5 Best WordPress Appointments & Bookings Plugins to Watch Out in 2022?

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best wordpress appointments and bookings plugins

Do you want to allow your customers to book appointments and meetings instantly from your WordPress site? Several businesses need a booking form for appointments that enables customers to schedule an appointment online simply.

Suppose you need to accept bookings for specific time slots such as a gym, training sessions, or entire days, i.e., a vacation rental property. You would have a wide variety of powerful WordPress plugins that can assist you in getting your work done easily and efficiently. Hence, In this article, we’ll highlight the best WordPress Appointments & Bookings plugins.

Which Appointment & Bookings Plugins to Choose?

You should always customize your appointment booking forms to meet your business requirements and preferences. Although, you should consider certain common things while choosing the WordPress Appointments & Bookings Forms Plugin. Your appointment and booking forms should always be able to accept customer requests for available time slots divided into your business hours.

It should always work on your mobile devices so that your customers can easily book appointments via their phones and computers. Hence, the robust and powerful bookings and appointment booking forms will always save the appointments in the database of your WordPress site and calendar app such as Google Calendar. You may also want to send an instant email notification to their potential customers after their booking gets accepted. Hence, let’s look at the best appointment and booking plugins that can also be used on your WordPress site.

1) Bookings for Gravity Forms

Bookings for Gravity Forms is a robust and powerful tool for scheduling and registration purposes, and it can also enhance the user experience as per your preferences. The initial goal is to provide a fast and efficient way to make an online appointment or bookings page. Significantly, Bookings for Gravity Forms is a premium and robust WordPress plugin to facilitate file-type clients who can easily simplify their web design with WordPress features.

Gravity Bookings plugin is also working as a platform for managing appointments via the google calendar. The appointments can be easily scheduled or booked online from any listed category of services and their types after the customer visits on their appointment. The email will be sent to them, and the logs will be added to the admin panel.


The following are some of the important features of the gravity bookings plugin:

Easy Installation and Customization

Simplifies your booking procedure with efficient methods that can easily embed your calendar with multiple layouts that can be simply installed and customized on a WordPress site.

Dual Payment Options

The safe and easiest payment gateway option is selling tickets, reserving holidays, booking hotels, and appointments for doctors.

Ultra Pro Booking Features

You need to add the unlimited registration directions that include the number of employees, service groups, and timesheet option.

View Sevice Type

The customer can easily use this function to select entries from the database, and you can select all of the service types related to the selected service types.

Custom Bookings

You can easily customize your bookings via an online form that meets the requirements of your business. Also, you can add custom booking instructions that include services, staff, and location guidelines.

Calendar List View Integrations

The calendar appointments list view lets you extract or view the list of booked appointments from the calendar.

Insert Holidays & Off days into your Calendar

You can also mark all the imported or public holidays to affirm your customers know about your company’s official working days.

Email Alerts and Notifications

Sends the email notification to all the customers as earlier due to their appointment is supposed to take place.

Simple & Easy Data Extraction

Enables you to simply export every type of appointment information in the PDF and CSV file formats.

2) myCred Amelia

myCred Amelia is an integrated addon that interconnects myCred and the Amelia appointment and bookings plugin for the WordPress platform. By using the myCred Amelia, the users can simply manage and book their events or appointments as per their preferences via the myCred points.

Seemingly, amelia is the next-level ‘events or appointment booking’ plugin for the WordPress platform that enables your customers to use it for making appointments from anywhere. It also helps you to facilitate your potential consumers with enterprise-driven usability and user experience.


The following are some of the important features of myCred Amelia addon:

- myCred Points - The user can easily book events or appointments via myCred points.
- On-site (Payment Gateway) - Admin can simply add myCred as an ‘on-site’ payment method from Amelia’s back-end payment configurations.
- Points Notifications - If a user doesn’t have enough points, the ‘buy points’ link will appear, and the ‘confirm button will remain inactive.
- Page Redirect - Users can simply redirect to a page where they can purchase the myCred points.

3) Appointment Hour Booking

Appointment Hour Booking is a free plugin available for WordPress that enables you to create booking forms for scheduling appointments with defined start times and durations. It is versatile and can easily adapt to schedule preferences, including events, doctor’s appointments, personal training sessions, and vice versa.

The plugin can be easily integrated with the Apple and Google calendar solution to help you schedule appointments and meetings with relative ease. It also works with various email marketing tools and resources to keep your clients engaged and send essential updates based on the services.


The following are certain features which are as follows:

- Provides booking for multiple resources along with their prices and durations.
- Adjust your preferable working days and the scheduled timeframe, so customers know when you’re readily available.
- Automatically limit the availability to prevent multiple bookings.
- Sends the customized email notifications to remind the customers about the upcoming appointments.

4) Easy Appointments

Easy Appointments is a free and flexible WordPress appointment booking plugin, and it enables you to add multiple locations, services, and workers simply. After that, you can easily create a flexible list of connections with a resembling control of the calendar. It also enables you to customize the booking form via adding custom form fields.

You can easily add an appointment booking form to any page or post via the shortcode. Also, you can customize the notification emails plugin that can be sent to the clients, workers, and the website administrator.


The following are some of the features of the plugin:

- Sends email notifications to the customer on creating and updating and appointment.
- Sends email notifications to the default list of admin users.
- Sends email notifications to each employee.
- Enables users to customize the content and subject.
- Enables users to customize the admin email.
- Ensure the booking via the link added inside the email.

5) WP Booking System

WP Booking System is a booking plugin for WordPress that is available for free. It is more targeted towards helping people to make bookings for rental properties or relevant items.

Due to that, it doesn’t come within hour-based management and break periods needed with some of the plugins. Instead, it focuses on full-day bookings, which may or may not work to meet your business needs.


The following are some of the features of the WP Booking System:

- Displays a front-end booking calendar and booking form.
- Accepts online payments via multiple payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, and WooCommerce integration.
- Offers coupons and discounts.
- Limit the bookings on particular days.
- Adjust the minimum number of days that a person must book.
- Send the booking notification emails.

Wrapping Up!

It is proven that a useful booking plugin for your WordPress-enabled website can easily help you simplify, streamline and automate the critical process of your business. And it can also make your customers more convenient to enjoy your prevalent services and products.

Hence, finding the correct choice may take longer to research or review all of your options seems to be a worthwhile investment. An accurate blend booking tool will not only assist you in automating your business operations to the next level.

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