A Guide To Understand Cloud Application Development

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cloud application development

Just when we thought technology couldn’t improve, it gave us cloud apps!A cloud app is a modern software program that combines cloud-based and local tech to work together. The cloud appdevelopment relies on remote servers for transferring information from one point to another.

The cloud app development servers are located at data centers operated by third-party cloud service providers. Cloud-based apps are used for tasks such as file sharing and storage, emails, data collection, CRM, etc.

Businesses are leaning towards building custom cloud apps which has increased the demand for cloud services rapidly. Cloud computing offers a platform to use resources and infrastructure in an efficient way to deploy and maintain apps.

Features of Cloud App Development

The cloud app platform comes with a variety of unique features. Here are fourimportant features:

1. Large Network Access

Cloud-based apps allow users to upload and access data from anywhere in the world using an internet connection and device.

2. Constant Upgrades

The cloud keeps updating for regular maintenance without affecting the user experience. The servers are maintained remotely, keeping the downtime between low to none. Cloud app development also allows developers to monitor the server uptime, allotted storage, and computing capabilities.

3. Resource Availability

The cloud app development platform has brought with it more resources using the multi-tenant model. The model allows multiple users to store their data using a single server. To ensure safety of the data, each tenant’s data is isolated and hidden from others who share the same cloud server.

4. Pay for What You Need

The pay-as-you-go feature has to be the best feature of cloud app development. It allows users to only pay for the amount of storage that they use. The cloud services are easy on the pocket that also available free of charge in some cases.

5. Efficient App Development

The cloud servers allow developers to build apps efficiently for multiple devices in a small time-frame. The apps have low-compatibility issues and offer a similar and phenomenal experience across devices.

Benefits of Cloud App Development

Cloud app development offers a unique set of features to developers for building apps, and it also comes with benefits. The main advantages are:

1. Cloud Apps are Cross-Platform Software

Unlike native apps, cloud apps can be developed for multiple operating systems simultaneously. The cross-platform development makes it easy for developers to build and deploy apps.

2. Cost-effective& Time-saving App Development Solution

Cloud app development is cheaper than native app development because companies only need to build one version of the app. Hence, the costs are lower, and the development is cheaper.

Native apps take three times more development time as compared to cloud apps. Cloud app development is quicker and eliminates the need to have multiple versions of the app.

Cloud apps are a time and cost-saving development solution that is bestsuited for businesses and startups that can’t afford native apps.

3. Low Risk of Losing Data& Easy Data Recovery

Native apps use the storage of a user’s device to store data, while cloud apps don’t need any internal storage. The data is saved on clouds that eliminates the possibility of losing it. With mobile devices, there is a chance of losing data if the device is lost or stolen. At least, with cloud computing you don’t lose data, even if the device is misplaced.

Cloud computing makes it quick and easy to recover data that users have stored on the cloud servers. Cloud apps allow access to data, even if one of the servers isn’t working because cloud uses several servers to store a single user’s data.

4. Seamless Data Integration

The cloud servers make it easy for businesses to integrate databases because it offers quick data syncing. You can sync all your data on the cloud server that can be accessed from anywhere. There is no need for a complex code to integrate databases because of syncing.

Challenges of Cloud App Development

Cloud computing is a combination of computer tech and cloud-based development that support business processes. However, with advantages also come certain challenges.

1. Limited to an Internet Connection

The only way to use a cloud app or access the information on servers is by using the internet. One of the biggest challenges that users face with cloud apps, is a broken internet connection. Cloud apps are available for use on servers via internet connection, if there is no connection then the servers are disconnected.

2. Vulnerability

The security of a cloud app is vulnerable because the systems are online and exposed to wide a range of threats like fraud or hacking. Data stored on clouds is at high risk if a business fails to take protective measure to ensure the security of user data.

The types of vulnerabilities that come with cloud computing are:

Data breach – There is a high chance of data falling in the wrong hands if an error or bug goes unnoticed. An unattended bug is a small gateway for hackers to access confidential information.

Hijacked account – Cloud computing is vulnerable to hijacking and accessing users' accounts. It’s because hackers use scripted bugs to gain login credentials.

3. Facing Technical Issues

Cloud computing doesn’t allow full control to its users, which can pose a challenge when they face technical difficulties. The cloud servers are run by third-party service providers, and which means the users are left handicapped if the servers face technical issues.

Cloud Computing is the Future!

There are still arguments whether cloud app development is the future of mobile apps or not. Companies are still reluctant to adopt the new trend because of severe challenges it comes with.

Cloud computing might seem risky but it comes with many benefits that make it worth investing into. It’s an extraordinary system that is slowly improving. Big companies like, Applify Labs, have the best team of developers for cloud app development.

The future of cloud computing seems bright and promising, which is something to look forward to in the tech world.

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