Top 5 Project Management Tools For Software Development

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top 5 project management tools for software development

When it comes to managing projects, selecting the proper tool can be challenging due to the vast variety of selections available on the market. We have gathered a list of the top 5 project management tools for use in software development projects to help you make your opinion.

Importance of Project Management Tools for Software Development:

There is a lot of importance of project management for software development especially if you are planning big projects. Tools for project management make the development procedure more efficient by keeping the team members organized and on task.

Without these tools, it could be challenging to manage deadlines, tasks, and communication. The following list of the top 5 project management tools for software development can boost productivity and keep everyone informed.

Any business's achievement depends heavily on project management because so many people work on one commodity that problems are almost unavoidable without careful preparation.

If you're seeking the best strategy to organize your team and ensure everything is going as planned, look at this list of 5 excellent project management tools the next time.

1. Trello:

Because it is so easy to utilize and gives a very visual interface, Trello is a wonderful tool for managing software development projects.

You have the skill to create boards particular to each project, to which you can then add tasks, due dates, and progress summaries. Besides, you can invite your team members to work alongside you on the project.

You can also share boards with your team or somebody not affiliated with your firm, so they know what is happening. If you maintain all of your data in one location, maintaining track of it is easy, and you won't have to spend time checking for emails or documents.

2. Pivotal Tracker:

A pivotal Tracker is a wonderful tool for managing agile software development projects, as it was developed mainly for this purpose. It is simple to utilize and assists in maintaining organization and way for your team.

In addition, it is simple to start with because it combines a vast variety of other tools. You can also purchase plans priced anywhere from 10$ USD to 800$ USD per month. Just utilizing the free plan is all that is compelled for this specific list.

Following the creation of your account, you will be presented with two primary categories, Projects, and Pipelines. Three aspects require to be set up in the Projects tab, and they are as follows:

- A project with a name.
- Collaborators of the team who will help in the completion of the project.
- Specific tasks that need to be completed.

You can now create a task of one of three types: idea/task, discussion topic, or discussion item. You can select the type you want to use when creating the task.

3. Jira:

Jira is a prominent project management tool for software development that facilitates users to organize, monitor, and manage their work more effectively. You can use it for various projects due to its adaptability.

In addition, it can combine with different tools that you might already be using, which can make your workflow more streamlined.

The free version is suitable for usage by individuals or small teams, but boosting to the Enterprise version will give you access to all of the features and capacities that are available. Downloading the app from their website is the first step in getting started.

4. Asana:

Asana is another helpful tool for managing tasks, and it is modified to the requirements of groups of people working together on projects. Asana is a forum for managing work that helps teams coordinate and manage their respective projects.

It gives access to many features and integrations, which make it a terrific tool for managing software development projects. You can use it to create and assign tasks, set due dates and reliance, track progress, and conduct several other functions.

In addition, the Asana app creates it simple to monitor the status of your project from any location. You can modify tasks with just a few taps or emails, and those modifications will be reflected on all of your devices.

You also can share updates with other people in real-time, which will help keep everyone up to date on what is happening.

Work Chat in Asana enables you to have rapid conversations without switching apps or sending emails back and forth, which is useful when working in larger groups or with collaborators located in different locations.

5. Planboard:

Because it facilitates you to create graphical representations of your project plans, Planboard is an outstanding tool for managing software development projects. In addition to that, it is crude and free to use.

You can chat in real-time with others about the project, assign tasks, upload files, and comment on each other's work, whether with colleagues or clients. You are also eligible to see what desires to be done and its scheduled completion date.


We have assembled a list of the top 5 project management tools for use in software development projects above, which can assist you in making your decision. It gives you access to a broad range of features and integrations, which generate an excellent tool for managing software development projects.

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