Ultimate Guide On How To Hire Remote Developers During COVID-19?

Technology | 30-03-2021 | Tarun Nagar

how to hire remote developers during covid19

The novel Coronavirus has hugely affected global economies, leaving countless businesses crippled and gasping for a breath. Amongst the worst hit during the COVID-19 are the traditional businesses as they have limited scope and reach. While the pandemic has caused enough devastation in the global marketplace, it has taught humanity lessons that are going to be useful for our survival in the years to come. The social distancing andwork from home are the new normal now and most businesses (even those that never went online) have gone online to ensure better reach and survival in these tough times.

A lot of IT companies have no other option than to work remotely because they have to follow the norms of social distancing. As most IT companies are allowing remote work, they have to hire remote developers, designer, and other staff to work on their projects. This new normal has become quite challenging for the IT companies, especially those that never allowed work from home.

The impact of the corona virus pandemic is so huge and all-encompassingthat businesses of all types and sizes aren’t untouched by it. As a result, countless IT companies have started outsourcing their projects to professionals through remote hire process. The availability of skilled and competent remote developers for hire makes it easy for these companies to deliver their projects within deadlines and come out victorious during these tough COVID-19 times.

If you also run IT business and are finding it hard to sustain the negative and harsh impact of this pandemic corona virus, you may benefit immensely if you hire dedicated developers to work as your full-time resources. But hiring the right remote developers may not be as easy as it appears at first. In this post, We will cover the various parameters and aspects you need to consider when hiring remote developers. But before we take up that, let’s quickly understand the very reasons of hiring offshore developers in the coronavirus times.

Why To Hire Remote Developers?

Among the key benefits that you get when you hire remote developers to work on your projects, some include:

• Boost your productivity without jeopardizing employees’ life and health – When you hire web developers and other competent resources to work remotely, you add highly capable resources to your team. When they work from home, these resources end up being more productive as there is no stress of going out or putting their lives at risk. This sends out a very positive message among employees that yes their company cares for them. Remote working is highly profitable, productive, and efficient.

• Attain a leading edge with right technology – Global shutdown has hugely affected the productivity of organizations and resources. Furthermore, the organizations aren’t able to match up to the increased levels of competition due to the lack of technology competent resources, the better alternative is to hire the technical resources remotely and form a team of competent resources. Thankfully today there is no dearth of online tools that facilitate virtual collaboration and remote work with immense efficiency.

• Adapt to the dynamic customer preferences& expectations –Businesses across the globe are moving at an extraordinarily fast pace to be able to meet the ever-increasing, dynamic customer needs and expectations. Needless to say, customers’ buying patterns have undergone drastic change post the pandemic coronavirus. Now they want everything online and that too simply the best in quality.

Maintaining high quality is another important requirement to ensure great customer experience. With remote resources, businesses can achieve better customer satisfaction without having to invest heavily on maintaining the resources in-house.

Other benefits include:

- Become future ready
- Ability to enhance their market reach
- Digitize and accelerate their operations
- Set up a totally new line of service
- Tap new and unexplored market opportunities

How To Hire Remote Developers?

Whether you want to hire mobile app developers, web developers, website developers, or designers to work remotely, there are a few things that you must bear in mind to be able to make a right decision. Let me share a few useful tips to help you hire the right resources for your business!

1. Understand your requirements: The first thing you must understand is why do you need remote resources? How will it be useful for your business to hire remote developers?Make sure you have clearly understood your project requirements, goals, and expectations as this will be the key to shortlisting and hiring the right resources.

2. Don’t always run for the lowest price-tag: While it is true that hiring remote workers may save you immensely compared to hiring in-house resources. For example, you save on the sitting cost of employees and you can expect more productivity from them as they usually work longer than the employees who have to spend hours commuting to and from the office. But, it is important that you avoid being lured by the lowest price-tag – meaning hiring only the resources that are available at the lowest fees. Go for expertise and experience plus cost-efficiency but don’t stress too much on cost-efficiency.

3. Check their certifications and credibility: Above all, hiring remote resources isn’t just about getting your job done. Rather, you will have to provide these resources with access to your intellectual property and confidentiality agreements. So, exercise some caution before you let all your valuable information go in the hands of remote resources.

Make sure that you do not end up hiring unreliable resources in your hunt for the best remote developers at lowest rates. Pay attention to their certifications in the domain. For example, if you want to hire full-stack developers, they should have the certifications in full-stack development. Take a look at their client testimonials and check their project portfolios to make an informed decision.

4. Be careful before you enter a contract: To ensure you have full control of your remote developers, make sure you sign a contract/agreement with your remote resources with care.

Summing Up

Whatever your business or project objective is, make sure you have analyzed all the important aspects of hiring remote developers – including the pros, cons, cost, and more. Finally, there are just a few simple steps you need to follow to hire remote developers for your business. Here they are:

- Put out details of your requirement
- Skim and screen multiple resumes
- Explore candidates’ portfolios
- Schedule an interview
- Hire and get started

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