Implementation Of Test Automation In DevOps

Technology | 13-04-2020 | Priti Gaikwad

implementation of test automation in devops

DevOps test automation is preferred by modern-day testers for the surety they get bout consistent development that can be attained through consistent testing. In fact, it enables continuous integration and deployment as well. No traditional method can assure continuous testing. It won’t work with modern-day demands as it would make the process slower. This is the reason the DevOps test automation strategy is given so much prominence when it comes to automation.

What is DevOps Testing?

All we diffidently heard aboutBig data testing in the areas of automation Rather than if you are part of the technology world you should familiar with the DevOps also.

So, here is the short meaning of DevOps Testing;

It is often enquired what is DevOps testing, but, one must understand that it is not explicit testing. Rather, it is used to attain continuous testing upon automation of the whole test tools one might be having in the integration and delivery strategy. This includes functional testing and integration testing as well.

It is rather crucial to enquire about the role of testers and knowledge of the concerned test automation in DevOps. The best part about DevOps is that the whole range of testing methods essential for enhancing the quality of a product is attuned with DevOps perfectly.

Azure DevOps Test Solutions

DevOps testing is a wholesome approach that covers the entire development and delivery in one phase of testing. In an era where the testers have moved ahead of the functional tests and authentication of specs, DevOps plays a key role. In this context, only the trusted services like azure DevOps automated testing solutions are given prominence. Azure testing service is basically a browser focussed test management package for strategic user-level testing. The best part is that it provides a thorough approach for consistent development, testing, and execution as per the concerned platform.

Preparing Perfect DevOps set-up

DevOps and test automation for effective execution requires proper strategy making. It is important to ensure that the concerned tester possesses a thorough knowledge of the application from the user’s perspective. In this context, finding the best companies for automation testing collaboration matters a lot.

Addressing Key Factors from User Environment Perspectives

It is crucial to figure out the crucial factors from user environment perspectives for a thorough understanding of test automation. For example, if the application is meant for financial transactions, automation tests always pay emphasis on security-related aspects.
Collaborative effort

To automate testing in DevOps life-cycle, the testing professionals often have to move through collaborative efforts for preparing test scripts. The entire scripts developed through the process are meant to meet the continuous development and automation demands. For better results, often, the management departments collaborate with the technical department for better strategy making.

Build a dedicated team of Testers for Test Automation

DevOps automation is certainly not a matter of the tyros. It needs thorough knowledge and strategy making. Hence, while hiring software test automation experts, it is crucial to ensure that it has distinct teams for automation testing and development. It is important to convey the priority to the testing service provider prior to making test strategies. This can be helpful in terms of quicker execution in a much cost-effective way.

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