8 Methods To Optimize Your WordPress Website For Mobile - Complete Guide

Web Design | 17-01-2022 | Prashant Pujara

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Smartphone has many things to offer because it gives you all the details in your palm. You can check all the details of goods and services on the mobile optimized website. Therefore, business houses are trying to design mobile optimized websites so that they can grab the attention of the users and they can create amazing relativity with the users.

Here are the eight ways to optimize your mobile WordPress websites

Having a Responsive WordPress Theme

A responsive WordPress theme is the best solution that helps the users to get all the attention to the websites. You do not have to make any custom template rather in responsive website theme everything will adjust as per screen size and eye-catching technique.

Choose Themes

Having a good and relatable theme as per your website business is very important. You must choose a theme that is well designed with good text, font color. though you can customize them too it should match your business as well it reflects your taste and business personality. You must use both paid and free themes. In paid themes, you will get additional features that will help you design your website in a proper way.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages in WordPress

In search engines, the loading speed of the page is the main factor. Therefore, while designing the website you have to take the help of this factor so that you can maximize the loading speed of the website and it becomes mobile-friendly.

Use Plugins for Responsive Website

Having a good plugin enhances the responsiveness of the website. The more user-friendly plugins you use the more visitors will come to your website. It is the basic way to use plugins and get the maximum benefit of it.

Loading Optimized Images

Sometimes the images take time to load and that makes the website slow in loading. Therefore, the mobile developer has to use optimized images so that the loading of the website takes less time and your website becomes fast and responsive. These images are the best to fit into the website so that it does not hamper the loading speed of the website.

Do Not Use Full Screen Pop Up

Avoid using the popup on the whole screen it can damage the responsiveness of the website. It is definitely. It is good for desktop users but for mobile users, it can be tough.

Test Tool That Is Mobile Friendly

You must use all the test tools that are mobile friendly and it helps you effectively to get mobile optimized website. It gives you a better opportunity to understand that mobile optimized website is effective.

Reliable Web Host

Choose a web host that is reliable so that you do not compromise with the responsiveness of the mobile website. It must look good and trustworthy. The reliability depends if you opt for the paid version where the credibility lies on the third party.


Now that you know all the eight ways to optimize the responsive WordPress website, you have to follow all the things while designing a WordPress website. An experienced web developer is always there at your support to give you the best service that can easily help you get the WordPress responsive website for mobile. Even Google approves the websites that are mobile friendly. It helps them to come to the top of the search engine and gain more and more visitors to the business.

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