Know How Responsive Web Design Plays A Vital Role In The Success Of A Website

Web Design | 20-07-2021 | Jatin Batra

know how responsive web design plays a vital role in the success of a website

The use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has increased speedily within the market. They have overtaken the desktop and the primary methodology of accessing the web. For users accessing the web via smartphones and tablets instead of a desktop computer, the importance of getting a mobile-friendly website becomes paramount.

What's responsive web design?

Responsive web design is an impressive way for developing websites. Each website's content, images, and structure stay equivalent on any device, implying the website will work seamlessly on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop screens. Responsive web design could be a design that may handle all kinds of users with different devices.

As a result of responsive website design, we tend not to be compelled to worry about websites for various devices. In other words, there's no need to design separate websites specifically for laptops, mobiles, and desktop screen resolutions. The web design and development team can make it responsive to every kind of device.

Lets look at some reasons why responsive design matters and why it's necessary to the success of any website:

1. Increasing Mobile Usage

Recent studies have proved that mobile usage and adoption have overtaken desktop usage and responsive web design permits an equivalent website to figure on all devices. So, therefore, whenever you hire web design services for your project, you need to tell them to make it responsive, rather than limiting it to one device.

2. Longer life

Responsive, we tend to create guests proud of your site. And also, the click-through rates increase 21-24% with a responsive website compared to mobile versions or the other versions. When you get a website that can go for a longer life, investing in web design and development services can be a great option to get expected results.

3. Minimum Maintenance

Before responsive design, we had two options: build a desktop site that may look smaller and inconvenient on mobile devices. Develop a separate dedicated mobile site that might work on a mobile device's browsers only. However, this sounds like a time-consuming and costly affair, for people planning to build a website.

The top concern is the value and time in maintenance as you would like to update each website daily. If you select the desktop variant solely, you run the chance of losing out on potential mobile users and mobile-based revenue. If you hire experienced web design services, they shall look for minimum maintenance and ease of accessibility in several devices so that the site can be used for a longer time in different gadgets.

4. Most Popular for SEO

Google and alternative search engines prefer responsive websites. Google recommends and promotes responsive web design and development while crawling the websites. In several analysis studies, it's been found that responsive websites typically perform better and cargo in only one second or less, creating it easier for users to share and link to your content with one URL.

This can explain that SEO guys like a responsive version due to these sites having one URL and the same HTML, which makes it easier for Google to crawl, index, and organize content from just a single URL.

5. Reduced Bounce Rate because of a stronger User Experience

High bounce rates are typically taken as a negative sign by search engines. Various reasons contribute to a high bounce rate, with a significant reason being non-responsive design. Thus, however, are you able to cut back your bounce rate?

The answer is responsive design. Responsive websites supply all the website content to users in a very package that's simple to look at and manage, then ultimately keeping users on your page and reducing your bounce rate. Along with responsive web design, interactive web design is also an inevitable part of website success, and you should consider it while designing.

6. Reduces the Page Load Speed

Page load time is one of the foremost factors once it involves computer program rankings. Google continuously rewards quick-loading net pages that load in only one second or less. Responsive web design ends up in fast loading, and Google will discover the content added with efficiency and simply index all the content.


Responsive web design is one of the essential parts of digital marketing and is promoted by Google. It enables your website to facilitate a great user experience across multiple devices and screen sizes. The top-rated web design and development company Auxesis infotech has a team of experts in web designing that provides seamless services to its clients.

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