Why Are HTML5 Games A Boon To The Game Dev Market?

Technology | 26-04-2022 | Ranjeet Kumar

html5 games a boon to the game dev market

HTML5 isn’t the new kid in the block. It has established itself as a name in the technological world irrespective of the industry’s scale, and its popularity continues to grow. It has progressed significantly in recent years, and it provides a faster, lighter, and more robust solution for gamers and the game dev market. Whether it is your phone, tablet, desktop, or PC, HTML5 is showing its powers.

The reason why HTML5 is a boon to the game dev market is quite evident. It is cross-platform and cross-browser enabled, perfect for mobile apps and games. It allows programmers to develop games that work well on various devices and operating systems. The rapid rise in popularity of HTML5 game creation can be attributed to numerous factors. In this following blog, we will discuss the benefits of developing HTML5 games as well as other supporting web technologies.

Major Advantages of HTML5 Game Development for Game Dev Market

HTML5 game development is based on the idea of providing a better browsing experience as well as making game development life easier. Here are the advantages of how HTML5 game is a boon to the game dev market.


Cross-platform is one of the most innovative features and benefits of HTML5. The games developed using HTML5 are adaptable on a variety of devices. Thanks to technological advancements as the games developed using HTML5 can adjust to various screen sizes and resolutions. Therefore, they can be played on desktops, tablets, smartphones alike. HTML5 games are not hindered by the operating systems that these devices use. They run seamlessly on Android, iOS, and Windows PCs.

Apart from being cross-platform compatible, games created with HTML5 are cross-browser compatible also. Users can play games on their devices using any contemporary browsers such as Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc. In short, HTML5 games can be played on any current web browser from any device. Thus, developers may reach a larger audience than otherwise possible.

Technology Stacks

When it comes to using HTML5 to create a unique and exciting game, the usage of new and cutting-edge technologies is important. Some popular frameworks that can be utilized in HTML5 game creation include Phaser, Cocos 2D X, Babylon JS, React JS, and Angular JS. Phaser can be used for creating small games that can run on all major platforms. Babylon JS is another excellent framework to develop 2D and 3D games. Cocos 2D X can also be used to make compelling 2D games.

HTML5 game development companies use core technologies like Canvas and Web Graphics Collection (WebGL). Developers can use Canvas to capture and change any forms into 3D images that can be used as graphics. WebGL integration allows developers to reduce their reliance on plug-ins in order to provide their web content. In addition, it can make convert any shapes into 2D and 3D images available in the internet browser. Developers can combine WebGL with the canvas component of HTML5 to create stunning graphics.

No Additional Plug-ins or Extensions

HTML5 provides great ease of use for its users. It allows the developers to design fully responsive games without the use of extensions or add-ons. HTML5 are no longer required to download or install different plug-ins or extensions to play games. They do not need to install the game if it is deployed through any web browser. The games using HTML5 can be accessed and played directly in any web browser that supports the specifications of HTML5. This engine allows game developers to develop HTML5 games that offer an immersive user experience while avoiding device and operating system fragmentation.

Easy to Maintain and Update

HTML5 web applications have the advantage of automatically updating when it is not necessary to do it manually. The use of a single code base makes it easy for the developers to maintain as well as update HTML5 games. Usually, in native games, the player must manually install game updates from their devices, and they might be unaware of the latest update available.

However, in HTML5 games, when the developers make modifications to the game, the updated features are available and displayed on all the user’s devices instantly. They also do not have to resubmit the app to different app stores to allow players to get the most recent version of the game. So, this enables developers to update the game on regular basis. They do not have to wait for a large number of users to install the update and determine whether or not it was successful. Instead, they will acquire the info required in a short time.

Easy Promotion

HTML5 games need a URL to operate on any platform or device. This is another analogy to cross-platform compatibility. This accessibility aims at a broader audience and helps to advertise the games. All they just need to do is share the URL anywhere, and if the players enjoy the game, they will undoubtedly acknowledge it.

Another way to increase revenue with these games is the easy and simple deployment of monetization alternatives such as promotional banners and in-game adverts. To promote their games, the developers can use current marketing channels as well as their sites. With innovative HTML5 game development tools, the game dev market provides an easier yet more effective technique of promoting the game.

Develop HTML5 Games

Overall, HTML5 definitely benefits the game dev market. It allows developers to create cross-platform games without increasing any additional development costs. If you want to create your own HTML5 game, the best way to do so is to work with Logic Simplified, one of the reputable HTML5 game development companies. Hire HTML5 game developers who are proficient at using the latest tools and frameworks to produce high-quality games.

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