Understanding How Color Affects Outcomes In Web Design

Web Design | 05-04-2021 | Hermit Chawla

understanding how color affects outcomes in web design

When it comes to website development, colors are a major phenomenon in influencing the perception and reaction of users who visit your sites. Therefore, as a web developer, it is important to understand the phenomenon off different colors bringing about different perceptions for a website. The colors are what alter the messaging for your website and decide whether your website is successful in representing your brand identity and has a responsive web design India.

Benefits of paying attention to color in web design:

• Promotes purchasing a product when customers visit the website

This can be done by adding a call to action button to your responsive web design India and elsewhere so that the customers are motivated to no just look at the products but go ahead and purchase it. Therefore, to use colors that gain attention like red, green or even orange can be useful.

• Helps in creating a hierarchy for content on the website

There might be some elements or sections of content that would be more important for the users to read and therefore, to draw attention to these important elements, certain colors can be used on the sections containing these.

• Associates your brand identity to a certain color

When you use a consistent color palette for your brand on your own website and everywhere else, it helps associate your brand to the particular colors that you use. This may also help establish your brand identity and ensure that people recognize your brand when they see those colors.

Different colors and their perceptions in web design:

• Grey: This color may seem to subtly blend into the background and not get a response that can be figured out by outward observation. However, it is perfect to get a dull and depressing response when you share any information which is supposed to bring out that reaction.
• White: The white light can bring about emotions in the users which could be similar to equality and equity and anything related to these terms. Therefore, to explain these particular concepts the white color can be used.
• Black: This could be related to concepts like dominance and control over something because it somewhat makes for a powerful influence on users. This can also be used as a sophisticated and classic color to establish a professional and sleek look for your responsive web design if you see posts on it.
• Red: This color too is powerful because it seems to be a loud color to look at and brings about intense feelings in your users. This color is also known to increase the hunger of the people who see the color, causing some food chains to use it for their brands.
• Orange: This color could be used for positive association as it brings about a happy feeling in the users who see it. It can be used for organizations promoting well-being of people and sometimes infused confidence in the people, thus leading to a positive image of the brand in their minds.

Points to remember when using color in web design:

• Use a wide selection base for your color palette

When you are trying to select a color palette for your web design, make sure that you give yourself the best chance by employing the color wheel when you do this so that you know all about the different color schemes and their relation to each other. There are many applications that might be helpful in choosing colors. For a color contrast and creation of hierarchy to highlight important sections, you can use the color wheel to determine colors which are in sharp contrast to each other. Therefore, when you use a darker color for certain points or elements, for the sharp contrast you can use a lighter color to grab people’s attention. These colors can also be used for representing call to action buttons on the responsive web design.

• Understand the importance of spacing of colors and content

These spaces are basically those where there are no content and audio visuals and therefore, they are blank, also known as white spaces. There might be people who think that these spaces can be used for more content but doing that would only lead to chaos and this would be too much for the viewers to take in.

• Break the monotony by providing contrasting elements

If the website does not incorporate elements that are contrasting, it might turn out to be quite boring and monotonous for the users who are viewing it. Therefore, it is important to provide a color scheme in contrast to each other and the text and audio visuals.

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