors, pleasing fonts and a clear call to action probably pull more audience and direct them to your business website leading to more engagement, reach and traffic.

Create saveable content

Instagram has introduced a new “Save” button which facilitates you to make users repeatedly engage with your posts. Generating content with an emotional connect and integrating the “Save” button is a way to reach out to more readers and audiences.Keep in mind that the content you create should resonate with their emotions.

Go live often

You need to appear in front of the audience more often so that your presence keeps buzzing around their mind. Therefore you have to go live often for various purposes such as give insights about your products,clarify their doubts about their products, or just to give a motivational thought for the day.

Final Words

Instagram is such a crowded place but still there are plenty of ways to maximize engagement and reach. You just need to make the right strategy in content creation and scheduling as well as monitoring your progress to make your business excel on Instagram.

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