Top 10 Fleet Tracking System to Manage your Logistics Business

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If you are running a logistics or any business with multiple fleets running on the road, keeping an eye on them is essential. One way to do this is by investing in fleet management software or fleet tracking systems that give real-time updates. Selecting a high-quality solution that suits your particular business requirements will enable you to lower labour costs, eliminate car theft, shorten downtime, guarantee correct maintenance, and increase driver safety.

Businesses that effectively manage their fleet of vehicles can reduce costs, boost productivity, and preserve their competitive edge in the marketplace. Every industry is investing in software or systems to ensure smooth company processes when automation occurs.

If you want to manage your fleet business smoothly, we have a list of the top 10 fleet tracking system designed by GPS tracking companies. These businesses gather and preserve the fleet's operational data, which facilitates flawless optimization! Improved relationships between fleet managers and drivers are another benefit of increased visibility.

What is a Fleet Tracking System?

In simple terms, a fleet tracking system uses GPS satellites to track and control automobiles 24/7 via an internet computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. A vehicle tracking system enables real-time and historical tracking of a vehicle's speed, route taken, stop and idling times, and location on a map. The tool also provide a register and checkpoint with information from the past and present.

What are the Types of GPS Vehicle Tracking System?

Today, there are many readily available GPS-induced fleet tracking software, varying widely in terms of cost, functionality, and dependability. The majority of car trackers fall into one of two categories.

1. Hardwired or Embedded GPS Vehicle Trackers

This vehicle tracking gadget is hardwired—it draws electricity from the car's battery—and is wired to the truck's cabin or engine block. Fleet managers use these the most frequently. Hardwired car trackers are designed to withstand hacking and manipulation. Occasionally, they are also connected to the car's security system, which enables users to track or even remotely deactivate automobiles that have been reported stolen.

2. GPS vehicle trackers are based on OBD II ports

Often referred to as OBD trackers, these car trackers connect straight to the OBD II diagnostic port used in the majority of modern automobiles. In addition to using the car's internal power source to retrieve data from its sensors and diagnostic systems, an OBD tracker may track several vehicle parameters from the onboard computer, including fuel level, acceleration, and ignition status.

What are the Features of the Best Fleet Management Software?

Like other tools, the GPS fleet tracking software also comes with a range of features. Some of these are-

1. GPS monitoring and positioning

The cornerstone of modern fleet management is GPS tracking, which offers an all-inclusive approach to controlling fleet operations. Fleet managers have unparalleled access to the whereabouts and activities of their vehicles, merchandise, and equipment by leveraging cellular networks and satellite technology. Effectiveness, security, and customer satisfaction all depend on this characteristic.

2. Fuel Management

Since fuel prices significantly impact operating expenses, fuel management is crucial for last-mile deliveries. By monitoring fuel levels and consumption trends, fleet management software gives managers access to real-time tracking, thorough analytics, and the capacity to identify inefficiencies or unauthorized usage.

3. Tamperless

Most GPS fleet tracking software are installed for their security capabilities, like the capacity to turn off vehicles to recover stolen merchandise remotely. These features are only functional as long as the tracking system is in operation and cunning criminals or drivers are discovering ways to trick or stop them. A sound vehicle tracking system should detect, or better yet, prevent, this.

4. Precision

While the majority of mobile or car tracking systems rely on the US GPS network, effective fleet tracking systems also use other international GPS networks, such as GLONASS, and supplementary techniques like inertial navigation and cellular tower triangulation to increase location accuracy.

5. Reliability

Effective GPS vehicle monitoring software must be compact and unobtrusive to prevent detection and facilitate the recovery of stolen vehicles. Otherwise, ingenious thieves might simply disable them.

6. Affordable

Although it is well known that quality is expensive, a reliable GPS car monitoring system should also be reasonably priced to allow for 24/7 operation.

7. Examining Driver Performance

Drivers hold the key to fleet management's operational success. To ensure your fleet fulfils safety regulations and lasts a long time, monitor and enhance driver behaviour, performance, and retention. Advanced fleet management software encourages a culture of safety and continuous development, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for in-depth insights into drivers’ behaviour.

