7 Challenges You May Face During Data Migration

Technology | 10-01-2022 | Lizzie Howard

challenges you may face during data migration

Data migration from one system to another can present its share of challenges. This is a highly complex and intricate move that needs to be thought out well in advance. It's the kind of operation that is best handled by a trained expert.

7 Most Common Challenges You Can Face During Your Data Migration

1. It Can Take a Very Long Time

One of the biggest office 365 migration challenges that you may face is the sheer length of time that the process can consume. This can be made even worse when you aren't quite sure what you need to be doing. You may even not be entirely sure why you are making this move. To avoid such a quandary, it's best to settle your motivation in advance.

You can plan for the migration of your data well before the actual move takes place. Doing this will help you avoid a lot of hassle in both the near and distant future. You simply need to budget the time needed to complete the move.

2. It Can Cost a Lot of Money

Another risk that you may run while migrating your data may be a very high level of cost. This is why it's a very good idea to negotiate each aspect of a hosting deal before you sign on the dotted line. The more you know about the costs that are involved with the deal you are getting, the easier it will be to economize.

3. Your Data Storage System May Be Incompatible

The current system you are using for your data storage may be incompatible with other models. This may be a result of your system being out of date. If it has been several years since you updated the system, this is likely to be the case. You may need to hire a third-party expert to bring your system back up to date.

4. Your Cloud Storage Program May Be Fragmented

One of the most common culprits when it comes to frayed cloud storage planning is segmentation. All of the components that make up your storage system may be completely separate with little or no integration. As a result, when one fails, none of the other segments are able to cover for it. It becomes a dead link that compromises the rest of the system.

The solution is to find a fully integrated system that can handle each stage of the data storage process. This may mean junking your entire segmented system in favor of a new and unified model. The expense will be well worth it in the end.

5. You May Face High Costs for Bandwidth

The cost of bandwidth may be an issue that prevents you from moving ahead with your migration plans. In such a case, you may worry about having to pay huge amounts of money for a complex and lengthy operation. The key is to get your deal with a service provider set in stone so that you know you can save money.

6. You Don't Want to Be Offline Too Long

Your system will be offline during the migration. If this move takes longer than expected, you can lose a great deal of money. An expert migration service can help you avoid this hassle by shortening your total amount of downtime.

7. You May Suffer From a Lack of Expertise

One of the greatest obstacles you may be facing is a lack of knowledge. You or your IT team may not have the skills needed to handle a large migration of data. If this is the case, your best bet will be to hire a service that can handle this job. It's better to pay money for a service than to bungle it on your own.

Don't Get Hindered By Cost and Effort

The major risk that you face during the process of data migration is loss of time. During the time that your system is down, your rivals in the industry are advancing and making money. For this reason, your data migration needs to be planned well in advance. This will minimize the time you spend out of the loop.

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