Top Benefits and Uses of Live Streaming Vs Video On Demand

Technology | 29-04-2022 | Shulamite Grace

top benefits and uses of live streaming vs video on demand

The way brands use video content has evolved as streaming video online has become a crucial aspect of many brands' business strategies. Many video streaming companies now provide both on-demand and live content for their customers.

While we are all familiar with OTT content on-demand, such as Netflix, we are less accustomed to subscribing to live video content, unless it is tied to sports or other forms of entertainment. However, most of us are familiar with Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram's live broadcasts.

Both video on-demand and live streaming provide a variety of brand awareness benefits, such as a larger pool of customers and higher user engagement.

Using a live streaming strategy or an on-demand model for your video content does not have to be mutually exclusive. You can successfully monetize your views and share your videos both ways with the correct streaming platform.

The important concern is how to use video on-demand and live streaming for business to ensure that you are making the best decision for your company.

Let's look at the differences between video on-demand and live streaming, as well as the implications of each for your organization.

What is Live Streaming?

The live streaming technology enables you to generate complete and compelling material in real-time that looks and feels like live television! The concept is around how content producers or creators leverage their money-generating content in real-time in front of a live viewing audience!

This maximizes the benefits of live streaming by allowing content distributors to provide curated media as it is made, with less lag time between recording and enjoying it! This form of video monetization approach, in theory, identifies each sector with its own set of specific business specialized requirements.

Let's take a look at the advantages of live streaming for both content developers and audiences.

Entry is rather easy

Live streaming, unlike other marketing tactics, does not necessitate a large setup or expense. Most of the time, you can broadcast from your smartphone and reach out to people with simply an internet connection and a social network presence.

Efficiency in terms of time

There is no post-production with live streaming because of the nature of the format. Even if your live broadcast has errors, the real-time nature of it will mask the imperfections and make it more authentic. Live streaming may require some planning, but it also necessitates some pre-production. Unless you intend to reuse the content for future usage, there is no way to avoid the live stream ending.

More Excitement

Take advantage of the valuable live streaming benefit by promoting live streaming events and generating much-anticipated excitement and company buzz. Engaging people who are unfamiliar with your brand can help you reach new markets, lure new consumers, and encourage free content promotion. This live stream can motivate your attendees to tell their friends about their new experiences and talk about your business more.


Some companies use live broadcasts as part of their new employee training programs. Everyone, regardless of location, receives the same product training at the same time, saving the company money. The cost of travel, security, and other factors must all be addressed when presenting a live event. In the long run, choosing to live stream an event can save a lot of money while also getting the greatest results, such as greater reach and user engagement.

Interaction in real time

During a live video, businesses may communicate with their audience in real time. A live streaming channel can enable interaction on many channels at the same time, even if you're broadcasting to multiple channels at the same time.

Now that you understand what live streaming is and its perks, let's look at video on-demand definitions and benefits.

What Is Video On Demand?

Video on Demand is a method that allows your potential customers to watch selected video material on a variety of devices, including tablets, televisions, and computers. One of the dynamic trends in the on-demand video market is the use of IP or Internet Protocol. Because video data is supplied via real-time streaming protocol, the video on-demand solution benefits millions of viewers and platform providers.

The Advantages of VOD for Your Company

Doesn't it make your brand feel more valuable when your viewers are given the option to watch a video at their leisure?

You do, of course!

When video collections can give them a wide split watching zone rather than a specific watch time, most video specials make your consumers feel at ease knowing that they can watch at any moment.


The success of an online video platform is dependent on robust internet connections, and the critical use of video on demand allows for auto-adjustment of low and high bandwidth based on local connectivity. This improves the streaming experience.


Only through the exploration of creativity in the art of cinematography can any video business platform gain undivided attention. In comparison to live streaming, content makers can adjust filming procedures, post-production, and selective dissemination tactics.

Creators have the right to freedom

Live streaming does not allow creators to experiment with post-production, filming techniques, or distribution channels.

What's the Difference Between Live Streaming and Video On Demand?

Two effective streaming methods that can be utilized in successful online video platform businesses are live and on-demand streaming. But wait, there's more!

Live streaming content is shown to the public in real time, and without the initial bite of recording live video, you won't be able to generate individual VOD broadcasts.

When comparing VOD vs. live streaming, live streaming video has a lower likelihood of being monetized because it is only available for a limited time and therefore loses the momentary value of your handpicked media.

Having said that, both expert monetization models are important in their own right and might vary depending on the company goals pursued.


Live streaming is an excellent method to bring your business online and engage with a worldwide audience. However, video on demand is equally important if you want to improve your business's success and create a long-term asset you can rely on.

Understanding the needs of your audience, regardless of what you chose, is an excellent place to start for future involvement. Your content must always be relevant to your niche and engaging to your readers.

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