8. Monitoring Journeys and Distance

One of the critical features of the GPS fleet management system is its ability to track mileage and trips. This facilitates financial administration, ensures compliance, and increases operational efficiency. Advanced fleet management software provides sophisticated mileage monitoring features that turn every mile into a data point for better decision-making and more effective operations.

List of Top 10 Fleet Tracking Systems for your Logistics Business:

According to Industry Arc, the fleet management system market size by 2030 is set to reach $79.82 billion. This also defines the profit every fleet or logistics company can have. One of the reasons is the varied options of fleet tracking software options you get. If you are confused about choosing the best vehicle tracking software, we have listed it below:

Fleet Stack

One of the top GPS vehicle tracking software is Fleet Stack, which comes with sophisticated features that run on its server and is designed to simplify fleet administration. It can be installed with only one touch. Fleet Stack is an easy-to-use system that ensures real-time asset monitoring while increasing operational efficiencies. It is intended for companies with significant automobile networks.

The platform is highly adaptable, supports a wide range of sectors, and provides extensive insights to improve fleet performance. Take charge of your data, customize the application to meet your needs, and utilise state-of-the-art capabilities for fleet operations. By using this product, you can benefit from cost reductions, scalability, smooth deployment, and steadfast support.

Need to learn about coding knowledge or any technical aspects? No Problem! Fleet Stack is an automated and customized tool that is easy to install and use. It offers white-label software that uses complete assistance to install and use.

Key Features

One-Touch Installation: Fleet Stack distinguishes itself by offering a straightforward setup process that facilitates businesses' installation of GPS software on client servers.

Monitoring Driver Performance: Driver performance monitoring checks to improve productivity and safety, driving behaviours, idle times, and speed tracking.

Customizable Dashboards: Fulfils the needs of the business by providing a tailored user experience via dashboards that highlight significant metrics and insights.

Real-Time Tracking: Use features like geofencing and intelligent route optimization, which are real-time tracking features. This will help you make data-driven decisions, reduce expenses, and increase fleet efficiency.

Multi-Platform Support: This feature allows you to access a range of platforms, including the Internet, iOS and Android mobile apps, at any time and from any location.


Samsara is the comprehensive fleet tracking system made to optimize fleet efficiency in transportation, construction, and logistics. In addition to GPS fleet tracking, it provides reporting, alerts, routing and dispatch, ELD compliance, driver behaviour monitoring, and routing.

The system's purpose is to let fleet business owners keep a tight eye on their drivers' movements and behaviour to ensure that ELD and FMCSA regulations are followed. This platform prioritizes productivity, safety, and compliance while adapting to the ever-changing needs of modern fleets, from delivery services to logistics and transportation and all points in between. It is one of the best companies globally to offer top-quality fleet management software.

Key Features

Highly Safe: Samsara provides end-to-end visibility to assist businesses in identifying inefficiencies so they may increase production and profitability.

Smart Fleet Management: Samsara offers an intuitive dashboard that provides a comprehensive picture of all fleet activities, including driver performance and real-time position tracking. This feature is great for companies with several fleets running on the road.

Scheduling Maintenance: Automated maintenance alerts and scheduling help keep cars in excellent condition by prolonging their lives and reducing downtime.

Fuel Management: The program includes instruments to monitor fuel consumption, identify inefficiencies, and implement cost-cutting measures to reduce overall expenses.

Safety and Security: Enhanced security measures, such as geofencing and speed alerts, help protect assets and ensure driver safety by monitoring and warning users about risky behaviours or unauthorized vehicle usage.

GPS Gateway

GPS Gateway from India is a reliable and best vehicle tracking system designed to accommodate the requirements of both individuals and businesses. Users can track and manage their assets with ease and precision thanks to GPS Gateway's user-friendly platform and global coverage. Its commitment to providing precise, up-to-date data makes it a trusted choice for individuals seeking to enhance security, operational efficiency, and asset management. This easy-to-use tool offers worldwide insurance and comprehensive tracking of valuables.

GPS Gateway provides white-label GPS tracking software. The platform helps businesses establish their own corporate identities, including names and logos, in the appropriate regional language. In addition to the software, users get all the support, training, and technical updates they require. The company has a team of professionals to assist you with all technical aspects of the tool.

Key Features

Real-time location data: The system provides real-time location data, motions, and asset status. Its user-friendly interface makes it straightforward to use. Fleet owners can use this information to stay informed.

