5 Reasons Why You Need a UX Architect

Web Apps | 05-11-2020 | Saif Malik

5 reasons why you need a ux architect

The main goal of a website is to satisfy the customer, and the best way to ensure customer satisfaction is a smooth UX design.

UX design is basically the art of designing the usability of the products. The famous product designer, former CEO of Apple Steve Job said, Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

In today's world, where digital presence is a must for brands, websites are constantly updated to keep them as user-friendly as possible. The usability factor of a website can't be ignored, as it is the main factor that directly affects web traffic. Be it a building or a website, to ensure the aesthetics, you definitely need an architect.

You don't want your users to get lost on your website. People have become impatient and, in no way, will tolerate a cluttered website. Therefore, you need a UX architect that can help boost the web traffic by enhancing the user experience.

A stunning web design with poor user experience is ugly!

There are multiple reasons why your website needs a UX architect. We recommend you read this blog till the end so you can understand the importance of a UX designer.

Increased Website Traffic

Make things easier for your users, and in return, they will make life easy for you. A complex website, no matter how well designed, will make things difficult for your user. A user shouldn't be searching for services he needs to avail of. The user interface should be designed in a way that navigates the user to his destination.

The usability of a website will noticeably increase the traffic, and an easy buying process will encourage the users to buy your services. According to iProspa.com, a smooth user experience can increase web traffic by up to 87%.

More Effective CTA Buttons

A good UX design gives meaning to your call to action buttons. These buttons should create a clear picture in a user's mind; if a user is unaware, he will never click.

Therefore, a smooth UX design helps in conversions as well. Moreover, the UX design aligns with the SEO because it helps define the CTA. Just mentioning click here will confuse the user, and he might consider the website to be spam.

You add a lot of credibility and meaning just by labeling your CTA buttons correctly. A UX architect will help your website to rank better in Google rankings because Google prioritizes websites with smooth UX design in their search results.

UX Design For Loyal Customers

If you are an online vendor, your bread and butter depend on the usability of your website. A seamless UX design will guarantee loyal customers.

People like to buy online from websites that offer a smooth buying process. Once you have made new customers, the next step is to retain them. You not only have to compete with other brands in the quality of your products but the usability of your web page as well. People like to buy from pages that offer more interactive UX design.

A good UX design will help you make new customers because of positive word of mouth; in a digital world, never underestimate the positive feedback of customers.

Save Up On Your Website Expenses

By hiring a UX architect for your website, you will get your user experience design right in the first attempt. It will save you a lot of fortune.

Websites that are designed without a UX designer require updates time and again to optimize the user experience. Companies are now realizing the worth of the UX designers and hire them upfront.

Ux design requires research, analyzing, and testing that make your web page bound to success. Hiring an extra person might seem costly, but trust us it will save you a lot of time and money in the longer run.

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of UX design

You just don't get the services of a basic web developer. In addition, you will be hiring a person who has a decent knowledge of web design, content, business research, visual design, and other technical skills.

With years of experience designing the user experience for different niche websites, a UX designer gets a hold of other technical aspects that add to their worth.


In this digital era, you can't afford to lag behind the competition due to a poor user experience design. Competition is tough, and slight changes can help you dominate the market. A good UX design can define the difference between an average website and a stunning website.

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