4 Useful Web Development Tips to Improve Quality of Website

Web Development | 27-01-2021 | Usman Ali

improve quality of website

You can’t expect leads to roll in if your website doesn’t meet the market criterion. And even though you have worked exceptionally hard to craft web content, there is a slim chance you’d succeed with a flawed web structure.

According to the Design Resources, 94% of impressions about a website are design-related. Meanwhile, SAG IPL found in a study that 38% of the people will stop visiting a website if its design is sloppy and unattractive. Therefore, a website truly excels if it has a plan that strikes the right chords of user experience. It should be highly functional and must complement the content.

If you are clueless about improving the quality of a website, you are at the right place. This blog lists a bunch of useful web development tips to help you improve the quality of your web portal:

1. Create a Style Guide

One way to ensure your entire team stays on the same page when working on different parts of the website is to create a style guide. It helps to sustain a cohesive experience across all pages. Plus, it ensures that future development team or third-party will follow the brand guidelines.

Inside the style guide, we work on:

• Colors: the use of primary/secondary colors, typography on the colored background, link, button hues, etc.
• Grid: it determines the spacing within the elements and styles.
• Typography: the size of the headings, body text, quotes, spacing between titles and body paragraphs, font color, and background color on which it fits.
• Miscellaneous: the overall style of the website, contact form layout, button style, testimonials, color variation in images, etc.

A style guide makes sure you can maintain the consistent aesthetic appeal of your website. It enables greater transparency and organization of elements, which the designer is using. It also allows the developer to a more precise CSS code.

2. Simplify your Navigation

As per SWEOR, users take around 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website (after it has loaded). The navigation structure has a significant impact on sales, conversions, and the bounce rate.
Kickstart with the following rule of thumb:

“The navigation structure should allow someone to land on any page and find what they are looking for with three clicks, at max.”

It would serve well if you design the navigation for humans first and search engines second. Use words that the visitors are likely to use and craft descriptive navigation. However, it might overwhelm the users if it is too complicated or overcrowded and shoo them away.

Atterley, for example, has worked out a brilliant navigation design. The navigation bar design is straightforward, and it is through the product photography, it attracts the user base.

3. Use White Space

White space, which we assume to be the waste of valuable screen space, is actually a powerful tool for effective web development. It gives your content room to breathe, making it readable and attractive.

A toothbrush brand, Quip, has used the white space on its website creatively and strategically. Here is a screenshot of their portal:

White space helps to maintain a natural flow for the user to navigate through the content, making it easier to digest. Thus, it is not only about providing valuable information. Instead, your website should please the eyes too. And negative space (white space) helps you earn scores in this regard.

4. Optimize for Mobiles

A mobile-friendly website is a “must-have” for every business entity. According to Google's update in April 2015, mobile-friendly web pages will rank higher in the search engines than those that aren’t.
Some benefits of creating a mobile-friendly website include:

• Faster download speed
• Enhances user experience
• Positive ranking signal
• Flexible and cost-effective development
• Streamlines experience on all devices

Google also offers a Mobile-friendly Test to check the compatibility of a website on mobile screens. So if you have a website that appears blurry or haphazard on a mobile screen, now is the time to renovate. Users of today are way too impatient. The chances of them running to rivals are relatively high if your site doesn’t offer an optimized mobile experience.

Seeking assistance from local professionals can help you fit the current consumer demands. For example, a website development Dubai team could be your best shot to fulfill local prospects' needs. They would know all mobile-optimization requirements demanded by the local audience.

Final Thoughts

If you are not satisfied with your current website or want your development team to up their game – you should start to find app development companies uk and mobile apps company. Find what your prospects are looking for and how you can quench their thirst.

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