What Is Podcasting And How It Is Done

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what is podcasting and how it is done

The podcast is a radio series but in demand, it combines blogging with digital audio technology to create an abundance of content. Podcasting is a free service that allows internet users to extract Audio files mp3s and listen to them on their computer laptops or smartphone.

It allows users to listen to don't turn up life but they can listen up at any time they like.

These Podcasts tend to discuss a particular theme and topics. Often one of the most successful podcasts is those that get in-depth into specific topics.

Podcast shows are not broadcasted in normal radio shows and they would be judged up by the listeners, but on podcasts, since they are created on interested audience demand there is no such fare.

Media digital marketing is one of the best ways to upgrade your business as podcast listeners usually decide what they want to listen to, but radio listeners do not get this opportunity.

Listening to podcasts is very easy as you need to have a smartphone, where you have to download a podcasting app or you may have a podcasting app to build your operating system.

Some of the common platforms available are Spotify, apple podcast, Google podcast, and stitcher. Many podcast websites allow you to listen to one episode at a time, it allows smartphone users to subscribe so that they can enjoy the episode at any time.

Some of The Best Podcast Apps Are:

Google Podcast

Google podcast currently has three different platforms for the podcast. The first is google podcast, it is a podcast app with playback speed controls and the ability to skip silent segments. Another is Google Play Music, which also supports podcasts, it is the simplest option for podcasting and it's free.

Pocket Casts

Another free app that you can try is pocket casts, the app has some best UI excellent features and some customization features as well. Pocket casts come with a great deal who spend maximum time podcasting, since it is free it becomes necessary for the livers to try it.


Podbean is a podcast app that is quite popular and it works pretty well, it comes with tons of podcasting organized in various categories. It allows the users to subscribe, download, stream as per their choice.

Podbean has some of the best features like a lock screen, various Audio effects, audio auto support, and integration with Alexa, which you can use anywhere.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn is a famous radio app, mostly focused on live talks shows (AM and FM). The app also includes audiobooks. TuneIn gives you a premium subscription as well that supports live NFL, MBL, and other sports.

Podcasting integration with word press allows you to manage and podcast your app from the word press website. Word press has features that are supported by the top podcasting app and directories which include, apple Spotify, amazon music, and many more.

Word press includes audio and video files that are embedded from sites like YouTube. It has features like skip to position in the player that allows you to directly jump to the given episode.

WordPress allows you to import your podcast from libsyn, living bean, Podbean, anchor, or any other podcast feed without losing episodes. It allows you to create separate podcasts by categories of media format using category format or podcasting channels.

Now let's discuss how podcasting can help You with your SEO blog or website.

Using podcasts for SEO has made quite noticeable changes and it makes a difference. Since search engine optimization works on the principle of finding your potential customers, visitors, or clients at an exact point where you are looking for them.

The primary way to enhance the SEO blogs, and increase traffic and inflow to new clients, podcasting has given you some exceptional tips that can prove the pillars of your productivity.

While there are tons of people following and listening to podcasts, they have already become some trustworthy and effective ways of communication. Well, the optimization of your blog with the help of a podcast is a simple way that can create a visible difference to your SEO.

Now Let's See How Podcasting Can Help You With Your Blog and Assist You With Your Search Engine Optimization.

Build Identity Brand

Conveying or sharing your business details in an audio format will help you convey your brand in a much effective way. The message conveyed is felt in the tone stressing all the important points.

Becoming Social Friendly

To win the trust of your clients you need to take care of your online presence on all social media platforms. The users are socially active and like to share your podcast with their friends as well.

At this point, they expect you are expected to make your blog podcast as much shareable as possible so they can reach a larger social media audience.

Add Value

Add value to the blogs as it is more appreciated by the users. Information through video, infographics, newsletters, blogs, and podcasts creates more value to your content and it is one of those materials that can lead to the need generation of the users. Therefore it proved to be a secret weapon for the success of SEO.

To increase the value of your content for the conversion, one can embed the podcast material into the word press or blog that can help in podcasting plugins.

Use Online Directories

Google Play or iTunes, are such online directories to serve as a small engine to your podcast. Using customizable URLs, taking care of the proper description, meta titles, titles, and tagging optimize your podcasting material to show up directories whenever people are making their search.

Transcription of Your Podcasts

We know one of the best ways to increase the productivity of your SEO results is to transcribe them. Transcription is a key element for the search engine without relevant transcription, hoke and other engines will not be able to track to.

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