7 Simple Steps To An Effective UX For Business

Web Design | 10-07-2020 | Vinit Mahendru

effective ux for business

A business can succeed in the online space with an attractive and user-friendly website. The key factor here is UX or User Experience. Providing users with great user experience can help attract them to visit a website and explore it. This can be a differentiator between an ordinary website and a popular one. If you have a business minimum and want to create a website with a great UX, then you can follow seven simple steps.

1) Identify your users

The first step to UX design is to identify the user. Who is the user who will visit your website? Are you targeting your website for a demographic group? Is it just for consumers of your products? Are you targeting a niche segment of people interested in your brand/product? The answers to these questions will help you identify the users for whom you have to provide a great UX.

2) Understand user needs

Before starting the design, it is important to understand user needs. This would help in creating a design that meets the user needs and hence makes them visit the website.

3) Research

Research is a key step in the UX design process. Research is needed to understand the market and the competition. There are hundreds of websites in the online space. If a user has to visit your website, it must have something unique. Research will help create a unique proposition for your website.

4) Make a sketch

A sketch is an outline that identifies the design elements that would help you create an interesting UX. The sketch is where you brainstorm with your team to try to create innovative and unique design elements. You can keep reworking on the sketch as you proceed.

5) Start designing

Design is nothing but converting the sketch into a website. The design would incorporate elements like layout, color, navigation elements, images, etc. A consistent design that helps you promote your brand will help create a good UX.

6) Test

Testing plays a key role in website design. Once you create the website, you need to test it to check if all the elements are working together. Apart from functionality, you need to test the website from the user point of view (user testing). This can be done by getting feedback from actual users that will tell you how a user perceives your website. The test results need to be used to re-design or rework your website.

7) Implement

Once you have a well-designed website created with user needs in mind, you then need to implement it. The website must be published so that it is made available for user access. You then need to evaluate if the UX is good, great, awesome, or not so great. You need to try to get user feedback and implement it to redesign the website.

The seven simple steps listed above can be implemented while designing a website. These steps will allow your business to create a great UX that can bring in more users to your website and make it successful.

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