7 UI/UX Designing Tips That Will Enhance Your Brand Reputation

Web Design | 30-11-2021 | Linda Hartley

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Designing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) while maintaining the brand reputation is a challenging task. A brand that has a functional, robust, and interactive user interface can stand out among its competitors. Customers trust the brand that has a good image and reputation in the marketplace. Building an exceptional brand website is easy, but to get it recognized in the market, you need to build a strong brand image with excellent UI/UX design. UI/UX design of the website is the interface and structure of the website that is made up of different web elements, including color, font, images, videos, text, and graphics. UI/UX plays a vital role when it comes to uplifting the brand reputation.

To build a strong customer base, it’s important to build a strong brand reputation. For example, Gucci and Nike that is recognized world-widely, have visually appealing, user-friendly, and mobile-optimized UI/UX. Now people love to interact and explore websites through their smartphones, and here comes the need of designing efficient and effective UIX/UX that is much compatible with smartphones and handheld devices. Implementing the latest UI/UX trends can help in elevating your brand reputation.

Enhance Your Brand Reputation With These 7 UI/UX Designing Tip

Elevate your online brand presence and enhance its reputation by practicing these seven simply effective UI/UX designing tips:

1. Simple and Easy Navigation

Building simple and easy navigation using categories, subcategories, and drop-down menus, tabs, graphics, and links can provide a great user experience. A brand must keep its UI navigation as simple as it can to improve the user interactivity with your website. When a brand divides its products into different categories, it becomes easy for the customer to find and navigate the products on the website. Over-loaded content and images can build a bad brand reputation. Navigational elements, blocks, and headings can help visitors quickly understand what the brand is about.

2. UI Style Kit

Fonts, icons, and colors are included in the UI style kit that can improve the overall user interface of your brand. Choosing the right theme and font for your brand plays a vital role in recognizing your brand among your competitors. A brand that has designed its UI/UX design by utilizing the correct font and icon can build a strong brand identity. For example, your brand is related to the fashion design industry, then choosing some enthralling and enticing font, theme, and color can grab the user’s attention. Choosing the right theme, font, and color will ultimately increase the interest rate of your customers towards your brand.

3. High-quality Images, Animation, and Illustration

Top-notch quality pictures build a solid brand reputation as pictures bring more attention and responsiveness to the brand. Adding quality images to the user interface design of the website can enhance the overall image and reputation. While animations and illustrations are good ways to explain complex terms simply and creatively. Nowadays, most designers integrate micro-interaction and micro animation into the website to attract more users.

Micro interaction takes place when the user hovers a mouse over an icon, or links, at this time the color of that particular link changes or an object moves. Micro-animation gives the idea of the product in form of animation to the customer. For example, customers want to experience how the product will look in real-time, then micro animation can show the image in real-time to customers. This will also speed up the customer’s decision-making process. And this idea is unique that will surely level up the brand reputation.

4. Accessibility of the UI/UX

To improve the user experience, the website must integrate audio or video content to support the visually disabled or auditory impaired individual. The more the website user interface is friendly and accessible, the more are the chances of its reach and growth. The audio-based interface is a new feature that can help in easily interacting with your brand. People prefer new and updated features with improved functionality, performance, and speed. This is an excellent UI/UX practice that will contribute to making a strong brand value.

5. Multi-directional Layouts

Now designers design UI using multi-directional layouts and grids, which means that users can move in any direction they want. In old UI methods, the product gallery the diagonals can only be moved through up and down, but now it can be moved from left to right and even forward and backward with the use of multi-directional layouts. These layouts with multiple directions are frequently accompanied by flashy animated transitions.

6. Chatbots

Artificial intelligence has evolved in the UI/UX to enhance the user experience and interactivity of the website. AI-powered chatbots can answer queries and provide information to users in real-time. Chatbot helps in creating a better interaction with customers as they quickly respond to the user's query and keep them up to date with the latest offers and discounts. This quick response time will save customers time and they will more likely to visit the website again, which means it has created a strong brand reputation.

7. Customers Feedback

Customer feedback is very essential to make the brand improve and enhance the way they’re serving their customers. Seeking constant customer feedback can improve the user experience to an extent. This UX feature will let your customer know that you care about them and aim to provide them with the best possible services. The results and outcomes help the brands in enhancing their services by collecting feedbacks. Evaluating the feedback can be very beneficial to improve the brand image.


Web UI/UX designers can enhance the brand reputation by applying these seven UI/UX tips to their websites. A brand that has a good reputation and image in the marketplace will be at the top of the list. Quick response and load time, user-friendly interface, attractive images, and animation, and easy interaction of website with smartphones are the latest UI/UX design trends that are must to keep your website performance up to date. Moreover, business owners must make sure that the website UI is accessible and easy to interact with.

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