Top 5 Online PDF Combiner Tools for Merging PDF Files

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top 5 online pdf combiner tools for merging pdf files

Time is one of the most valuable resources we have. That's why people look for different ways to save this resource.

Due to technological advancements, we have result-driven tools that help us to manage office tasks. However, managing the bulk of documents, especially for report submission, salary slips, publications, and email attachments, is not a piece of cake.

You have to spend plenty of time keeping track of these files manually. This situation gives nightmares to people if they have numerous PDF files in hand.

Having reliable tools to manage PDF documents can help you to save time. Gone are the days of merging PDFs manually. In times like these, a PDF merger can assist you in combining documents with ease.

So say goodbye to all the manual and traditional methods to combine PDF files and welcome a top-quality PDF joiner to save your time.

There are hundreds of online PDF combiners available on the internet. How do I opt for the best PDF binder?

Worry not!

This complete guide has your back; you will learn the top five merge PDF tools to make your job faster and easier. Here you go!


PDF Combiner is a web-based tool that assists you in joining multiple PDFs into one comprehensive file. It is a full-featured combined PDF tool that helps you manage documents efficiently.

Managing several PDF files manually kills your time. But the user-friendly interface of this tool enables you to accomplish your task with perfection.

Most interestingly, this online tool gives you a helping hand when you have to share a large number of documents with your colleagues and team members.

Plus, using this tool does not require installing any particular software. It is 100% free. Simply drag and drop all PDFs in the inbox section and press the "Merge PDF" icon.

You will get your files organized within a matter of seconds. How good it is!


- Free of cost
- Easy to operate
- No plugin is required
- Preserves your original
- Security is guaranteed
- User-friendly interface
- Compatible with all operating systems


It is another free PDF merger for compiling two or more PDFs. This magical tool allows you to join several PDFs into one file. Moreover, the merge PDF tool protects your confidential information.

This online PDF binder also maintains your files' original format. Also, you can rearrange files as per your requirements. No matter what operating system you are using, you can access it.

All you need is a stable internet connection. Simply upload your documents in the specified section. Your files will be merged in a couple of seconds.

Upload your files from your Google Drive, Dropbox, and device. Now, click the "Merge PDF" option. That's it.

Your PDFs will be merged momentarily.


- 100% free
- 100% secure
- Easy sorting
- Compatibility
- Auto delete option
- Edit before you use
- No registration is required


This PDF merger allows you to compile PDFs easily. You can bind all PDFs together with a few clicks. All you need to do is select all the PDF files you want to combine and hit the "Merge" option.

You will receive the merged documents after some time.


- Easy to use
- Supports all OSs
- No login is required


It is another free PDF merger with zero restrictions. You can easily merge two or more PDFs into one file. Select the files you want to bind and upload to the system. Then press the combine button and download your files.


- Costless
- Simple procedure
- Compatible with all devices


With the Gogo PDF tool, you can bind your PDFs online for free. First, you need to select all the individual files from your computer, laptop, or mobile phone. After that, this tool will merge your files.

Wait for some minutes. Finally, your files will be ready to download.


- Quick processing
- Secure system
- Completely free

Qualities of the best PDF combiner

1) 100% free to use

First things first!

There are no charges associated with the use of a top-quality PDF merger. You can join as many PDF documents as you want without spending a single penny.

2) Unlimited usage

A trustworthy PDF joiner enables you to merge unlimited PDFs into one. You can select or rearrange the files to achieve the desired results.

3) Secure PDF combining

All the PDFs you upload will be erased permanently after some time. So, it keeps your data secure.

4) No need to install anything

Instead of downloading any particular software for merging PDF files, you can combine files online.

5) Compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows

A reliable PDF joiner is a browser-based tool. Accordingly, it works on all devices and OSs, including Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Whether you use a computer or smartphone, you can access a PDF binder anywhere.

6) It reduces the file's size

One of the easiest ways to reduce the size of PDF files is to use a reputable PDF joiner. This online tool lets you upload various PDF files to be merged into a single document.

7) It simplifies sorting

A good PDF combiner will provide you with a simple sorting option that allows you to arrange PDFs in the order you want.

This is useful when you need to combine different PDFs into one document.

8) It improves data sharing

It might be difficult to exchange and receive information when working in a group.

Additionally, you must send a PDF file by email and wait for it to be printed and delivered.

It can give you a headache!

In these circumstances, PDF joiner makes sharing files a breeze. As a result, you can use an online PDF binder to share documents with your coworkers.

Rather than sharing many files with various departments or team members across the company, you can simply share a single file with all relevant information.

It's incredible!


There are numerous online PDF merging tools available that will help you quickly combine all of your PDF documents into a single file.

Choose the one that best fits your need. Best of luck!

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