Top Web Design Tutorials for Distance Learning

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top web design tutorials for distance learning

The pandemic has distanced us from the physical classroom. Our daily routine is planned by our houses. From kids' schooling to grownups' offices all is done on screen now. The Internet has become a great source for learning and exploring new things, from the virtual experience of your favorite adventure to buying groceries everything can be done with a click. While lockdown people experimented with different skills, few learned to cook and few aced the art of watercolor painting. The Internet provides several forms of learning on its platform. Free courses, paid and certified courses, online tutorials, special one-on-one sessions by experts, and many more.

Let us know what all you need to know while planning to learn web designing online, including a few important things to keep in mind while taking a course online.

What is web designing?

The planning and development of websites are known as web design. This includes a variety of unique skills that are all bundled together as web design. Examples of these skills include information architecture, user interface, site structure, navigation, layout, colors, fonts, and overall imagery. To construct a website that fits the objectives of the business or person from whom that site is being created, all of these abilities are blended with design principles. Web designing is a board brand that incorporates UX design, UI design, web design, and product design.

What work do web designers do?

Web designers are the experts who carry out this process, and their work involves the following responsibilities:

- Choosing readable fonts and attractive color schemes.
- Incorporating a brand's identity into the fonts, colors, and design.
- Including elements such as graphics, logos, text, movies, programs, and other data.
- Mapping out the layout of the website to ensure simple navigation.
- Developing mobile- and desktop-friendly versions of pages and sites.
- Applying coding languages like HTML and CSS to create page layouts and styles

Where can you learn web design online?

Here we have listed many options for learning web design online. There are paid courses, certified courses, free courses, and followed by free video tutorials.

Udemy- web development and web designing courses:

The Udemy’s course of Ultimate Web Designer & Web Developer, taught by Brad Hussey, is designed to provide students with the knowledge and abilities they need to manually construct more than 20 custom design and development projects. With approximately 34 hours of content, the course offers a thorough review of important web design and development concepts, including using:

- Figma to construct graphic interfaces
- Photoshop for design
- HTML and CSS coding
- SQL database management

For those with little to no prior knowledge of web design and development, Udemy offers the course Ultimate Web Designer & Web Developer.

LinkedIn Learning

A web design study pathway offered by LinkedIn Learning focuses on providing opportunities for students to put their new abilities into practice and advance at their own pace. There are 11 courses in the online learning journey:

- Web Design and Development Overview
- The aesthetics of web design
- Web Design User Experience
- Process Map for Modern Web Design
- HTML Fundamental Instruction
- CSS Fundamental Instruction
- For use in web design
- Web design using Photoshop
- In-Browser Training for Responsive Web Design
- Adaptive Images
- Techniques for Responsive Typography

The skills you need to create dynamic, captivating websites and applications that look stunning on desktop and mobile devices are covered in the tutorials in this course.


The 16-Week Product Design Course from Dribbble is meant to take you from having no experience to being prepared for a job through flexible, on-demand video learning combined with weekly live mentoring sessions. Graduate with a completely new set of skills, a portfolio that is ready for interviews, and the assurance to create stunning and useful digital experiences. In this course with a focus on careers, you'll learn Design thinking: Acquire knowledge of many methods and how to apply them in your job.

You may make wise design decisions by doing and evaluating UX and UI research. Learn how to create wireframes, flow diagrams, and prototypes to bring your product designs to life. Master Figma's tools, libraries, systems, and procedures before beginning any design work. Get professional advice on your CV, portfolio, and interviews to land your first job in product design by preparing for a career in it. Students are paired with a knowledgeable mentor from the Dribbble community as part of this course. Mentors are carefully chosen and have at least 4 years of expertise in product design at reputable, design-forward businesses. Receive weekly live, asynchronous feedback on your actual web design and mobile app projects while learning from the finest in the business.

Cornell University

You have the chance to master in-demand design and technical skills with Cornell University's web design and development certificate program. You have to finish the following courses to receive a certificate: Framework for Front-End Web Development, HTML and CSS for Content Structure and Style, Composition and Responsive Design, Interactivity for User Experience Improvement, and Forms for Data Collection.

The course materials should be reviewed and new abilities should be put into practice for seven to ten hours each week, according to the instructors. You can complete your web design and development certificate in three months if you take two weeks for each course. You will be able to mention a certificate from the Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science on your resume once the program is complete, which could help you. attract the favor of prospective employers. Additionally, you can be eligible for 60 hours of professional development if you already work in the sector.

University of London

The responsive website design and development specialization at the University of London emphasizes full-stack development, multi-user experiences, animation, APIs, and multi-user web apps. The Coursera platform is used to deliver the specialization, which is online and doesn't require any prior knowledge. There are six courses in the program: Basics of Responsive Website Coding: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Flexible Web Design Meteor.js Development Overview Creating Web Applications Using JavaScript and MongoDB Examples, and a Tutorial for Responsive Websites Capstone for Responsive Website Design and Development.

Webflow University

In order to assist students in acquiring essential design development abilities, Webflow University offers the Ultimate Web Design Course. The course has over 100 videos on various subjects. For instance, containers, button styling, pictures, forms, display options, and absolute positioning. Several videos on search engine optimization are also available to students, which helps website owners raise their page rankings.

Online tutorials for web designing:

Designing a website- Episode 1

This particular web design tutorial is a part of a series that covers various facets of building a website from scratch. This tutorial discusses the importance of goal alignment for producing quality work. website planning instruction on the internet. This tutorial also examines a larger picture than the last one, the complete website as opposed to just one page. The preparation that goes into developing a whole website, including any templates and design requirements, is illustrated well in this tutorial, which is something we like. Being only 10 minutes long, the planning & site map provides a fantastic picture of the creation process.

A beginner’s guide to WordPress

Of course, the focus of this tutorial isn't necessarily on web design theory. However, it relates to its application. Most of the websites on the internet today are hosted by WordPress, a really powerful platform. Indeed, WordPress isn't very user-friendly. If you have no experience with it, using it can be difficult. As an introduction to WordPress tutorial site designers worth their salt should have a firm grasp of WordPress's functionality so they can customize it however they see fit. It doesn't have to be difficult to get your bearings; all you need is a mentor. We adore the WordPress beginner's guide because of this. It serves as a manual for content management. Although rather lengthy, this instruction is broken up into manageable chunks. Viewers can take their time and advance at their speed.


It doesn't have to be difficult to learn at home. With these design tutorials, you’ll have a solid introduction to the world of web design. You can also determine your core competencies and the aspects of the field that most interest you from this point. Here we discussed what is web designing, the skills you need for web designing, and several ways to learn web designing online in which we talked about paid courses, free courses, and certified and non-certified courses followed by a few video tutorials for learning web designing online. Hope we brought light to the topic through this topic.

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