How OTT Platform Is Changing The Face Of Media Streaming

Technology | 31-08-2021 | Dwarakesh Babu

ott platform changing face of media streaming

What Does OTT Streaming Mean?

OTT streaming service that streams media for viewers on the internet. OTT platforms do not use any traditional methods of media streaming like cable, or satellite TV. OTT media streaming platforms provide diverse content that is both video and audio that is easily accessible and can be viewed on various devices at any time.

Usually, viewers need to pay a subscription fee for OTT streaming, especially if they are watching live or exclusive content. Some OTT platforms also monetize their content through advertisements, while keeping the actual content free for subscribers.

How Is Media Streaming Changing With OTT?

Most people no longer watch cable broadcast or satellite TV and depend on an OTT streaming platform for audiovisual content. Media streaming is much easier and convenient with these platforms. There are various ways in which OTT platforms have brought about a change in media streaming.

Unique Content

OTT platforms curate their content libraries and include exclusive shows and movies. Content can be streamed on OTT platforms at any time, from anywhere. Apart from exclusive content, OTT platforms also live stream events.

High Value & Low Cost

OTT platform providers that require viewers to subscribe to the channels, allow access for a reasonable fee. Viewers can choose from several subscription plans. There are also platforms that offer their content on a pay-per-view basis. Subscriptions usually include several exclusive shows and movies that are of high quality.

Multi-Device Support

OTT platforms can be accessed from multiple devices. Most platforms allow more than one screen per subscription. OTT streaming is usually supported by both Android and iOS devices and content can also be watched on desktop computers.

Delivery of OTT Content

Every OTT streaming solution has a delivery system that is based just on the internet connection. There are no third-party networks involved. The content is uploaded on the OTT app or site and is directly delivered to the screen of the device it is being accessed from.

Mobile Apps

OTT platforms have mobile apps that can be downloaded on smartphones. These apps can be accessed from Android and iOS devices.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs have an internet connection and interactive features. Most OTT providers provide apps that can be installed on smart TVs.


Recent desktop or personal computers support almost all OTT platforms. OTT platforms often have desktop apps. If apps are not available for computers, the content can be viewed on web browsers.

Devices Connected to Television

Devices or digital media players like Apple TV or even certain game consoles can be used for OTT streaming. These devices are connected to the television for good quality uninterrupted viewing.

Type Of Content Available For Streaming On OTT Platforms

OTT platforms are known for video-on-demand content. However, when it comes to streaming, audio content is quite popular.

Video Content

The OTT video platform market is booming. The demand for video content at reasonable rates is high. OTT platforms provide a wide range of video content that is usually monetized through advertisements, subscriptions or a pay-per-view model of revenue generation.

Audio Content

The rise of audio content on OTT platforms began with the introduction of podcasts and online radio channels. These provide exclusive audio content on various topics and thus have a customer base that is constantly expanding.

Will Televisions Be Replaced By OTT Platforms?

The OTT platform development has definitely cut down on cable TV subscriptions. In 2019, a survey reported that 39.3 million viewers stopped watching television in the United States and turned to OTT streaming. By the end of next year, this will go up to more than 55 billion.

The use of OTT solution platforms for audiovisual content is most popular among millennials and Gen Zs who prefer the flexibility of these platforms. The older generation still depends on television content which is why that viewership has still not been completely replaced. OTT platforms will gradually take over all television broadcasts especially because they are more convenient and easily accessible.

OTT Business Ideas For Content Creators

Recently, there has been an increase in business opportunities for content creators. Business ideas include educational videos, fitness training programs, instructional videos, artistic content like designing, painting, journaling, as well lifestyle content. Apart from these, content creators can also opt for film content on OTT platforms.

There are various revenue models through which content creators can monetize their OTT business. A white label OTT platform can be used to provide on-demand video and host live events. These can be available on a pay-per-view basis or through a subscription. Popular content can be successfully monetized through advertisements.


Content creators can choose any OTT platform that suits their business. It is important to find one that allows complete control of content, full customisation and immersive streaming. This will improve the viewing experience and help expand the business.

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