Geofencing Notifications: You will get all alerts about assets entering or leaving designated zones using geofencing, which enhances security and facilitates efficient asset management.

Historical Data and Reports: Access specific historical tracking data and generate comprehensive reports to examine trends and enhance operations.

Multi-Platform Support: GPS Gateway offers apps for iOS and Android smartphones, enabling access from any location at any time.


The first open-source GPS tracking project for real-time tracking is OpenGTS (Open GPS Tracking System). This flexible platform is useful for people and businesses looking for a customized approach to monitoring people, property, and vehicles. OpenGTS is renowned for its versatility, which allows for extensive customization to satisfy the particular needs of numerous industries, including fleet management and logistics, among others.

Key Features

Basic GTS Enterprise: This OpenGTS edition offers enhanced web interface functionality, allowing users to customize status code explanations and control user responsibilities. It also provides a "System Administrator" account to facilitate the creation of new accounts.

Lite Event Notification Rules Engine: The OpenGTS lite version of the Event Notification Rules Engine (ENRE) allows users to set up notifications based on specific characteristics. This feature enhances the capacity to respond immediately and monitor occurrences.

Custom Geofencing: Under observation, users can erect virtual walls, or "geofences," around their fleets. The system's alerts, which are sent out anytime a device enters or exits these specified zones, make adequate mobility and utilization tracking possible.

Auto Startup Scripts: OpenGTS includes Fedora and CentOS auto startup scripts, which ensure simple and trouble-free system initialization while saving users time and effort.

Teletrac Navman

Get up-to-date information about your fleet's whereabouts and build the groundwork for a more sustainable and safe future. The Teletrac Navman fleet management system, with its fully integrated driver apps, an assortment of safety solutions, and a potent analytics engine, helps to position your fleet for success.

The system includes a built-in communications platform for fleet-wide messaging, recurrent alarms, and document sharing. For many businesses, this will be more convenient than speaking with their drivers over the phone.

One more advantage of Teletrac Navman is that it is among the best ELD (electronic logging device) providers since it provides the most thorough summary of driver status and activity.

Key Features

Driver Safety: The safety of the driver is a significant aspect of the company and a reason to invest in vehicle tracking software. In addition to maintaining well-maintained cars, this also entails monitoring the driver’s behaviour and ensuring that safe driving procedures are being followed.

Comprehensive Reporting: Thanks to a wide range of reporting choices, users may create logs and analytics that provide specific information about routes, stops, and other aspects. These revelations may boost productivity and streamline processes.
Mobile Access: The tool's mobile interface makes it simple to communicate with drivers. The user can communicate from anywhere.

Increase in Productivity: Businesses can guarantee drivers are more productive by monitoring the amount of time they spend at job sites or loading bays with GPS vehicle tracking software. Digital workflow solutions can reduce administrative procedures, freeing you and your team to concentrate on finishing the task at hand.

Fleet Compliance: Our vehicle tracking software simplifies our fleet compliance solutions, such as maintenance scheduling and driver hours of service monitoring. With a variety of adaptable apps, you can digitize and optimize the procedures that support compliance management.

Go Motive

Founded in 2013, Go Motive is a San Francisco-based company that specializes in providing vehicle tracking software with reliable Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) to track their vehicles and keep electronic logs.

Fleet managers can effortlessly track their cars in real time and retrieve historical data from any location with Motive's integrated solutions. With a single integrated system, go beyond conventional GPS reporting tools and have more visibility and control. Data silos are eliminated by linking safety, compliance, and driver coaching data through the integration of Motive's whole fleet tracking solution within the Motive ecosystem.

The extensive data that Go Motive's devices give also allows transportation businesses to audit driver logs, manage fuel expenses, and reduce paperwork and administrative responsibilities.

Key Features

Vehicle Diagnostics: Go Motive's advanced diagnostic tools enable clients to monitor the health and performance of their fleet in real time. By identifying potential issues early on, Go Motive helps save costly repairs and extend the life of automobiles.

Maintenance Alerts: The program instantly notifies users when planned maintenance is necessary to keep logistic vehicles in optimal condition. By taking proactive measures, we can reduce downtime while maintaining tight performance and safety standards.

