Is Outsourcing Your ASP.Net Projects Beneficial?

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The web development industry currently holds a major role in the current market trends. Among the several available platforms for developing websites and applications on, Microsoft’s ASP.Net Core stands out from the crowd. It is highly dynamic and comes with several features and is one of the most sought-after platforms for building scalable websites and applications. The open-source nature and community support make it one of the most sought-after platforms. The top global industries and MNCs are now outsourcing ASP.Net development companies from India.

But will it be beneficial for you if you also outsource your services? What are the things to consider while hiring a developer? Let’s find out in this blog.

Here’s a look at the several benefits of outsourcing ASP.Net Developers from India;


The main reason that several big organizations are looking toward outsourcing is to save up on the massive recruitment costs. In the USA, it’s not always easy to find out the best talents with the growing brain drain. The cost and time required to hire a good employee, offering them several on-job perks, and setting up a physical office, all require a huge expenditure. But in India, the amount of IT graduates every year is massive. They are already trained and require no extra training. They can take over your project instantly and offer you highly cost-effective results. With savings on hiring fees, office setup, and other additional expenses, you can also save up on the wages of your developers.

Expertise and Experience

Outsourcing your .Net development services from India ensures that you will be getting the best value for your money. The service providers of India have deep expertise in dealing with the commonly occurring problems in the development process of websites and applications. You can delegate your work to them and have complete peace of mind experience as they take on all the challenges.

Time Zone Advantage

India is ahead of time than all of the western countries. This allows the Indian developers to offer you with round the clock support even when you are sleeping. All your bugs and downtimes will be taken care of easily and you will not have to compromise on your sleep for the same.

Faster Turnaround Time

By outsourcing your .Net projects to India, you can be assured that your developer will not just build your application in a short time span but will also do the same efficiently. The automatic code generators and code reusability of ASP.Net decrease the development time. These features combined with the skills of your developers will together help to develop your projects in minimal time.

Highly Secured

You may be concerned about the security of your project and upgrading the applications, right? Well, you can mitigate your risks by outsourcing your .Net development services to experts. They will take over the risks associated with your project and are highly aware of all the possible scenarios that can emerge. They will plan out the project steps in advance and will deal with them to serve you better.

Top-Notch Quality

The quality of your websites and applications can get increased with ASP.Net. This is a great feature of choosing .Net. But not all Microsoft-certified ASP.Net developers can do the same. It needs high attention to detail and great experience in developing such great web applications with the platform. In India, there’s a huge pool of talent who are always keen to upgrade themselves according to the newest technologies. So, you can be assured to receive the best value for money results.

Recruiting the perfect candidates and building a strong team are the most important steps needed to build a brighter future for your company. The process is not simple as a resume cannot ensure you how the hired resource will be performing. Around 20 of the Fortune 500 companies, stated a few days back that a degree does not guarantee that the candidate is suitable for the offered position. When you are outsourcing your .Net development services, then many companies allow you to select the candidate of your choosing.

But how can you judge the suitability of the candidate? Here’s how;

Before interviewing your candidates, you need to be aware of the basic tools and frameworks about which your developer should have the necessary knowledge. This needs to be your first shortlisting criteria. Some examples of this type of tool are Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Visual Studio.

- Any developers should be good problem-solver and they should come up with ideas for alternate solutions if the traditional solutions do not work for the ongoing problem. This is a strong point to consider when you are outsourcing .Net development services.
- You can find three types of ASP.Net developers while you are outsourcing. The first category is the ones who are having knowledge about the classic WebForms of ASP.Net, the second one is the developers having knowledge limited to the ASP.Net MVC framework. The third one is the developers having knowledge of both. If your project needs a better focus on UX and UI then you should go with ASP.Net MVC but if your project is data-heavy then the WebForm framework is the one to go with.
- You definitely get credibility about your potential candidate from the Microsoft certification of .Net about their knowledge in the subject, but how good they are in implementing the learnings can only be known from a coding test or a task that requires problem-solving thinking.
- There are certain levels of comfortability for every developer with the various available IDEs. You need to keep the practical tests flexible so that every candidate can get a fair opportunity to showcase their talents and prove themselves.
- The platform of ASP.Net was created by Microsoft and it is obvious that other supporting frameworks which are created by Microsoft will work best with it. To see if your outsourced ASP.Net Core development company is having working expertise in Azure and other Microsoft tools.
- There is a huge difference between real-life field application and on-paper knowledge. By checking their previously completed projects you can have an insight into their capabilities as a candidate and the know-how can use their talents to help your organization to grow.
- Incorporate interview questions that are based on the libraries and frameworks that each of the candidates is comfortable with. There are plenty of libraries that are supported by and if they are good at them, it will be easy to get your tasks completed right on time.
- Lastly, you need to imagine yourself in the shoes of the candidate and understand how good they are at learning new things and adapting to a modern situation. The IT industry is booming with opportunities and your candidate needs to prove themselves in the future also.

Currently, one of the biggest open-source platforms to build web apps and websites is Asp.Net. it has huge support for several frameworks, libraries, and languages. Outsourcing your project to an ASP.Net Core development company takes out all the hassles and gives you huge opportunities to save. While selecting, look for a company having a positive attitude. There are several service providers in India who are having highly talented developers who can help you thrive in this competitive market. You can go through each of the resumes of their candidates and select the one who you think matches the most for your project.

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