How AR Will Transform Enterprises Working Capacity In 2021?

Technology | 23-12-2020 | Ankit Singh

ar will transform enterprises

Well, the year 2020 has taught us a lot, and there is no denying the advancing technology we have witnessed in the past few months, was never done so fast before. Digital collaboration has become a new norm for enterprises to get a hold of their prospects and existing customers. Whether it is ranging from video chats to remote work, everything seems an easy journey. And thanks to technology, which made this possible.

In today’s blog post we are going to keep our tone very specified towards the Augmented Reality

As we are progressing towards the New year, it is very important to learn the role of AR technology in improving the structure of an organization and how it helped in collaborating from different and remote locations.

Let’s get on a tour to understand the future of AR technology in the year 2021, and how it will impact enterprises to grow further.

360-degree Marketing

Marketing is something that no business can survive without. However, when our world was hit by the pandemic, we were left with limited choices in traditional marketing to try our hands at. Once again AR technology brought new possibilities and enhanced the marketing structure. Today, there are recent innovations made in AR technology, letting businesses to embrace the 360-degree marketing channel while giving their targeted customers enough choices to get fully immersed into.

No prize for guessing, but this has led not just small scale but blue-collar companies to invest in AR marketing and grab the attainment of their audience in an engaging manner.

3D Scanning Will Be A Norm

As we are proceeding rapidly towards the DIGITAL age, it is very significant for the enterprise to adopt digitization and grow their business efficiency to another level. In the year 2021, there will be wide adoption of 3D models and 3D scanning, leading the businesses to pull the trigger and get indulged into AR investment to make the most out of the technology to drive better user engagement.

Cost Is Plummeted By Value

When AR apps made the entrance into our world, they cost more money that could be affordable by enterprises. This hindered the growth of this technology so far and escaped it to get flourished within the enterprises.

However, with time, technology specifically AR made a huge improvement and helped customers to get the value out of it. This pulled the interest of enterprises towards it. Now, during the COVID-19time, AR technology has turned into an advanced version, where quality has surpassed the cost factor, enabling every business to take a good note of it and include them into their business model. The year 2021, will witness the overpowered usage of AR apps in different business sectors letting an incredible platform, that would offer only value.

AR Product Catalogs

The year 2021 is likely to witness revolutionary product catalogs to be created with AR technology. It will help the users to see the objects anywhere in the world. This will also complement the current environment where it is hard for the businesses to share their business offerings to prospective clients through an immersive AR experience.

3D Holographic

Indeed, the very concept of AR display options are relentlessly improving, and it is expected that digital 3D models with a live view of the user’s current environment. Enterprises are likely to receive affordable holographic 3D displays, helping to drive realistic 3D models of people, objects, and environments.

Facebook Will Bring Its Headset

It is expected that Facebook will turn into a significant player in the AR market, as it will release its first AR headset in 2021, beginning with a pair of Ray Ban-branded smart glasses co-developed with EssilorLuxottica.

In A Nutshell

Augmented Reality has a bright future and it's somewhat predictable in 2021 it will contribute to stream a better workflow for enterprises. Indeed, it will promote a richer background for the enterprises to flourish and beat the odds of obstacles that are created by COVID-19.

The steps mentioned here within this blog post suggest AR is the tip of a very big iceberg everyone should be aware of and stay aware of how AR will create a functional atmosphere.

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