Why Should Startups Work With Smaller Agencies?

Technology | 17-06-2020 | Jyotika Prasad

startups work with smaller agencies

When planning to start your venture, you seek practical advice and recommendations for working with the best app development agency that can deliver high quality and timely results. Many startups adhere to working with big agencies due to their brand name. However, there is nothing wrong with the approach. Still, before signing up with any app development company, extensive market research should be done to find the right agency with specialized services and not just a brand name. While doing your market research, ask the basic questions like:

● How to get innovative and strategic people on board?
● How to reduce operational costs?
● Is your idea in safe hands?
● How will I ensure the control and transparency of the workflow?

Here, you will discover solutions to all these queries and some essential tips for how exactly working with a small agency can fetch better results.

1. Cost-Effective - Cost is undoubtedly critical for any startup. Higher the operational cost, the higher will be the timeline to reach your breakeven. So, how does working with large agencies shoot up the cost? Small agencies are more likely to work with small retainers leading to the reduced project cost. Designing of framework, development, testing all takes time. So there is a cost associated with it which is generally on a higher side when working with a large agency as compared to smaller ones. When working with a smaller custom mobile app development agency, they will first spend time explaining how the app needs to work and then create a detailed cost estimation, unlike larger agencies that charge money for the privilege you get by working with them. Smaller agencies with relevant infrastructure, controlled and planned expenses, charge accordingly.

2. Transparency - Small agencies always value their client and projects regardless of the size much more than a multinational setup. Client satisfaction and positive word of mouth are essential for them, so they maintain high standards of transparency and accuracy, which is an issue at times with larger agencies. They are not very clear with the format for the sharing of information. However, working with a smaller agency gives you an edge to be wholly involved in the process. You can have regular calls, meetings with them for complete transparency on the ongoing job. Smaller app development companies even provide accurate progress reports time and again.

3. Flexible Approach - Smaller app development agencies are more flexible with the services covered in the project fees. For them, it's more about customer value than just completing the project. You get higher flexibility and support services irrespective of the structured fees for the project.

4. Access To Top Talent - One major challenge of working with large agencies is that the top-level people are only available at the time of initial discussion. The communication flows down to various departments and individuals assigned for the job, which may lead to discrepancies in the goal or vision shared, resulting in unnecessary glitches in execution and delayed deliveries. However, with small agencies, the team at the time of pitching that has received first-hand information of your idea is more likely to also work on the project. Thereby, you get the top talent working, better project visibility, and smooth flow of communication. For successful product development and launch, an experienced and most skilled team of developers, business analysts, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, and experts for product documentation, are assigned on the job.

5. Customer Support - One of the worst customer relationship experiences is no after services and smooth customer support. It can never be a worry with smaller app development agencies because they don't have a vast management chain to follow, and second, ensuring complete customer satisfaction is the primary agenda even after the full payment for service is received. Also, they are more easily reachable in case of any urgency, ensuring that you have parked your idea and money at the right place.

6. Timeline - For bigger agencies to manage its immense expenditure on infrastructure, human resources, marketing requirements, the focus is always higher on big volume projects and larger margins. The result is diluted attention to proportionately smaller projects leading to delayed delivery time, low quality for your project, change in assigned team members. However, when you work with a smaller agency, you can ask for complete transparency by regular presentations, meetings, and get full control of the project.

7. Responsive Communication - Communication is the key while working with a remote team. If the team does not raise questions about your requirements or does not respond to your queries within 12 hrs, then there is a high probability that the product might get deviated from original product specifications. Smaller agencies are flexible to give you access to their internal tools for communication, such as JIRA or Trello, being used to manage project velocity.

8. Resources and Technologies - Smaller agencies are also comfortable in sharing information about the tools and technologies they use, and how it benefits your project needs against a bigger agency where these kinds of queries may not be answered.

9. Niche Expertise - If your project requires some specific skill-sets and domain expertise working with a smaller agency is the best decision.

10. Innovative Solutions - The market is so competitive that for developing a profitable product being innovative is the key. Thinking out of the box generally lacks with larger agencies because they have defined frameworks to follow, and secondly, the focus is on getting more clients on board. However, smaller agencies with young teams are ever willing to learn about new technologies and utilize them to create cutting-edge and innovative solutions. They keep on seeking new avenues to mark a niche in the fast-evolving market.

What it all comes down to:

Hopefully, by now, you agree that brand name and magnitude do not guarantee success. However, it takes a lot of research, dedication, innovation, and strategic thinking to attain the desired goal. Our app development company agrees to the fact that advice doesn't work well until supported by examples. We will be pleased to walk you through our mobile and web app development agency portfolio, client success stories, frameworks, technology stacks, and discuss how we can be part of your journey.

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