User-Friendly Interface: Motive has gained recognition in the trucking industry thanks to its user-friendly interface, which is easy to use for both administrators and drivers. Additionally, because it conforms with FMSCA requirements, it becomes a desirable option for many fleet owners.

Digital Tracking

Digital Tracking is the top GPS tracking solution for fleet management and stands out as a trailblazer in the GPS monitoring industry. Often referred to as the best GPS fleet tracking software, it serves as a hub for developers and vendors, creating a vibrant community committed to the development of GPS tracking technology.

The system's business-friendly features and exceptional support for fleet enterprises in the US have garnered numerous awards and accolades.

Key Features

Live Tracking: This real-time movement tracking function updates maps instantly with a zero-second refresh rate.

Data Accuracy: Delivers precise data, setting a new standard for GPS tracking dependability.

Trip History: Provides comprehensive trip history for a thorough analysis and records all moves.

GPS Canada Track

GPS Canada Track offers complete vehicle tracking system loaded with GPS feature. It provides real-time data on driver behaviour, vehicle location, and maintenance needs to optimize vehicle operations and boost productivity. This allows companies to enhance customer support and optimize workflows. With GPS Canada Track's user-friendly platform and outstanding features, businesses of all sizes may boost productivity and reduce fleet management expenses.

The three leading cellular providers in Canada, Bell, Rogers, and Telus, give the best signal that our GPS tracking devices automatically pick up. This guarantees fleet owners have access to dependable tracking and GSM and GPRS services. Select GPS Canada Track Solutions for unmatched services and connectivity.

Key Features

Live Tracking: The software offers a real-time movement tracking function that updates maps instantly with a zero-second refresh rate.

Trip History: The tool provides a comprehensive trip history for a thorough analysis and records all moves. Fleet owners can use this history for data purposes.

Real-Time Alerts: By leveraging dependable services like Firebase, this feature gives users immediate push alerts.

LiveView GPS

LiveView GPS emphasizes hardware. The software is cloud-based, with an approximate server availability rate of 99.9%. To keep you connected, the extensive range of affordable tracking solutions makes use of the most cutting-edge GPS tracking technology available. Simple-to-use web administration interfaces come with built-in capabilities, including live and real-time position updates, rapid alarm messages, historical replays, customizable reporting, and high-resolution image mapping as standard.

Asset tracking lowers liability and theft risks, which reduces insurance costs. Logistics and fleet firms can use this software to save on direct and indirect costs while improving customer service.

Key Features

Real-Time GPS Tracking: The Flash Trac platform offers organizations looking for robust telematics monitoring at a very reasonable price with no contracts for full real-time GPS tracking. Standard features include landmark alerts, hard-driving incident monitoring and notifications, and sixty-second tracking.

Map Integration: To accommodate the different needs of outdoor enthusiasts, the application seamlessly connects with a variety of maps, including topographic and satellite maps.

On-Time Notifications: Uses dependable services like Firebase to give users rapid push notifications.

ClearPath GPS

ClearPath GPS is our ideal selection under the list of best GPS vehicle tracking software. If you are budget-conscious, ClearPath GPS is the perfect product option. You are aware of the actual monthly cost of your subscription; there are no surprises or fluctuating costs. The fact that ClearPath GPS is reasonably priced—we adore that the company just charges $20 for the Standard plan and $25 for the Pro package per vehicle each month—is our best plan.

This cloud-based software makes fleet tracking and monitoring simple. The information and controls show on the right side of the screen, while the navigation menu remains on the left. Fleet managers and administrators will find it easy to learn and a very efficient layout.

Key Features

Full Fleet Tracking: Get the solid tools and real-time fleet visibility you need to manage teams, assets, and cars more skillfully. ClearPath GPS's simple GPS fleet management solutions are used by thousands of businesses nationally daily.

Reports: You can run reports on asset tracking, driver ID, driver timecards, power events, harsh driving events, dashcam events, and vehicle and driver statistics.

Alerts: Configure alerts and designate recipients of notifications. Alerts stay connected with specific configurations, fleet activities, safety incidents, and fleet maintenance.


Logistic companies are realizing that to remain competitive in the market, they must invest in new technology and implement innovative ideas. Purchasing the best fleet tracking system from the above list has the potential to alter logistic compliance significantly. Which fleet management solution works best for your logistics company is now up to you.

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